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Monday, November 24, 1997

Today's summary was written by Marna M. Clowney

The hospital is swarming with people concerned with Danielle. They rush her to surgery and Jake continues to blame himself for what happened. Karen and Joe are in the operating room working on Danielle and it doesn't look good. She has several damaged organs removed and seems to have a broken neck. They can't seem to get the bleeding under control and she flat lines. In the waiting room, Scott questions why Jake called the house, and Jake told him that he never called the house and Scoot turns and looks at Rex. Conklin questions Rex about his relationship with Danielle and Rex says that had a good relationship and that its Scott that she was afraid of. Julie and her father arrive and find out about Danielle and join the waiting.

Back in the operating room, the team tries to get Danielle's heart moving again. They can't and pronounce her dead. Karen and Joe agree to tell Jake because they know him and want to be the ones to tell him.

In the waiting room, Scott tries to reason with Jake and Jake blows up at him and told him to get lost. Karen and Joe arrive and give Jake the news. He breaks down and Rex tries to give him his condolences and Jake responds by punching him in the mouth. Rex retaliates and told Jake to check himself for what he did to Danielle. Kevin talks to him and told him he's been there and that he knows what he's going through. Jake went and says his final goodbye to Danielle.

Tuesday, November 25, 1997

Today's summary was written by Marna M. Clowney

Jake tries to deal with the death of Danielle. Scott visits him and the two try to figure out how Rex was able to get to her. Scott went over what she told him before she was killed and Jake backs up her story. Scott asks why he didn't come to him before, and Jake told him that they tried but Scott wouldn't listen. He told Scott how he got involve in the whole mess and decides that the blood from Serena would be the proof they need to get Scott cleared. Jake went to get it and discovers it has be stolen.

Rex is by the docks pouring out vials of blood that he got from Jake's apartment. He signs to himself smiling as he pours out any link to himself.

Scott and Jake go to the police with the answering machine message from Danielle that she left on Scott's machine when she left his house. The officer is told that Danielle was afraid of Rex and that she was intent on clearing Scott.

At Nicole's hotel, Chris is getting dressed from spending the night with Nicole. She told him that she can't believe what has happened and that she feels embarrassed about their night together. Chris assures that she isn't silly and while they are talking, Bennett is on his way up to her room with a key. When he gets there, he tries to open the door, but the chain is on and Chris runs into the bathroom. Nicole gets rid of him and Chris can leave.

At the hospital, the team is remembering Danielle and their own mortality as doctors. Karen is the most affected because she disliked Danielle for what she was trying to do to Scott. Joe's mother told them that Thanksgiving will never be the same for Jake again because its when he'll remember that the woman he loved died. The conversation changes to what everyone was doing for thanksgiving, and she invites everyone to Joe's house for dinner, even Julie's parents. Julie calls her mother who agrees to come and she then asks her father to come and he agrees too.

At the police station, Rex is being interrogated and told them that the only people that Danielle was afraid of was Scott and Jake. He reminds them that Jake punched him out at the hospital when he was only trying to give his condolences for Danielle's death.

At the hospital, Jake and Scott arrive. Jake thanks Karen and Joe for trying to save Danielle, and that he appreciates everything they tried to do for her. The police show up and arrest Jake for assaulting Rex at the hospital. Scott bails him out and reminds him to stay clear of Rex. After they leave, Scott and Eve are discussing thanksgiving plans and he invites her over to dinner and says that they will celebrate the day before because Lee and Gail are taking Serena to Macy's parade on Thanksgiving. She invites herself over for dinner on Thanksgiving for just the two of them. Scott looks curious at her.

At the coffeehouse, Devon spilled his drink. Kay approached him and asked if he needed a hand. Devon said he was just clumsy. Kay offered to help Devon if he ever needed a hand.

Wednesday, November 26, 1997

Karen and Serena surprised Scott with an early morning visit. Meanwhile, Lucy and Kevin celebrated their fateful first meeting with Sigmund. In honor of Sigmund, Lucy decided that Thanksgiving dinner would be vegetarian. Lucy then continued to spoil Sigmund, but was unaware that the duck she was paying so much attention to wasn't Sigmund at all. Lucy and Kevin's guests arrived and everyone shared what they were thankful for. Lucy was shocked when the duck she thought was Sigmund layed an egg and thought that Sigmund was responsible for the rapid disappearance of her fertility potions. The duck ran off and everyone joined in to search for it. Lucy lead her guests on a wild goose chase and then found Sigmund at the duck pond. Lucy and Kevin realized that Sigmund now had new responsibilities because he had fathered a duckling. This discovery, however, also gave Lucy hope about having a baby with Kevin. Chris invited Nicole to his apartment to watch a movie. Eve left the apartment just moments before Nicole arrived and narrowly missed running into her. Nicole couldn't hide her anxiety and Chris assured her that he had just invited her over to watch the movie and had no ulterior motives. Nicole thanked Chris for being her friend and was surprised that Chris would be having Thanksgiving dinner at the Scanlons.

Thursday, November 27, 1997

Jake, who was still numb with grief over Danielle's death, volunteered to take Julie's shift at the hospital so that Julie could spend the holiday with Frank. The Scanlon family gathered their friends, including Mike, Karen, Chris, Julie, Matt, Grace, Bennett and Nicole, and hosted a Thanksgiving celebration with a decidedly Celtic twist. As the guests sat down to dinner, everyone shared what they were thankful for. Mike then touched everyone with his heartfelt words about Danielle and urged everyone not to take their life and loved ones for granted. The festivities continued after dinner, complete with singing and dancing. Meanwhile, Jake treated a neighbor lady who had been taken to the hospital suffering from premature labor. Jake then managed to pull himself together and he handled the situation. Later, the interns surprised Ellen and Jake with Thanksgiving leftovers at the hospital.

Friday, November 28, 1997

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, Port Charles was not shown today.

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