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Monday, September 22, 1997
by Lynx

"The Lighthouse"
Serena and Scott are coloring. Serena wishes she had a picture of Lucy looking pretty in her bridesmaid dress. Scott says Lucy will be the prettiest bridesmaid coming down the aisle. Scott checks on Serena's painting project when the phone rings. It's Eve.

Bennett wonders why Eve is suddenly upset. Eve says it just occurred to her that he approached this date like the first time they met. She says she used to care for him so much that she sacrificed her independence for him. Bennett gets mad and leaves Eve with the bill, as part of her independence. Eve calls Scott for help. He and Serena arrive. Eve needs him to pick up the bill. Scott cracks that Eve can ride in the back of his pickup. Eve owes him, he says. She says Scott saved her life. Scott wants to know why Eve chose to call him.

"GH Lobby"
Joe is trying to take something from Karen, she doesn't want him to. Joe gets it anyway, sees that it's a FedEx from Jagger and apologizes. He thought it was a patient's chart that Dr. Boardman's been looking for. Karen is about to take a break, but Grace comes up and tell Karen and Joe that Boardman wants to see them both. Karen puts her package away and goes to face the dragon with Joe. At the desk, a nurse (didn't catch her name) told Grace that it's odd for a husband to send express mail letters instead of picking up the phone. She wonders what's up with Karen and Joe. Grace told her to mind her own business. Karen and Joe come back, complaining about Boardman again. He's harder than usual today because a teenager died on his watch. Karen starts ranting, so Joe cracks that women are too emotional to be doctors. This lightens Karen up some. Joe and Grace leave together for a break, Karen stays behind with her letter. Karen went to the rooftop to read it. She cries when she gets to the word "divorce."

"Recovery Room"
Joe and Grace note that Mike's bar is practically dead. They must all be at Sonny and Brenda's wedding. They sit at the bar, and Joe buys her a drink. Grace told Joe he isn't going to get over losing a patient quickly. Joe says he's worked in a hospital in one way or another since he was 18, so he can take it. He starts in on Boardman's treatment of Karen. Grace says Karen is a grown, competent physician, and that Joe can't shoulder another intern's problems. Grace apologizes for stepping out of line, and terribly changes the subject. Grace bets Joe that he can't get through the night without obsessing over GH.

"Victor's Hospital Room"
Kevin comes to check on his father. Kevin apologizes for waking Victor, and asks if everything is all right. Victor says it is. Kevin says he was at the wedding and got a terrible feeling something was wrong. Kevin says he's coming to see Victor in the morning still. He says Victor's doctor is going to move him into a private apartment on the grounds and out of the psych ward. Kevin vows that this is the last time a Collins is in that type of ward. Victor reminds Kevin that he left Lucy hanging at the wedding. Kevin went to call her, but thinks she hasn't left the reception yet. Kevin decides to spend more time with Victor.

"Cooper's Hospital Room"
While Kevin is feeling his premonition, Cooper puts an unconscious man in his bed. Dressed as a priest, Cooper puts sheet scraps in a trash can and pours liquid over it. He then starts fiddling with a oxygen tank. After talking to the unconscious man, Cooper turns on the gas and waits. The nurse comes in, he overcomes her and puts a cigarette in her mouth. Cooper backs out of his room and drops a lit match. His room goes up in flames as the nurse screams.

"Victor's Room -- Part Two"
The Collins men are both trapped under a lot of debris, and they're knocked out.