PC Recaps: The week of March 11, 2002 on Port Charles
Paige admitted to Kevin that she had died in an accident. Rafe found Alison's name on the “big book.” Ricky saw the damage done to his face for the first time. Alison asked Rafe to marry her.
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Monday, March 11, 2002

At the Lighthouse, Paige admitted to Kevin that she had died in the accident with her husband, and Kevin asked her why she had returned.

Outside the Recovery Room, Jamal was getting beaten up, but Casey rushed to the rescue. As Casey distracted J.D., Ricky sneaked up behind him and held a knife to his throat to stop the beating.

Elsewhere in the park, Amy said, "Don't worry, Papa. I haven't forgotten, and I never will. Ian Thornhart will suffer. I'll make sure of that. And he'll die." She paused and asked who was there. Ed told her it could be her conscience -- if she had one. She asked what Ed wanted. Ed said he wanted to have a "little chat" with her about her plans for Dr. Thornhart.

Meanwhile, at Harris' compound, as Ian and Eve talked about their troubled marriage, Ian stated, "If we're going to have a shot at this marriage, we have to say exactly what's on our minds." Eve said she wasn't sure that was a good idea. Ian said that because nothing else was working, he thought it best to hear how she really felt. Eve slapped him and said, "That's for sleeping with Lucy!'

Outside the Recovery Room, J.D. got away, and Ricky chased him but was startled by a sound in the bushes.

At Harris' compound, Eve admitted to Ian that his affair with Lucy had revived all sorts of insecurities she had thought she had overcome. Then she asked Ian what he really felt about Amy, and Ian admitted he was attracted to Amy. "Is this always going to stand between us?" he asked.

Back at the Park, Ed said to Amy, "So, I'm wrong about you and Ian. You don't blame him for your father's death?" Amy said that her father had been too ill by the time Ian had arrived. Ed asked if she was planning revenge. Amy said she just wanted to go home and soak in a hot tub and forget everything. Ed said, "Amy, do you know how you can see people's character by touching their face? Well, I went deep down and touched your soul. Not really a nice place."

Amy asked why Ed had let her return if he thought she was such a big sinner. Ed replied that if he'd had his way, she wouldn't have returned. Amy guessed that meant he wouldn't have been able to stop her, even if she had returned for revenge. Ed told her to be honest -- he said they both knew she was back to kill Ian. Amy told him to get off her back and let her finish what she was there to do.

At the lighthouse, at Kevin's request, Paige described for him her experience with dying and finished by admitting to Kevin that "I came back because of you." Kevin wanted to know if Paige had returned because of him -- or for him.

At the park, Amy told Ed, "I can and I will kill Ian Thornhart for what he did to my father. And if I have to pay for the rest of eternity, it'll be worth it to avenge my father's death." Ed said, "Avenge your father's death? You sound like a kid doing Shakespeare in a high school play!" Amy insisted that her father had been suffering, and he had wanted Ian to help him, but the "great Dr. Thornhart" had left her father to die.

Ed insisted that was not what had happened, and Amy knew that. He said he had the paperwork to prove that Ian had killed her father in self-defense. Amy insisted her father had been a good man, who had been tough and strong-willed, but that had not made him evil. Ed asked why, if her father had been such a good man, he had set his daughter on a course that had ended her life. Amy insisted her father had loved her.

Ed said, "He filled your heart with hatred and anger, and you hired a hit man to kill Ian -- only that is not what happened! The triggerman wasn't stupid. He took your money and shot you." Amy said she was finishing the job herself. Ed told her it wouldn't be easy, since she had fallen in love with Ian. Amy called him crazy and said he had no idea what he was talking about. Ed insisted that it complicated things for her.

Meanwhile, at Harris' compound, as Ian and Eve continued to try to sort out their problems, Ian told Eve, "There's no middle ground. We either leave everything behind us and love each other the way we used to, or we go our separate ways. It's your call, Lambert!

Outside the Recovery Room, Jamal and Casey searched for Ricky as Casey unconsciously grasped the key she had around her neck. Then, suddenly, they heard Ricky moan from the grass, and they rushed to help him.

At the Lighthouse, Kevin asked about Paige's statements at Christina's bedside, and Paige reassured Kevin that she had just wanted Christina to feel a little less afraid. Kevin admitted that Paige did have a soothing presence -- but that would be logical if she was an angel. Paige said, "Well, we're in the process of becoming angels." Kevin replied, "We? Is Amy one, too?"

Paige immediately reminded Kevin that he couldn't tell anyone what he had guessed about there being other angels in Port Charles. Paige explained her transition to Kevin by telling him that it was like existing in the purest light. And Kevin excitedly told Paige that that was how he had painted her -- in the light. Then Kevin saw Paige again in the light and told her, "It's like now I could follow you anywhere." Paige held her hand out to Kevin, and Kevin took her hand as they were both bathed in white light.

Meanwhile, at the park, Ed said to Amy, "Ian got to you." Amy stated that no one got to her. Ed insisted that Ian had. He said she couldn't admit it due to some mixed-up sense of loyalty to "that miserable excuse for a parent." Amy asked how she could be in love with the man who had killed her father. She said it was all part of her plan -- pretending to be interested in Ian.

Ed said Amy was just acting tough because she had been back a week and had had numerous opportunities to kill him. Amy said she wanted to make him suffer first, the way her father had suffered. She said "My father was my whole world, and Ian took him from me." Ed said, "Daddy Dearest brought his death on himself." Amy said that Ian would die as her present to her father, on his birthday, and stated that would complete her journey. Ed told her to think about it carefully.

Ed asked if Amy knew what she wanted or who she really was. He questioned if she was just doing her father's bidding. Amy insisted she had to kill Ian because he had killed her father. Ed said, "The man who showed you kindness? Who opened your heart?" Amy insisted Ed thought that, but she did not love Ian. Ed said it was not a crime to love someone because it was one of God's greatest gifts. He speculated that perhaps she had returned to find out if love was possible for everyone -- even her. Ed left.

At Harris' compound, Ian asked Eve, "Have you stopped loving me?" Eve replied that she wished she could. Eve and Ian reconciled and hit the sheets in the very place where they had been trapped and afraid for their lives more than a year before.

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Lucy walked in on Kevin transfixed by Paige and demanded to know what was going on, so Paige told Lucy what she was, and Lucy fainted.

Ricky was badly injured but refused to go to the hospital. Casey cared for Ricky while Jamal looked for Frank. Alison caught Rafe asking to go back to Heaven to find out who was going to die. She offered to go with Rafe, and they both vanished in a flash of light.

Lucy almost destroyed Kevin's painting, but he insisted he would finish it. Jamal found Ricky gone when he returned with Frank. They went to look for him, but Casey had him hidden. Lucy insisted that Kevin finish the painting immediately so Paige could leave. Rafe found the "big book," and Alison's name was in it.

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Ian found Amy at the park. When she asked what he had done on his day off, Ian told her he had taken Eve to Harris' compound -- the place they had been held while they had been kidnapped. When Amy asked why, Ian explained that he and Eve had needed to deal with what had happened to their marriage. They had ended up talking about a lot of things, including Ian's attraction to Amy. Amy was surprised when Ian thanked her for inspiring him to be more straightforward.

Ian and Amy's conversation was interrupted when he got a message on his pager to meet Eve at the hospital. Before leaving, Ian asked Amy if she would like to have dinner so they could continue their conversation. She accepted then practically danced with joy, wondering if Ian could possibly be falling in love with her. Almost immediately, Amy remembered the promise she had made to her father. She prayed for him to understand that she couldn't go through with her plan for revenge because she and Ian loved each other.

At the hospital, Eve told Karen that she and Ian had fallen in love all over again. From that point on, it would be "happily ever after," and nothing or no one would get between them ever again. Ian finally appeared. He told Eve that he had run into Amy at the park and had invited her to have dinner with them.

Alison and Rafe were in Heaven. They found the Book of Records and looked inside. Alison saw her name listed. She would be the one to occupy the fifth chair. She sat down in the chair as Rafe screamed at her to get up. Suddenly Rafe woke up, still screaming. Alison told him it was all right; he had just had a bad dream. After a while, Rafe began to calm down. Alison gently prodded him to tell her about his dream. He told her some, but not the part about seeing her name in the Book of Records.

Even after a cup of Alison's special extra chocolately hot chocolate, Rafe was still disturbed over his dream. A worried Alison guessed what it was that had made him upset. She figured out that he had to have dreamed that she would be the one to die. Alison assured Rafe that everything would be okay. All they had was "the present moment," and the only thing that scared her was wasting any time that they did have together.

Meanwhile, in Heaven, Ed was reading the Book of Records. He sighed, saying, "What a shame...so young, so vital, so little time left to live."

Thursday, March 14, 2002

Determined to send Paige on her merry way as soon as possible, Lucy ordered the lighthouse's resident angel to join her for a Tarot card reading. As Jamal and Frank continued their search, Casey helped Ricky hide in the Scanlons' basement. Armed with a picnic lunch, Alison and Rafe headed back to the barn where they had first made love but were met by a pair of pitchfork-toting youngsters.

After getting a closer look at Ricky's wounds, Casey feared that her feverish friend was on the way out. Bernie and Sara explained to Rafe and Alison that they were best friends who had run away from home because they didn't want to be separated when one of their families moved away. Lucy did her Tarot reading and turned over cards featuring an angel and a young girl. Later, Lucy told a skeptical Paige that she wasn't the last one in her family after all.

Alison and Rafe encouraged their new pals to believe that even great distances couldn't keep true friends apart. Casey finally summoned help for Ricky then prayed that it was not too late to save him from the fifth chair. Alison asked Rafe to marry her.

Friday, March 15, 2002

At the Recovery Room, Amy remembered Ian telling her that he had told Eve he was attracted to Amy, as Amy blissfully prepared for her "dinner date" with Ian -- and was thrilled to find that Ian was waiting there to have dinner with her.

In the meantime, at the hospital, an equally blissful Eve excitedly told Karen about her plans for a romantic family getaway with Ian and Daniel, just as Frank ran up with the news that Gabriela's brother and Casey's friend, Ricky, had been badly hurt and had been stashed in a empty room. When Eve asked why Ricky had not been taken to the Emergency Room, Frank replied that Ricky had refused to go; it had something to do with being worried about getting in trouble with his parole officer. Once the doctors arrived at the luxury suite, Ricky insisted that he was going to be okay, but he turned to Casey and told his pal, "I'll never forgive you -- you turned me in!"

Meanwhile, at the barn, Rafe and Alison talked about their love, and Alison insisted that she wanted something to hold on to -- to remember once Rafe was gone. Saying that his love had changed her, Alison told Rafe that she wanted to make a vow that their hearts would always be joined, no matter what happened.

At the Recovery Room, Chris hovered over Jack's shoulder as Jack enlarged a reimaged picture of the fuzzy man standing behind Amy in the photo. Chris told Jack that he thought it might be Amy's father and that Chris's recollection was that the photo was of a parents' weekend at college.

As Chris and Jack looked across the room, Ian was holding Amy's hand, but, when she wondered why Ian was so bold as to hold her hand in public, Ian quickly pulled away and then began to tell Amy how grateful he was to her. He said he would have lost everything that mattered to him if it had not been for her. Then Ian dropped the bombshell that Amy had saved his marriage and family, as a shaken Amy appeared to be reeling from the news.

In the meantime, Rafe had left the barn to hunt up some flowers, and when he returned, he told Alison that he was sorry that, without his powers, he could not really produce the same kind of magic he had worked for Lucy and Kevin's wedding, but Alison assured him she did not need anything fancy. Rafe sent Alison behind a pile of hay as he prepared the barn for their nuptials.

At the hospital, Casey and Frank watched as Eve and Karen fixed Ricky up, and Karen mentioned that if Ricky had waited a couple more hours after the infection had set in, they'd be visiting him in the morgue. However, as they all insisted that Ricky needed to stick around to have the plastic surgeon take a look at his face, Ricky shook them all off and prepared to leave.

Colleen took some vacation brochures to Eve while, over at the Recovery Room, Chris and Jack had managed to create a clear picture of Harris. Jack asked if it was for one of Chris's scams, but Chris insisted that he was just doing a favor for a friend then asked Jack to save the picture to the disc, and Jack handed the disc to Chris. Chris told Jack, "I owe you one." Jack agreed that he did. Chris hurried off with the enlarged photo in his hand and the disc in his pocket.

Across the room, Ian told a flabbergasted Amy that he and Eve had reconciled, telling his "friend" that it was "our true love that helped us defeat Harris." A shaken Amy got up and announced that she had been mistaken about everything. When Ian tried to discover what was suddenly troubling Amy, Amy shouted out, "Get away from me. I hate you!"

At the barn, Rafe finally pronounced his preparations complete and asked Alison to join him in a circle of stones he had put down in the center of the barn. Then, tenderly taking Alison's hand, Rafe began to tell her all that was in his head. He said, "I came here an angel, blessed by an angel's powers. But I will leave here a man -- much more blessed by your love. People say there are only angels in heaven, but I've been here and there, and I know better. You see, angels live in the hearts of those who dare to love. And how lucky am I to meet the most incredible angel of all."

As Rafe kissed Alison, she reminded him that he was not supposed to do that until after their vows. Rafe said, "People spend forever, searching and looking, on a journey to nowhere. And you know what? That could have been me, except I found you. And, now, I know my journey began -- and is going to end -- with you. If you're wondering about the circle of stones, I didn't have a ring to give you, but the circle of stones represent the bond of our love, an infinite circle, without beginning or end, never to be broken. Alison Barrington, I promise that I will carry our love with me forever, and we will be joined together as one from now and into eternity."

Alison made her vows to Rafe, "And I promise you, Rafe Kovich, to carry your love with me forever. My heart and soul belong to you, now and through eternity." Rafe said, "And now, underneath the eyes of God, we belong to each other." Alison said, "Now you may kiss the bride." They sealed their vows with a kiss.

At the Recovery Room, an emotional Amy told Ian that she had misunderstood his intent, as Ian tried to apologize for not realizing that she had misinterpreted what he had to say -- because he had been so anxious to give her his good news. Amy told him that she did not want him to be sorry and insisted that the misunderstanding was really not his fault. Then Amy concluded by saying, "It's better this way. You should get what you deserve," as she kissed him and then turned to leave hastily.

In the luxury suite, as Karen insisted to Ricky that he needed surgery, Ricky prepared to leave anyway, until he caught a glimpse of his torn-up face in the mirror.

Back at the barn, as Alison and Rafe kissed, the carving that Bernie and Sarah had made on the post in the barn suddenly disappeared so that the only carving left was the one that Alison and Rafe had made. When Alison mentioned the strange way Bernie and Sarah had also considered the barn to be their special place, Rafe told her to think of it as a "gift out of nowhere."

In the park, Amy said, "I was such a fool," as her father, Harris, suddenly appeared beside her. Harris said, "I told you who he was, sweetheart. I guess you just had to find out for yourself." Amy said, "You were right. You were right, Papa. You were so right. But don't worry. I'm not going to be fooled again. I'll make sure Ian pays -- for the both of us!'

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Chris put his enlarged photo of Harris in an envelope for Eve. Chris said, "All right, Amy. Why don't you want anyone to see this picture? And who is this guy? Is he involved in this? I got a hunch he might be -- just a hunch."

As Eve happened by, Chris insisted that she should take time "for this" -- he had gotten the picture of Amy in Philadelphia enlarged and urged Eve to look at it. "I think the answer to what she's been hiding is in here," Chris said. Eve asked what answer he was talking about. Chris said, "You tell me," as he handed the envelope to Eve.

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