Original Cast Member North Exiting?
Posted Sunday, March 24, 2002 10:28:55 PM
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Nolan North (Chris Ramsey) is said to be in contract talks with Port Charles. The actor's contract expires later this month.

North - along with Lynn Herring (Lucy Coe Collins), Jay Pickett (Frank Scanlon), Jon Lindstrom (Kevin Collins) abd the presumably outgoing Julie Pinson (Eve Lambert) - is one of only four original performers. Many fans are concerned that the actor might be let go due to his ongoing backburner status.

There have been Internet reports that the show is contemplating bringing Donna French back to the show. Long-time viewers may remember that Chris and Donna were an item around the time of Port Charles' debut. A show spokesperson declined comment, stating that it is not show policy to comment on Internet rumors.

According to at least one PC insider, though, the odds of North remaining on the show are pretty good.

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