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Monday, December 15, 1997

At Scott's trial, the prosecution revealed that they had a witness who would testify that he had sold drugs to Scott. Scott was outraged by the extent of Rex's treachery and Lee's request for a mistrial was denied. Later, Scott was devastated to learn that his friends had been subpoenaed to testify against him. Gail became increasingly concerned over Serena's obsession with her Mommy. Gail called Kevin and asked him to come over to ascertain his take on the situation with Serena. Kevin then visited with Serena and told Gail that he thought Serena's behavior was normal under the stressful circumstances. Later, Serena helped Gail find her missing address book and Serena told Gail that Mommy had told her where the address book was. Karen decided to go away with Joe for the weekend after all. Karen told Julie about her decision and Julie supported her. Julie and Karen both realized that neither one had yet been intimate with their boyfriends. Eve helped Julie take care of a patient and Julie apologized to Eve for the way she had been treating her.

Tuesday, December 16, 1997

Scott was worried about the outcome of his trial. Rhonda paid Scott a visit after receiving a subpoena to testify at the trial and told Scott that she wasn't sure what to say in court. Scott realized that he couldn't expect his friends to perjure themselves for him and told Rhonda that he and Lee had already figured out that Rhonda was being called by the prosecution. Meanwhile, Serena and her classmates sang Christmas carols outside of Karen's apartment. Karen invited the children inside and noticed Serena's lack of enthusiasm about the upcoming holiday. Serena then told Karen that Christmas wasn't any fun without Scott and Karen tried to comfort Serena. Later, Serena and her classmates went caroling at the firehouse and Scott held Serena in his arms. After the children left, Scott wished that Dominique were there to help him. Scott, however, didn't realize that Dominique was in the room watching over him. Chris and Eve settled in for a quiet night together at Chris's apartment and Chris pretended that he didn't have any money problems. Later, both Chris and Eve were surprised when they found themselves sharing a kiss. Frank and Julie prepared to spend a romantic evening at home together but their plans were ruined when the furnace broke down. Julie and Frank then showed up at Karen's, where they hoped to spend a warm night with Karen and Joe. Karen's impromptu "slumber party" was interrupted by her landlady, Alice, who complained about the noise. Alice then quickly joined in the fun when Frank asked her to dance. Later, Frank, Julie, Joe and Karen all fell asleep on the floor.

At the coffeehouse, Devon spilled his drink. Kay approached him and asked if he needed a hand. Devon said he was just clumsy. Kay offered to help Devon if he ever needed a hand.

Wednesday, December 17, 1997

Chris and Eve discussed their kiss from the night before and Eve told Chris that the kiss had meant nothing. Chris then found out that his car had been repossessed, but he lied and told Eve that his car had been stolen. Chris was forced to sell a painting to raise the cash to reclaim his car. Later, Chris asked Eve to move out so that she wouldn't find out about his money troubles. Lucy was served with a subpoena to testify against Scott. This prompted Lucy and Kevin to move ahead with their plan and they staged a fight in front of Rex to try and convince him that they had broken up. Later, Lucy moved out of the lighthouse, but not before making love with Kevin one last time. Joe and Frank learned that their old furnace needed to be replaced and that it would cost more than they could afford. Julie offered to loan them the money for a new furnace, but Frank didn't want to borrow money from a friend. When Frank and Joe couldn't get a bank loan, however, they agreed to accept Julie's offer as long a repayment schedule was set and a loan agreement signed. Joe and Frank then decided to rent out a room in the house in order to meet their loan payments.

Thursday, December 18, 1997

Today's recap was written by Katie Bischoff

Lucy uneasily adjusts to life on her own in a hotel room. Kevin told Eve he's certain his relationship with Lucy will endure despite the necessary but temporary separation. At General Hospital, the interns gather outside Dr. Burgess' office to receive their six-month evaluations. Jake received poor evaluations from Bennett, Boardman and Ellen. Joe's evaluations were mixed, while Karen received a bad review from Bennett, but good reviews from Boardman and Ellen. Eve and Matt received excellent reviews all around, but Julie and Chris both got poor reviews from Bennett. Scotty drops by the hospital to wish Karen luck, then sparks a quarrel with Kevin which puzzles Karen. Rex enjoys reading the report on Lucy and Kevin's fight at the lighthouse but assures his operative he doesn't believe for a moment that the couple is truly fighting. Eve fears the worst after Karen reports that she received kudos from two of the panelists but got blasted by Bennett. Though Lucy boasts about how well she's doing luring Rex into her trap, Scotty warns her that Dominique's uncle is dangerously unpredictable. Later, Chris vowed to make sure that he is the one who will get the Quartermaine Residency.

Friday, December 19, 1997

Today's recap was written by Katie Bischoff

Karen and Julie talk about drawing fire from Bennett during their evaluations. Kevin asks Eve to pass along a message to Lucy. As Serena prepares for a sleep over with a friend, Lucy stops by to let Gail know that she's broken up with Kevin and moved into the Port Charles Hotel. Later, sensing Dominique's presence in the room, Lucy told a delighted Serena she's happy that the child's mother has come to be with them. At the hospital, Jake thanks Ellen for her honesty and claims that his evaluation was just the wake-up call he's needed. Karen throws a party at her place to celebrate the end of the evaluation period. When Alice asks what motivated them all to become doctors, the interns joke about the long hours and lousy food while Chris maintains that he's only in medicine for the money. Lucy convinces Eve that posing as Jax Cosmetic's newest model will make it easier for her to act as go-between without raising Rex's suspicions. Afterwards, disguised as a room service waiter, Kevin sneaks into Lucy's suite for a night of love and passion. Julie gets her really mad when Eve plants a kiss on Frank during the party. After Alice suddenly begins suffering chest pains, Frank and the others rush her to the emergency room. Dominique listens sadly as Scotty tells Gail how a big part of him died the day he buried Dominique. To the interns' surprise, Ellen reveals that Alice is her mother.

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