PC Recaps: The week of November 1, 1999 on Port Charles
Frank was giving his walking papers. Scott set up Eve to get caught looking for Victor's papers. Lucy tried to convince Kevin not to confront Eve.
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Monday, November 1, 1999

D.V. told someone on the phone that Dr. Lambert hadn't shown up, but he would find Eve and the letters. He said he didn't want the letters falling into the wrong hands any more that the person he was talking to did.

Eve continued to try to get out of the cellar. Meanwhile, Kevin and Eve heard a noise and checked outside. They decided it was a tree branch hitting the house. Eve managed to break a lock off a door, but it just led into another room. She prayed and asked God for three things: to get out of the cellar, to see her son grow up, and that she and Kevin would still be together when everything was all over. She pleaded for help. The room she was in had a door up high. She started to try to get to it.

Scott searched a cereal box for the prize. He decided Serena had already gotten to it. When she arrived, he told her he knew her secret and what she had done. She thought he meant the secret with Eve and spilled all. He told her to get her coat -- they needed to go to the lighthouse. At the lighthouse, Serena filled in Kevin and Lucy on the letters. They wondered why Eve hadn't told them. Serena said she'd made Eve promise not to tell. She showed them the secret panel in the closet where she had hidden the letters, but they were gone.

Frank arrived at home, and Courtney was miffed with him. She was upset that he had been out all night instead of being with Neil on the anniversary of John K's death. Frank told her he had stayed away because he had known he'd fight with Joe about how to handle it. She was pleased at his thoughtfulness. They started kissing, and Lark walked in on them.

Later, Lark asked Frank about Courtney. Frank asked her what she thought about Courtney and Frank as a couple. Lark praised Courtney's mothering skills but graded her low on her "girlfriending" skills. Lark was worried that Frank would be hurt. She saw the way Courtney looked at Joe. Frank told her that was in the past, and things had changed. He told her not to worry -- he could handle Courtney.

Lark left, and Courtney entered the room to ask what Lark had said. Courtney worried that Lark would say something to Neil. Frank asked if it was Neil or Joe she was worried about. Courtney said she was just concerned about Neil. Frank wanted to know what there was between them.

Courtney told Frank she just wanted to enjoy the ride and not think about where it was going. She wanted to feel good in the present. Frank said sooner or later people would see them together and figure out that Frank was the father of her children. He asked why she kept seeing him. She told him she couldn't stop and didn't think he could either.

Lucy, Scott, and Kevin discussed why Eve hadn't said anything to them about the letters. Kevin called General Hospital and discovered she hadn't been seen. He worried that she had been kidnapped. They heard the sound again and decided it was originating inside the house. They rushed to the secret door, looked in, and saw Eve.

Eve was grateful to Kevin and Scott for rescuing her. Scott told her that Serena had led them to her and wondered if she had found the letters. Eve acted jubilant and said she had. She held them up. Kevin took them and hugged Eve. Over his shoulder, she looked worried.

Tuesday, November 2, 1999

Courtney, Neil, and Frank were in the living room, and Neil wished someone would do his homework for him. He had to do a report on Tanzania but knew nothing about it. Frank said Neil would learn about it. Neil said it helped to have a partner, and Courtney told Frank about the project Neil had done with a friend, Nate. Frank offered to be Neil's partner until Nate could be Neil's partner again.

Neil was delighted, and Frank and Neil went to work on the project. Joe and Karen arrived with help, as well -- a CD-ROM, a poster, and a tape on Tanzania. Frank looked annoyed and Courtney concerned. Neil was delighted and showed Frank and Courtney. Frank agreed it was unbelievable.

At the lighthouse, Scott, Lucy, Eve, and Kevin went through the letters. Apparently, Mary didn't know where Victor was, and he had forgotten his cell phone. Lucy started talking about how she had never noticed any hidden doorways when she had lived there. Kevin said he was surprised too. Scott commented about hidden rooms and old lighthouses but said he was bothered by one thing. He wanted to know how Eve had known about the letters.

Eve said she hadn't told them about the letters because she had promised Serena she wouldn't. Lucy said she'd buy that under normal circumstances but that Eve knew things weren't normal. Eve said she hadn't even known that the letters Serena had hidden were the ones they were looking for. Lucy said they couldn't keep secrets from one another, and Scott agreed. Eve admitted she had messed up but that she would have told them as soon as she'd known she had the right letters.

Lucy said that was okay but that they still shouldn't make any decisions without consulting each other. Eve challenged Lucy by asking if she meant the way they had been consulted about Lucy moving into the lighthouse. Lucy said that was different. Eve commented on how the rules changed when Lucy was involved. Lucy remembered Eve being at the lighthouse the day she'd moved in. Kevin put a stop to it, but Lucy didn't look like she was ready to let it go.

Karen and Joe helped Neil with his report as Frank and Courtney looked on. Frank, with an encyclopedia, offered facts of interest such as information about a wildlife refuge on the floor of a crater. Neil, while interested, was again distracted when Joe pulled up a picture of it on the laptop. Frank mentioned a site on the Internet where one could take a virtual tour of Africa. Neil was totally absorbed in what he was doing with Joe and Karen. Frank went upstairs.

Neil commented on Karen's diamond necklace and asked if it was real. She said she hoped so -- it had been a gift from Joe. Neil asked if Joe had gotten one for Neil's mom too. Joe explained that he cared about Courtney but that he and Karen were close. Courtney interrupted with an offer of lemonade, and Joe and Karen left to make popcorn.

Courtney asked Neil what he was feeling. He wished she and Joe were back together, especially with the new baby on the way. She told him that although she and Joe loved each other, it was not in the way married people did, so getting back together was not an option. Neil hoped that would change. Neil wanted them to be a family. They were a family, Courtney said, just different. There was no way she and Joe would get back together.

Joe and Karen returned with popcorn. Courtney said it needed to have cheese on it, and Neil went to get it. Courtney told Karen and Joe that Neil was bothered by them and how affectionate they were with each other. She asked if they could tone it down in front of Neil. Karen asked if that was Courtney or Neil. Neil had never had a problem before. Karen asked what Courtney had been saying.

Courtney said circumstances had changed and asked if Karen had forgotten the baby. Karen asked how she could forget, when Courtney kept reminding her. Joe said they'd been over all that with Neil, and he understood. Karen said it was Courtney feeding him false hopes. Courtney said she was asking them both to respect Neil's wishes, and she flounced out of the room.

Karen and Joe discussed it. Karen still blamed Courtney, but Joe told her she had nothing to fear from anyone. Karen agreed, except for the fact that Courtney was carrying his baby. He insisted Karen had his heart. They hugged, and Frank passed through the room, running into Courtney in the hall. Frank said he was going to the movies, and Courtney asked to go with. He resisted the idea, telling her she still wanted Joe.

At the lighthouse, Kevin continued to look for Victor. Scott said Eve looked troubled, and Kevin said she was probably fed up with the accusations. The phone rang; it was the hospital for Eve. It was really D.V. telling her she had missed the deadline. She said she would take care of it. He said their deal was off.

Eve said she'd be right there. She hung up and said she had to go. Kevin said she was in no shape to work, but she insisted. She asked them to let her know what Victor said. She'd hate to have gone down a rabbit hole for nothing. Kevin walked her to the door, and Scott and Kevin talked about Eve.

Courtney put her jacket on and remembered her discussion with Frank about their relationship. Fran, walked in, putting his jacket on, and asked where she was going. To the movies with him, she said. He asked if she was serious, and she told him there was nowhere she'd rather be. They left quite happily.

Kevin, Scott, and Lucy continued to work on the letters. Kevin started to say thanks to Eve, but Lucy interjected it was only because they had caught her. Kevin told her not to start that again, but Lucy persisted. Kevin asked if Lucy was saying that Eve was lying. Lucy insisted that something about Eve's story didn't add up. Kevin said Eve was dealing with trying to find out if her son was alive or not.

Lucy still persisted, and Kevin grew angry, reminding her that the last time she and Scott had done that, Eve had wound up in tears, admitting she'd had a baby. Lucy babbled on, but Scott stopped her. He said he was going to take the letters to Victor's and see what he said. Kevin went to get Serena, and Scott then said he agreed with Lucy that Eve was hiding something. He told her that Kevin would never believe it, so he'd find out what was going on.

D.V. opened the door to Eve and demanded the letters. She told him she didn't have them but knew where they were. He said he knew they were at the lighthouse and didn't believe her denials. He asked what Scott was doing at the lighthouse. She said Scott wasn't there; D.V. said she was lying, and he knew it.

Eve told D.V. that Scott was taking Serena to see Lucy. She would never visit their son, he said. It was too late. He knew where the letters were, so their deal was off. She said he needed her, but he said she was done. She would never see her son.

Wednesday, November 3, 1999

Lucy looked through a drawer at the lighthouse for a pencil and found Eve's journal/diary. She tried to talk herself out of looking at it but decided maybe it would help her find out what Eve was up to. She opened it, but before she could read anything, Kevin walked in on her and scolded her for reading Eve's private journal. They bickered about whether Eve was up to something -- Kevin had faith in her; Lucy didn't. Kevin got upset, and Lucy told him she appreciated the way he defended Eve -- just like he had defended Lucy in the past. Lucy didn't want to see him hurt the way she had hurt him. Kevin told her he needed to trust in Eve.

Victor arrived at the firehouse -- Scott worried that D.V.'s men had seen him, but Victor assured Scott that he had waited until the guy had gone around to the back door. Victor was amazed that he had written so many letters and didn't remember any of them. He worried that they might just be gibberish. After going through them, Victor was jubilant that the letters contained the way to block the psychic connections. He couldn't wait to thank Eve for finding them, but Scott told him not to -- he thought Eve was playing both sides. Victor was doubtful that Eve would do that, but Scott thought she was being forced and correctly guessed about D.V. using a live son as coercion.

Scott and Victor both felt for Eve and understood why she would do that and how difficult it would be. Victor recalled telling Eve about how good he had felt when he had gotten Kevin back. Scott wished she had confided in them, but Victor thought she had to feel alone. Scott told about the psychic images put in his mind to not trust Lucy. Scott thought maybe they had been put there to hide what Eve was doing. Scott felt helpless but thought maybe they could turn the tables on D.V. by using what he was doing to Eve against him. Whatever the plan was, Scott believed they had to keep it from Kevin.

Eve was at D.V.'s. D.V. wouldn't produce her son because she hadn't given him the letters. She worried that D.V. would hurt Kevin and warned him that Kevin's best friend was police chief Mac. He wondered at her concern for her ex. She explained that just because they had broken up didn't mean her love for him was completely gone. She begged for one more chance to get the letters and see her son.

Eve went over to Kevin's, and Lucy scolded her about risking D.V.'s men seeing her. She said she knew they had -- they were reading the paper. She knocked on the window and blew them a kiss before heading to the house. Kevin walked in, and Lucy left. Eve apologized to Kevin and said sometimes she went too far in trying to protect the ones she loved. He told her everyone had secrets, but if she wanted to share with him, the secrets would be safe. He returned her journal to her and told her he had taken it from Lucy. She laughed and told him Lucy would be bored reading her notes on kidney and liver disease.

Eve was touched to find out that Kevin had respected her privacy and hadn't looked at her journal. They kissed, and Kevin told her that he didn't want her to leave. Later, in bed with a sleeping Kevin, Eve remembered worrying about D.V. hurting Kevin and Kevin saying he absolutely trusted her. She got up and started searching the sofa cushions. Lucy interrupted her and asked what she was looking for "this time."

Thursday, November 4, 1999

Lucy and Eve, still dressed in their pajamas, argued in the lighthouse living room. Lucy said Eve hadn't answered her question and demanded to know why Eve was looking around. Eve said it was her house, so she had every right to look around. Lucy wondered why every time Eve stopped by, she seemed to be searching for something. Eve stalled for a few seconds then said she had been looking for a piece of paper to leave Kevin a note. Lucy pointed out that although there was not any paper in the couch, there was some a few feet away on the desk.

Eve said she had been looking for her own paper with her initials on it. Lucy pointed out the humor in the situation because no matter what Eve searched for, she always seemed to find Victor's letters. Eve asked, "What's your point, Lucy?" Lucy said that the letters could be crucial to their destroying the Cobra project and that D.V. would be anxious to get the letters if he knew they existed. Eve responded, "Well, then, it's a good thing I found the letters. Hopefully, we can get D.V. out of our lives for good."

Lucy told Eve that Scott and Victor were working on that at that moment. Eve said that was good news. Lucy said, "Eve, the letters aren't here. Scott took them to Victor, and they're working on them together." She left to feed Christina.

Frank and Courtney snuggled in his truck. They'd stayed out all night on their date. Courtney told Frank that she had always wondered what the local makeout spot was like. Frank couldn't believe that she'd never been there before. Courtney asked, "What kind of girl do you think I am, hmm? I wouldn't come here with just anybody." Frank responded, "But you came here with me -- does that mean something?"

Courtney told Frank, "I'm not really sure. I guess I was having such a good time, I...didn't want to go home." Frank told her she hadn't truly experienced the place unless she'd gone skinny-dipping in the lake. She reminded him that it was November and the water was freezing, but he started peeling off clothes anyway.

At the firehouse, Victor poured a cup of coffee. He informed Scott that he was out of cinnamon. "Fortunately, I remembered that in a pinch…" Scott growled, "Victor, Victor…I don't wanna hear about your goofy coffees! I want some answers!" They had been up all night, working. Victor said they should hear something at any moment and that if the agency didn't find any bugs in the program, they'd want to set up a simulation.

Scott was impatient to be reunited with his family. Victor's cell phone rang -- it was the news they'd been waiting for. Victor said, "It works! We did it! Woop, woop, woop! Every computer image generated by the Cobra project…we can block." Scott was delighted and said, "Now we're somewhere…now how do we use this against Bordisso?"

Back at the local makeout spot, a naked Frank emerged from the lake. He got back in the truck, and Courtney put a blanket around him. She couldn't believe he had actually gone skinny-dipping -- and that he hadn't dragged her in with him. He told her he had been tempted, except for the fact that she was pregnant. Courtney admitted that for a while, she had been enjoying herself so much, she had forgotten about the pregnancy and everything else that had been going on.

Courtney admitted that she had left her pager on during their date, in case Neil had needed her. Frank said, "There's no reason you have to worry about him every waking second." Courtney replied, "But I do." Frank said, "I'm here, Courtney…and I want to take some of the weight off your shoulders." Courtney laughed then turned serious, saying, "You know, the more time I spend with you...the better everything is starting to seem." Frank admitted he hadn't heard many people say that to him.

Courtney told Frank, "Well, I'm saying it. I mean, just getting out of the house…and going to a movie…doing the kind of thing I used to do, before Neil got sick…really makes a difference. You know, suddenly, I am starting to believe…I might be able to have a normal life again." Frank said, "I want a good life for Neil…and for you, Courtney." They kissed.

Back at the firehouse, Scott and Victor agreed to make copies of the letters and insert a virus that would wipe out the Cobra project. They discussed Eve's situation with D.V. Victor said it was hard to believe she would keep secrets from Kevin. Scott said, "You haven't been around Eve lately. She's acting really strange. Something is eating at her, and she just won't let any of us in on this secret." Victor suggested, "Maybe…maybe she's so preoccupied with looking for her son that she's too emotional to think clearly." Scott said, "I understand what she's going through, but we can't let her help Bordisso." Victor stated they would have to speak to her.

Although both Scott and Victor were concerned for Eve's safety, Scott was dead set against telling Eve about their plan to doctor the letters. He was afraid she would tip off Bordisso if it meant being reunited with her son. Victor finally relented and said he'd get started on the virus right after he spoke to Kevin about Eve. Scott said, "Well, I don't think that's a good idea at all, because Kevin knows something's up, but he doesn't want to admit that Eve is lying to him." Victor explained, "Well, all the more reason why I should speak to him. He has to come to terms with what Eve may be doing…and maybe I can help him do that."

At the lighthouse, Lucy had dressed, but Eve was still in her pajamas. Lucy told Eve that she realized the situation was hard on all of them. She offered an apology of sorts, saying, "If you feel I've been unfair in any way, I want to apologize -- I'm sorry. It's just…I want this whole plan to work. I want everything to go really well…with nothing messing it up." Eve was angry at Lucy's insinuation.

Eve said, "Look, Lucy, I'm not the bad guy here, okay? Although, frankly, I wouldn't put it past you to make me look like I was, because you've done it before." Lucy said, "You know, what happened before…that whole thing blew up in my face, and Serena got hurt. I made a mistake, and…what I'm trying to tell you is, I hope that you don't make that same kind of mistake." Eve said, "Hmm…giving out advice now..." Lucy responded, "Okay, I give up. You're right. I am not even gonna pretend to give a damn about you, because I don't. What I care about, so very deeply, is Kevin."

Lucy's words really set Eve off, and she angrily stated, "Like I don't care about Kevin? I haven't stopped caring about that man for one second. Not one second, Lucy." Kevin entered and wondered what was going on. Lucy told him it seemed there was a game they were playing, where Eve knew what was going on, but they didn't.

Eve said, "Lucy is doling out life advice now." Lucy challenged, "Which Eve either can't hear or chooses not to listen to, which is…really too bad." Lucy left for an appointment but on the way out suggested that Eve fill Kevin in on her "busy little morning." Eve told Kevin she'd do so after a shower and a cup of coffee.

At the Scanlon house, Frank and Courtney were home and had changed clothes. Neil was asleep, and they agreed that no one would know they had been out all night. She hoped Frank took a hot shower to warm up after skinny-dipping. Flirting and kissing ensued. Joe walked in mid-kiss, and Courtney shoved Frank away.

"Frank! How could you kiss me like that?" Courtney asked indignantly. Joe said, "Frank, what is your problem? You stay away from her, you hear me?" Frank said, "Courtney doesn't need you to defend her. She's real good at making her feelings clear, all by herself." He stalked out. Courtney looked dismayed.

At the firehouse, Lucy stopped by, despite knowing she shouldn't be there, to tell Scott that she had caught Eve snooping around the lighthouse again. She explained, "You know, I even tried to be nice and get her to be on my side, kind of, and come clean about 'em…but no such luck." Scott said, "Lucy, the last person in the world she's gonna come clean with is you!" Lucy responded, "Look, I am not Eve's biggest fan, but I still don't get this. How could she be doing this? How could she betray all of us like this?"

Scott explained that Bordisso was blackmailing Eve over her son. Lucy admitted that she might do the same thing Eve was doing if her kids were at stake. Scott warned her that she couldn't tip Eve off when they were so close to running Bordisso out of town for good. Lucy asked, "Are we really that close?" Scott replied, "Yes. And I'll tell you something: Eve's the key."

At the lighthouse, Kevin asked Eve what had happened between her and Lucy earlier. Eve said, "Same old same old. Lucy will not forgive me for not telling you about the letters." Kevin observed that everyone's patience was wearing thin with it. Eve admitted she'd had no idea how complicated it would all turn out. Kevin asked what he could do to make it better for her. Eve said, "I'm not sure there's anything you can do to make this better for me." Kevin asked, "Would you tell me if there was?"

The doorbell rang and interrupted Kevin and Eve -- it was Victor. Kevin told Eve that Victor knew about the phony breakup; she was relieved not to have to keep up the pretense. Kevin asked Victor if he had analyzed the letters. Victor responded, "It's, uhh…quite a lot of material. I'm going to need more time. I, uh, have left the letters with Scott for safekeeping…I'll get back to them when I can." Eve excused herself.

Victor asked how Eve was doing. Kevin replied, "It's hard on all of us, especially on her." Victor said, "Well, that's understandable. She's tangled with D.V. before -- she knows how dangerous he can be." Kevin said he was doing his best to reassure her that Bordisso couldn't hurt her again. Victor said, "Well, Monk, unfortunately, as much as one might wish that to be the case, there are no guarantees."

Kevin asked, "What are you driving at, Victor?" Victor explained, "Well, we know that Eve has had a relationship with Bordisso…may even have had a son with him. Is there anything we don't know? Could she be vulnerable to his manipulation?" Kevin said, "I hear you…but I trust her." Victor said, "I hope your trust is justified."

At the Scanlon house, Courtney told Frank she wanted to explain. Frank said, "Save it. I've heard more than enough already." Courtney explained, "I didn't mean to say that our kiss was one-sided. It just…came out that way…kind of…like a reflex." Frank said, "Then how about correcting it?"

Courtney was worried that if she told Joe that she and Frank were a couple, he'd figure out the truth about Neil. Frank said, "I want him to know about Neil too. And the baby." Courtney said, "I thought we had agreed. Neil cannot handle this when he's sick." Frank replied, "There's no reason Neil needs to find out. I've thought about it…Joe won't say anything to him."

Courtney disagreed. She said Frank's brother was not like they were -- as Frank himself had pointed out. Joe didn't believe that some lies could be justified. Frank stated that he had been wrong, and he thought Joe would do whatever he needed to do for Neil's sake. Courtney asked why they should take the chance and wondered what possible difference it could make at that moment. Frank said, "This is all about us. We have changed a lot. We have a chance at a real relationship, Courtney." Courtney said she wanted that.

Frank said he and Courtney had to be honest about their feelings -- and they had to be honest with Joe about their relationship, and about Neil, or it would never work. Courtney said, "We can make it work." Frank insisted, "Not unless we tell Joe the truth. The kiss that he caught us in was something that we both wanted. We're together. Neil is my son…and you are carrying our second child." He told her he wanted a real relationship that didn't involve sneaking around and gave her an ultimatum: either she would tell Joe the truth, or it was over.

At the firehouse, Scott told Lucy about the virus that Victor was adding to the letters, which Eve would deliver to Bordisso. She thought the plan was brilliant but stopped and wondered, "Wait a minute…if we're setting Eve up this way, aren't we also setting her up to betray Kevin?" Scott said they didn't have a choice. Lucy said, "But Scott, you know, he does care about her a great, great deal, and I just hate to see his whole world crashing down on him…again." Scott said they would have to take that chance, if they wanted to hit Bordisso where it really hurt.

At the lighthouse, Kevin told Victor that he thought Scott had been filling Victor's head with ideas. Victor said Scott was concerned about Eve. Kevin admitted, "You know what? I'm worried about her too. And by the way…I know that there's something going on." Victor replied, "Oh, my God…have you spoken to her?" Kevin said, "I've tried, but she will not tell me. I don't have any choice right now except to wait for her to feel that the time is right to tell me."

Victor accused Kevin of thinking with his heart, not his head. Kevin said, "I'm aware that something is going on. My guess…it has to do with the child that she had with Bordisso. But whatever it is, I know she loves me, Victor. And I love her. I have to trust that she won't betray that."

At Chris's apartment, Eve was on the phone with Bordisso. Bordisso said, "It doesn't sound like you're trying very hard." Eve insisted she was trying very hard. She said she knew that the only way he would let her see her son was if she got him the letters. Bordisso said he would give her one more chance "before I take over and do this thing myself. And to show you what a good sport I am, I'll even provide some incentive."

Eve asked what he meant. Bordisso replied "There's a tape in your VCR. Play it." They hung up. Eve walked over to the VCR and hit the play button. It was a tape of the little boy sitting on a couch, playing a handheld video game. Eve gazed at her son, and both joy and despair played across her face. She reached out a hand to touch the screen, which went black.

Friday, November 5, 1999

Insisting they could still keep the truth from Neil while he recuperated, Frank prodded Courtney to at least be honest with Joe about the paternity of her children. When she refused, Frank realized she still had feelings for his brother and advised Courtney to make up her mind about which man she really wanted. Joe escorted Courtney to her first prenatal appointment with Dr. Newman. Joe told a dismayed Courtney he was handing Frank his walking papers.

Victor showed Scott the identical letter he had prepared, which would corrupt all data on the Cobra project the minute Bordisso tried to run it through his computer system. Scott explained to Victor how he was going to trick Eve into stealing the bogus letter, which would precipitate Bordisso's downfall. Scott "confided" to Eve where he had hidden Victor's letters for safekeeping. Later, Eve took the bait.

Meanwhile, Lucy attempted to talk Kevin out confronting Eve. When her niece failed in her efforts to prevent Kevin from leaving the lighthouse, Charlene helped out by fainting straight into the startled shrink's arms. Kevin realized Charlene was faking and called her bluff then demanded to know what plot Lucy had cooked up.

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