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Monday, November 10, 1997

Today's summary was written by Marna M. Clowney

Julie, who was still being held captive by Cooper, was able to scream loud enough to get Frank and Chris's attention. He and Chris were in the house looking for the room that matched a window. Frank hears her scream and kicks in the window and was able to rescue her. Cooper held a scalpel to her throat and threatened to slice her with it, but Julie elbowed him in the groin and she was able to break free. Frank uses a pipe to take care of Cooper. Chris comforts Julie and then she runs to Frank. She and Frank embrace as she was finally free from Cooper. Both her parents showed up and they head to the hospital to get Julie checked out. At the hospital, Karen and Joe treat a man who thinks he had a heart attack, but it was a gastrointestinal problem. Karen realizes that he runs an Italian restaurant and the two get a meal for helping the man.

In another room, Boardman wakes and sees Matt sitting by his bedside and tries to recalls details. He can only remember the stabbing and Matt fills him in on other details. Ellen walks in and told Boardman who saved his life and Boardman thanks Matt. Later Matt is in the operating room trying out a new lift chair that he will use while in the operating room and Ellen walks in with words of encouragement.

In court, Danielle testifies that when she told Scott that she was Serena's biological mother he threatened to kill her. She seems nervous, but remains calm. Gail is next to testify, followed by the Social Worker assigned to Serena's case and informs the court of Serena running away on Halloween and says that the child needs security and stability and that would be best served by staying with Lee and Gail. The judge leaves the court to make her decision. She returns and informs the court that Scott's temper is unpredictable and that Serena would be best to stay with Lee and Gail. She also restricts visits to two times a week for Scott. Rex and Scott exchange words and at the close of the show, Rex overhears Scott making plans to leave the country.

Tuesday, November 11, 1997

Today's summary was written by Marna M. Clowney

Matt performs surgery with Monica Quartermain and does an excellent job. He is congratulated by both Monica and then later by Ellen. Frank and Julie have breakfast together. Julie begins to discuss what happened to her with Cooper and Frank has to calm her down and remind her that she is safe and that nothing can happen to her again. Bennett comes by and offers Frank a check for a reward for rescuing Julie from Cooper. He at first declines, but then says he will accept it only if Bennett donates it to the Dominique Baldwin fund at the hospital. Bennett, not sure at first, be agrees when Julie says it is a good gesture. Frank is then persuaded by Julie to go to work, and assures him that she will be fine. She later receives a phone call from her mother and is informed that she will be over and then requests to speak with Bennett. He answers as though they is still something between them and is informed by his wife, that she will keep up appearances only for Julie's sake. Rex's spy is seen watching Scott prepare to head out of the country and reports everything to Rex. Rex informs him that the minute he gets off the plane to take care of the banking situation, Scott will be arrested for violating him bail. Rex demands that he continue to watch Scott. After hanging up, Kevin and Lucy catch the guy and holds him for Scott. Scott begins to interrogate the man and informs him that he no longer will be working for Rex, but for him. He told him that his first assignment is to follow Rex and report everything to him. Lucy and Kevin are talking about Kevin going to the Caymen Islands instead of Scott. Lucy will take care of business with Brenda first and join him there. Rex is seen on the phone with Scott. Scott begins to gaslight Rex and informs him that his chef works for him now and to watch what he eats. Later Rex catches his former spy outside and inquires why he is there and the guy told him that he works for Mr. Baldwin now and that he will be watching him carefully. Later Kevin arrives in the Caymen Islands and is greeted in bed by a big Lizard. He thinks its a gift from Rex, and later learns it is a resident's pet from down the hall.

At the coffeehouse, Devon spilled his drink. Kay approached him and asked if he needed a hand. Devon said he was just clumsy. Kay offered to help Devon if he ever needed a hand.

Wednesday, November 12, 1997

Today's summary was written by Marna M. Clowney

While Karen is frantically prepares for her "non-date" with Joe, her mother gives her pointers on what to wear. She also tries to get Karen to admit that she and Joe are dating. Karen denies it. Meanwhile, Julie and Frank are preparing for the dinner Julie planned to say thank you to those she loves for saving her from Cooper. Joe is frantically preparing for the "non-date" with Karen, and teasing begins by Frank. Joe denies that it is a date and says its merely dinner with a colleague. As Nicole and Bennett are driving to the Scanlons', Nicole told Bennett that she is only doing this for Julie and the conversation turns to his affair with Eve. She questions him about it. Bennett begins to tell her what happened and that Eve seduced him and used him, he had nothing to do with it. Nicole can't believe that he would try to pass off a warped story and told him how she thinks it happened. She told him that she thinks that Eve was a naive student that he took advantage of because he was her instructor and he abused him position to get what he wanted. Bennett's only remark was that she didn't know Eve too well. Eve and Chris are seen at the hospital working. Eve cannot find a report she needs and begs Chris to take her to the Scanlon's to find the report, he smiles and agrees happily. In the drive over they begin a discussion regarding foot rubs. At the Scanlon house, Joe and Frank have a serious conversation about Karen. Joe confines in him that he doesn't want to mess things up between he and Karen. Their mother, Mary enters and says her son looks good enough to be going on a date. Later that evening, Karen and Joe are at the restaurant and are very nervous and try to make small talk to ease the tension. They discuss what the food is like and both remark that they are not on a date, but a casual dinner with a "friend". At the Scanlon house, Julie's parents arrive and meet Mary. Julie enters and is happy that they are they together. As they begin to settle down for dinner and conversation, Chris and Eve arrive. Their arrival causes uneasiness among everyone. Eve apologizes and says that she needs her report and heads for the basement apartment to retrieve it. Chris tries to make small talk about the dinner to ease the tension as Eve returns with the report. The two leave, leaving Julie upset that she didn't ask Chris to stay because he helped rescue her too. Meanwhile, Karen and Joe enjoy their meal and remark how everyone believes they are dating. Joe asks her out for a real date and Karen agrees. The two share a long and passionate stare at each other. As the dinner at the Scanlon's ends, Julie told everyone that she planned the dinner to say thank you to everyone and that she loved them a lot. She imagined having a dinner like this in her head as she was being head captive by Cooper. She begins to get emotional and her mother rushes to comfort her and remind her that she is safe and won't be hurt again. Later, Nicole and Bennett are headed home and Nicole remarks that it was an uncomfortable situation with Eve arriving. Bennett suggests that they fly "home" together and she will never have to see Eve again. Nicole, questions what makes him think that she is going "home" with him? At the hospital, Eve and Chris discuss the reactions from everyone at the Scanlon home. Chris looks slyly at her and questions that Nicole knows about her an Bennett, doesn't she?

Thursday, November 13, 1997

Today's summary was written by Marna M. Clowney

Karen and Julie open the show at the hospital. They are in the interns room and Karen has just done some shopping for her date with Joe. Julie told Karen that she and Joe have decided to go on an official date. They begin to "check out" what she has bought for the date. They begin to examine the lingerie she has and Matt enters while they are changing clothes and remarks that he like what he sees. Scott attempts to get information on Rex and sends Eve to the same restaurant that Rex and Dominique are having lunch. At the restaurant, Eve maneuvers a way of getting Rex's credit card number, and his attention (he admits to Dominique that he has spent too much time on business and not pleasure).......Eve quickly phones Scott and gives him the information, Scott makes a call to get billing information on Rex. Lucy and Kevin uncover the phony business Rex set up in the Cayman Islands, called Serena Inc. They track down a mail box they Rex used and tried to get information from the guy, who was less than cooperative. Lucy finally gets information and tries get information from another source and realizes that Rex would have to die before they will give up the information.

Friday, November 14, 1997

Today's summary was written by Marna M. Clowney

Kevin meets with the banker to release information regarding Serena Ltd. Kevin informs him that Scott Baldwin was dead from a heart attack. Scott and Lucy talk regarding the information Scott received from Rex's credit card number. Julie informs Frank that she couldn't bring herself to invite Eve, the woman who slept with her father. The actions changes to the hospital, where two nurses are talking (near Eve) about Julie's party and then question Eve who she is taking, and Eve walks away saying she is otherwise engaged. She runs into Chris and he asked why she wasn't going and says that she wasn't invited. Chris told her to come with him. Eve questions why he is inviting her, and realizes that he asked her because he's made that he wasn't invited to the dinner Julie had the other night. Kevin returns to the hotel to Lucy with all the banking information about Serena Ltd. He faxes the information directly to Scott. Julie welcomes all her guests to her party as they arrive. Matt and Ellen meet there and he comments her on her attire. She explains to him why she took off her wig. Julie's parents arrive and she senses a tenseness between her parents and Bennett tries to explain a reason why as he walks away to deal with Nicole. Nicole heads to the bar and orders a strong drink and Bennett approaches and orders the same thing. Nicole told him that she wonders what kind of drink Eve used to like and what kind of woman he was attracted to. He told her that he is attracted to her. Just then Eve and Chris arrive. Julie and Nicole remark that it took nerve for Eve to show up. Chris told Julie that he brought eve because she helped find Julie. Eve remarks that its good to have her back. Julie notices that things are tense at her party. Karen confides to Joe that she can't forgive Chris for reading her mail or spreading news about her marriage. Nicole mentions to Bennett that Eve is there to ruin things, and Bennett tries to defend Eve, which Nicole points out to him. Matt asks Ellen to dance and she declines, so him dances with Grace (a nurse) and Ellen looks on somewhat jealous. Nicole walks onto the dance floor where Chris and Eve are dancing and cuts in. She is drunk and told Eve to take her partner (Bennett) while she takes his. Lucy and Kevin enjoy a meal after an afternoon of lovemaking. She told him she is so relaxed and at peace. Kevin agrees with her. Kevin's lizard friend arrives and scares Lucy. He picks it up and puts it in the hall. The party begins to break up. Matt told Ellen that there is something between them and she should accept that. She told him that she has no plans of dating an intern and that is the end of the subject. Chris and Eve leave and say there goodbyes to Julie. Eve remarks that Julie seemed jealous. Bennett told Julie he will take Nicole home and give her aspirin for her over drinking. Julie overhears her mother tells Bennett that he will lose her over his affair with Eve. Karen and Joe end their evening with a long kiss, and Karen invites him inside. The show ends with Joe looking deeply at Karen.

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