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Monday, August 17, 1998

Lark is still denying that she or her mother had anything to do with the GH murders. Frank points out all the evidence and asks Suzanne where she got the money to buy the voice activator. Suzanne blames it all on Lark. The three of them head down to the PCPD station and talk to Garcia. He asks if it's true that Lark asked her to buy the voice activator - Suzanne doesn't remember. Both Lark and Frank explain that Suzanne is pretty much out of it. Lark tries to get her mother to say it was someone matching Julie's description who told her to buy the device. Frank and Lark yell at each other about Julie for a bit. Suzanne told Garcia that Lark has been trying to kill her since she was a baby. Lark told Frank and Alejandro that she may have done a lot of stupid things in her past, but she wouldn't murder anyone. Frank assures Lark that he just wants to get at the truth - Lark thinks he just wants to clear Julie. Garcia returned from calling the hospital - Suzanne had been released a month ago and they had contacted Lark. Lark admits she knew but didn't tell anyone because she was afraid the adoption wouldn't go through and she'd be forced to live with her mother. Garcia opines that Lark kept it a secret so she could use her mother to help get rid of people she doesn't like. Suzanne starts ranting about Lark, and told them that Lark controls her via a computer chip that lark had implanted in her brain. At this point, Garcia realizes that she's really mentally disturbed. Frank points out that until Suzanne is back on her medication, she won't be lucid. They start to leave, when Suzanne mentions the button on the floor of Matt's bathroom. Alejandro pulls Frank aside and tells him that they had found a button of Kevin's on the bathroom floor, but didn't let that news out - only the killer would know!!

Kevin and the Helicopter Guy are searching for signs of Lucy. Kevin wants to go lower, but HG says it's too dangerous. Meanwhile, Lucy is laying on the ground bemoaning having eaten too many marshmallows and her shoes being ruined. The chopper went over and while she is trying to flag it down, she hears a roar - the bear has returned! She decides she can't play dead, since the bear saw her moving. After explaining to the bear that she's just skin and bones and wouldn't make good eating, she feeds him the rest of the marsh- mellows. Up in the air, they decide that a search needs to be done on foot. Just then Kevin spots Lucy and realizes that a bear is with her. They fly off to find a place to land. Lucy gets upset that the chopper left and she's out of marshmallows. She sings the bear to sleep. She starts to inch away and runs into HG with a gun about to shoot. She knocks the gun away, it went off and wakes the bear. He explains that it's a tranquilizer gun. Kevin comes out of the bushes and Lucy is thrilled to see him. She went on about sending him mental messages and knowing he would come. He told her of course he'd be worried about her. She starts to tell him about Ellen - Kevin told her that they found Ellen and she is at GH. He wants to take Lucy there to be checked out as well.

Matt is in the hospital taking Ellen to GH. Ellen is very worried about Lucy. Once there, Ellen worries some more - but Matt thinks Lucy can survive. Lucy stops in at Ellen's room when she gets to GH. She told Ellen she was worried she wasn't going to make it. Ellen says she was also worried, and Lucy tells her about the bear and how Kevin risked his life to save her. Lucy and Kevin go out into the hallway - where Lucy told him now they can start over fresh. Kevin told her that it isn't possible - he loves her, but doesn't trust her. Lucy tearfully told him she wishes he had left her in the woods - it would be easier on her than what she is going through now.