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 Recaps for PC Recaps: The week of December 27, 1999 on Port Charles
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Monday, December 27, 1999

Serena and Scott were outside, and Serena wondered what Scott would do while she was at her friend's birthday party. Scott thought maybe he'd get Charlene to watch Christina, and he and Lucy could spend the day together alone. They went inside and found a big commotion going on -- plans for the christening. Lucy was excited by Serena once again calling her Mom and the idea that Christina's adoption would soon be final. Lucy was thinking of both a minister and a shaman.

Scott wanted to take Christina upstairs and watch the Bonanza marathon. Lucy wanted him to be in on all the decisions and told him if he really cared, he would stay. When Lucy and Scott were alone, they started arguing over the extent of the fanciness of the christening.

Lucy mentioned the lack of wedding plans and wondered if D.V. had anything to do with that. She told him she didn't know what to think or where she stood -- and she asked if he still wanted to get married. Scott wanted to get married for the new millennium -- Lucy agreed to a New Year's walk down the aisle. Scott said, "Nothing can stop us."

Joe told Courtney that he had gone on the Internet to find alternate treatments for Neil. None would be as good as a bone marrow treatment, and Courtney was angry with Karen for wrecking that chance. Courtney checked with her doctor, who said that it would not be safe for her to get pregnant. Joe tried to shore up her sinking hopes with some success.

Karen asked Frank if he was Neil's father. He denied it and walked away. Matt walked up and wondered what was wrong with Karen. She vaguely told him she knew a secret that, if it were revealed, could change everything, but she was not sure.

Frank and Neil were shopping and arguing about sports. Neil saw a scarf that his mom wanted. He was disappointed that it hadn't gone on sale and cost $60. Frank told him they'd figure out something. Karen and Matt walked up, and Neil said hi. Frank spirited Neil away with talk of movies and pizza.

Matt complimented Frank's actions around Neil. He talked about Karen's secret, and she said she'd have to find out if it was true. Karen returned to work and went into Joe's office with coffee. Joe was doing research. Karen told him about meeting up with Neil and Frank. Joe mentioned how good Frank had been with Neil, almost like Neil was his own son. Karen asked if he thought that was a little weird -- but Joe said Frank had always liked kids.

Karen and Joe talked about having a bone marrow drive -- one in Florida had found a donor in two days. Karen said he could be the first to donate to get the ball rolling. Joe went to talk to Dr. Quartermaine, saying it could be the answer they'd been waiting for. Karen said to herself, "I have a feeling you could be right."

At home with Courtney and Mary, Neil gave his mom a late Christmas gift -- the scarf. She grew teary-eyed, and Neil worried that he'd made her cry. Mary told him that girls liked to cry when they were happy. Courtney and Frank reassured Neil that he didn't have to worry about Courtney.

Neil and Grandma went upstairs. Courtney thanked Frank for buying the scarf. He said Neil had returned his video game to buy it and wondered how two such selfish people had gotten such an unselfish kid. Courtney said one of those people had a good heart and offered to tell Neil the truth about his parentage. Frank turned her down, for Neil's sake.