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Here are some of the news stories posted on Port Charles Online during the 2002 calendar year. To access articles from other years or to review articles with similar themes, please see the RELATED INFORMATION box directly below this text.


February 2002
Gone, but not forgotten. That was the motto of this year's Port Charles edition of the Soap Opera Central awards. In fact, this year's balloting was a lot like a wedding… bear with us, this'll take some explanation.
February 2002
Alex Mendoza (ex-Joe Scanlon) will be returning to Port Charles later this month.
March 2002
Ion Overman (Gabriela Garza) has been let go from Port Charles. Gaby will exit with her former on-screen love Joe Scanlon. Though the exit is intended to be final, the door has been left open for a possible return down the road.
March 2002
Kiko Ellsworth (Jamal Woods) is not, as online rumors hint, leaving Port Charles in the near future.
March 2002
There is rampant speculation that Julie Pinson (Eve Lambert Thornhart) will be exiting Port Charles at the conclusion of the "Secrets" story arc and joining the cast of NBC's Days Of Our Lives.
March 2002
Port Charles kicks off "Superstition," its seventh book, on Monday, April 1st. The book, like its predecessors will follow the quicker paced, 13-week storyarc format - with the accompanying musical theme.
April 2002
Nolan North (Chris Ramsey) is said to be in contract talks with Port Charles. The actor's contract expires later this month.
April 2002
Two veteran soap performers will make encore appearances on Port Charles during the "Superstition" book.
Mario Van Peebles April 2002
Soap Opera Central has confirmed that Julie Pinson (ex-Eve Lambert, Port Charles) tested for the role of Billie Reed on Days of our Lives
April 2002
They are not exactly a couple on Port Charles, but in real life Erin Hershey (Alison Barrington) and Brian Presley (Jack Ramsey) are engaged.
May 2002
Nolan North (Chris Ramsey) has reportedly signed a new contract with Port Charles. North's talks with network execs were ongoing and the actor's contract was to have expired later this month.
June 2002
Port Charles has named its latest book "Torn."

Like its predecessors, Torn will feature an accompanying title theme. This time Australian popster Natalie Imbruglia will serve up the main tune with her song of the same title.
August 2002
ABC Daytime has announced that Brian Scott Frons will succeed Angela Shapiro as President of ABC Daytime.
August 2002
Erin Hershey (Alison Barrington) and Brian Presley (Jack Ramsey) were married on July 27th in a ceremony in Santa Barbara at the Bacara Hotel.
September 2002 has learned that Ian Buchanan (ex-James Warwick, The Bold and the Beautiful; ex Duke Lavery, General Hospital) will be joining the cast of Port Charles in the show's ninth book, which is currently being filmed.
Mario Van Peebles
September 2002
Michael Dietz (ex-Joe Scanlon, Port Charles; ex Alan-Michael Spaulding, Guiding Light) will join the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful next month.
September 2002
Port Charles' ninth book - "Naked Eyes" - begins on October 1st.
September 2002
ABC Daytime will take some bold steps in an attempt to boost Port Charles' stagnant ratings including, according to a published report, airing a special hour-long episode in a new timeslot later this year.
Mario Van Peebles
October 2002
Tamara Davies (ex-Amy Harris, Port Charles) will be joining the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful this month as Tricia, a psychologist specializing in bereavement counseling.
October 2002
Online chatter has two of Port Charles' leading men -- Brian Gaskill (Rafe) and Jon Robert Lindstrom (Kevin) exiting the show within the next few months.
November 2002
Production on Port Charles' latest "book" has just gotten underway, but the hype surrounding the thirteen week plotline is already in full stride.
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