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 Recaps for PC Recaps: The week of February 14, 2000 on Port Charles
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Monday, February 14, 2000

Karen is telling Frank and Courtney about the bone marrow procedure that will be performed this afternoon. Joe comes up and once again told them Neil should have the transfusion as soon as possible. Frank told him "Enough!!" Frank and Courtney leave, Joe and Karen argue. Karen leaves and Joe calls the lab to give them his pager number.

Eve opens her locker to a blizzard of white carnations and a note "I knew I loved you when I lost you in the snow." She went out to Kevin who is looking at the shrunken head. They kiss and then Eve notices that he's holding something - she takes it from him, thinking it's another Valentine's Day surprise. They discuss the head from the General Homicide book, Eve thinks Julie is playing with their minds. Kevin says there are more Valentine's Day surprises for her. He brings her home and blindfolds her, she tries to guess. After some hints, she guesses - the race car bed where they first made love! She feels bad - he did all these romantic things and she hasn't given him anything. He says she has - herself. They start kissing and undressing and fall down on the bed. Lucy and Scott wonder why Julie is in with Christina. Julie says she heard her crying and came in. Chris told them he left her with the nurse, and tells them he'll get to the bottom of why she was left alone. Julie told Lucy and Scott how brave they are, letting Christina go through this ordeal. Lucy, somewhat defensively, told her it's the right thing to do - it could save Neil's life. Later, Lucy is worrying to Scott about Christina and the procedure. Chris comes in and told them that it went perfectly, Christina is coming out of anesthesia as they speak. A nurse arrives with a package - it's a light from Christina's room to brighten up her hospital room. Lucy tells him this isn't how she planned for them to spend Valentine's Day, he told her he has everything he wants.

Chris told Julie (in the break room) that everything went fine, and he even managed to tell Christina that Julie loved her before Dr. Perez came in. Julie feels odd being there. Chris told her that he's been pulled into a surgery and will be late getting home. He feels bad about not doing something for Valentine's Day - she told him that holding Christina was all the gift she needed.

Courtney and Frank are at Neil's bedside. Frank tries to get Courtney to take a break, she refuses. He told her he's going to take her away from the walls, they head to the roof. Courtney teases Frank about being up there before - he admits he has. She's thinking of bringing nurses up there, he's thinking of plunging off the roof. He says that his surviving the fall is proof that miracles happen.

Karen gives Joe a small package - she told him it's something she and Serena came across looking for childhood pictures of Karen (Serena wanted to see them.) She wanted to give it to him long ago, but didn't. She walks off. Joe gets paged - it's the lab telling him about the marrow extraction. He tells them to hold it until he's ready for it. He stands looking at the box (soap people have the highest curiosity level when it comes to gifts.)

Savage Garden sings "I Knew I Loved You" and we get a montage of Julie and Chris kissing on the break room couch, Scott and Lucy kissing in Christina's room, Eve and Kevin making love, and Courtney and Frank on the roof. Karen peeks through the door at Joe as he finally opens the box. It's a handmade card from Karen with hearts, To Joe, and the year 1980 - inside it says "I Love You - Karen". He just looks out into space.