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Monday, November 5

Karen's energy level was too high for Frank to keep up with as they came back from a long run as an eager Chris watched. Valerie talked with Jamal about Hope as they looked through the baby book that Valerie made before she gave her up for adoption. Alison and Jack talked about what Alison did that made it now impossible for Valerie to see Hope. Livvie confronted Caleb with the evidence of what he made her do to her friends and family in Port Charles. Caleb told Livvie that she still loves him and that was why she made him come back to life again. Chris watched as Frank and Karen make love. Karen asked Frank to get married. A stunned Frank said yes! Valerie asked Jamal to go with her to the Hartmans' to get them to change their minds about her being able to still be part of Hope's life but Jamal declined saying that going there will make thing worse. Jack and Alison talked about the same thing outside but Jack thought that the Hartmans were lying and he wanted Alison to run a DNA test to find out if Jamal could possibly be Hope's father. Alison looked at Hope's baby book and took a lock of hair to run the DNA test. Livvie told Caleb that he didn't know what love really was. Livvie couldn't believe that she helped Caleb and vowed to tell the people of Port Charles the truth. Frank got a phone call from Joe. Livvie told Caleb that he shouldn't have put her in that position. Caleb told Livvie that she still loves him but Livvie says no he made her sick. Caleb stopped Livvie from leaving. Karen heard a noise outside and saw Chris spying on them and she ordered him to leave. Karen also told Chris that she and Frank are getting married and she went back into the house. Chris vowed that there would be no marriage between them. Jack ran into Kyle and he told Jack that he was not going to press charges against him. Kyle said that Livvie played both of them for fools.

Tuesday, November 6

Caleb let Livvie go even though she swore to tell the truth. He told her to tell them and see what happened. Livvie woke up on the sofa and called for Kevin. Lucy came to the door, dressed strangely for the costume party and asked what was wrong. Livvie told her Caleb was back and they headed for the party. Livvie told the entire party about Caleb but only Rafe believed her. Livvie admitted her part in the plot and they all turned on her for betraying them. Rafe tried to help but to no avail. Kevin thought Livvie was crazy and she found herself strapped to a bed with everyone hating her. Rafe came to help her get out of PC but she ran straight into Jack who told her she belonged in the room. Suddenly, Caleb was there and Livvie believed it had all been a dream but Caleb told her no, it was a glimpse into her future. Only he would always love her - it was her choice...

Wednesday, November 7

Rafe stops by the lighthouse to see Lucy. They discuss her relationship with Kevin. Lucy admits she is rethinking her destiny. Maybe her future isn't with Doc. Rafe asks if she thinks her destiny is with Ian Thornhart. He told he saw her kissing Ian. Lucy is shocked. She demands to know where Rafe's powers come from. Trying to explain, Rafe slips and admits he can't tell her. It is against the rules. Lucy persists, but Rafe will only say she is better off not knowing. He told her she needs to be still and listen to her heart. When Lucy does this, she realizes what she really wants is Kevin.

Frank and Karen are having a wonderful time at the cabin celebrating their engagement. Frank notices that Karen has not slept at all in the four days they've been there. She claims it is because she likes to watch him sleep. They are cuddling on the couch, happy and in love when Karen decides she would like to get a picture. While getting the camera, Karen's purse falls to the floor, dumping its contents. Frank picks up a packet of white powder then tastes it. The powder is cocaine. Frank looks at her suspiciously, but Karen swears she is not back on drugs. She claims Chris planted the drugs. Frank is skeptical, so Karen confesses the whole story about how she was accidentally injected with vampire blood.

Alison takes a break while working at the Recovery Room. She makes a phone call to ask when the DNA results she requested will be ready. When an envelope is finally delivered to her, she takes it outside to read the results. Before she can open the letter, Rafe appears.

Kevin and Mac Scorpio get together at the Recovery Room. Kevin asks Mac if there is any news on Christina. They discuss Kevin's situation with Lucy. Mac asks where Kevin's head is these days, with Lucy or with Eve. Kevin doesn't understand how Lucy can defend Ian, then blame their problems on a faceless, evil presence.

At the courthouse, Eve and Ian await a visit from the court appointed counselor. They begin to argue, blaming each other for losing custody of Danny. They are still arguing when the counselor enters. The counselor chastises them for their behavior. Eve begins the meeting by accusing Ian of trying to take Danny out of the country. Another argument is about to ensue when Ian turns the tables and told the counselor how much he loves Eve, and what a good mother she is to their son.

Eve is surprised at Ian's sudden change of attitude. When the counselor leaves to take a phone call, Ian told Eve she should play along. Pretend they are working things out is the only way they will get Danny back. Eve makes an attempt to play nice, and for a moment, it seems they make a connection. The counselor is unconvinced. She brought up the vampire element. Ian explains that Eve was having bad dreams about vampires, while Eve claims she is getting professional help. The counselor says she will make her recommendation to the judge. When she leaves, Ian begs Eve to give him just a half-hour of her time. Eve agrees and they go to the Recovery Room.

At the restaurant, Eve and Ian are discussing their meeting with the counselor when Ian is paged. While Eve waits, Kevin comes in carrying Danny. He places the baby into her arms telling her that Mac pulled strings to have him appointed Danny's temporary guardian. An ecstatic Eve holds her baby thanking Kevin while a stunned Ian and Lucy look on.

Thursday, November 8

Ian and Lucy appear to be upset over the announcement of Kevin being Daniel's guardian. Ian wants to visit but Kevin told him only supervised visits will be allowed. Lucy questions Kevin's loyalty to her. Asking why he would help Eve get her child back but not help her with Christina. Kevin told her that she is just seeing things and that Christina is gone. Lucy walks out seeing that Kevin is committed to Eve and not to her. Eve asks Kevin to take her "home" to the lighthouse. An apologetic Lucy shows up at Kevin's door only to watch a cozy scene unfold with Eve and Kevin. Devastated by what she has seen Lucy walks away. Eve thanks Kevin for getting Daniel back for her but told him that she worries about Ian being alone. Kevin told Eve that he has hired someone to watch Ian.

Alison confesses to Raffe that she had a DNA test done to prove that Hope is Jamal's daughter. Not seeing the results yet, Rafe asks Alison why. He told her to feel within herself how she is going to respond when she knows the true answer. Thinking out loud she realizes that if she doesn't open the envelope, no one will be hurt. As she went to tear up the envelope with the results, Jamal shows up asking why she went to the Hartmans and asked for a DNA test. Seeing the envelope in her hand, he grabs it away and opens it to find that he is indeed Hope's father.

Livvie told Caleb that she has decided that he is the one for her. As she professes her undying love for him and contempt for the others Caleb looks at her and told her that he does not believe one word of what she is saying. Livvie tries to convince him that she is telling the truth and that she is willing to do anything that he asks. Caleb informs her that she must perform the task that he requested of her before. She must kill Jack.

Lucy comes home to find Ian at her doorstep. She invites him in for a talk. He hands her a large box which happens to be filled with the invitations to her and Kevin's Christmas wedding. Upset that her world is falling apart, she turns to Ian who gives her a hug. Not sure of themselves, Ian backs away only to hear Lucy tell him that he doesn't have to leave. At this, he steps closer and they kiss.

Friday, November 9
by JON

Caleb told Livvie to kill Jack by poisoning him. He gives her the poison. He says that for her sake, she better not be faking. She promises she isn't. She calls Jack and sets up a meeting at the Recovery Room.

Jamal asks Alison how long she was going to keep the paternity news from him. Rafe chimes in to say that Alison just got the envelope, but Jamal told him to stay out of it. He told her that to have the test run, she would have had to have suspicions. She admits that she has wondered for weeks if he was Hope's father. He told her that she had no right to go behind his back. She apologizes to Jamal. He says that he thought the secrets were over. She told him they are, but he says that he needs some time. After Jamal leaves, Alison told Rafe that she doesn't blame Jamal, she really screwed up this time. She went back to work.

Livvie meets with Jack. She distracts him and puts the poison in his drink. Rafe sees and causes Alison to knock the drink out of Jack's hand. As Alison leaves to find Jamal (and Livvie went to Caleb), Jack and Rafe clean up the mess. Jack notices that the drink is eating through the napkins like acid. Livvie returns to Caleb and says that she put the poison in Jack's drink, but Alison knocked the drink out of his hand. Caleb told her that she did not do what he sent her to do.

On his way back to the bike shop, Jamal runs into Valerie. He told her to tell him the truth about why she came back to Port Charles. She told him again about her anonymous note, but he doesn't buy it. After they talk, she admits that she is in love with him. As he is about to tell Valerie that he is Hope's father, Alison come in and interrupts. Jamal asks Valerie to give him and Ally a moment. When Val leaves, Alison asks Jamal not to tell Valerie about Hope.

Mac stops by the lighthouse and asks how Lucy feels about the Eve/Daniel arrangement. Kevin says that Lucy knows that he loves her, and she'll come around. At the same time, Kevin's hired PI takes photos of Lucy and Ian making love.

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