The Hype Is On For PC's Tenth Book
Posted Sunday, November 10, 2002 11:06:18 PM
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Production on Port Charles' latest "book" has just gotten underway, but the hype surrounding the thirteen week plotline is already in full stride.

The tenth and still-unnamed story arc will make its debut on Monday, December 30th in the 2pm timeslot usually held by One Life To Live. The move to broadcast the soap during the post-All My Children timeslot is seen as a chance to increase Port Charles' exposure. Usually, Port Charles' lead-in (the program that immediately precedes it) is a local news program.

Casting calls for the tenth book have also raised some eyebrows. An insider reveals that over the course of the three-month story arc the show might introduce as many as ten new characters. That, however, does not necessarily mean that all of the characters would be contract roles. Earlier this fall the show was said to be looking for as many as five actresses for various roles on the show.

Several General Hospital characters will crossover to Port Charles in the show's next book. One of the characters is rumored to be Tony Jones, played by actor Brad Maule. Some Internet users are chattering that Maule might become a more regular addition to the Port Charles cast.

The most intriguing chatter about the new book concerns a possible storyline twist. Internet rumors have the show kicking off its tenth book with a murder mystery. The identity of the victim is subject to speculation, but it is widely believed that it will be a popular character.

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