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2001      NEWS ARCHIVE    

Here are some of the news stories posted on Port Charles Online during the 2001 calendar year. To access articles from other years or to review articles with similar themes, please see the RELATED INFORMATION box directly below this text.


January 2001
Over the past year, the changes to Port Charles have become legendary. From the show's new opening to its new storytelling format to its performers -- just about everything on the show is new. These changes were definitely reflected in the Dankies nominations.
February 2001
It was expected that newcomer Thorsten Kaye (Ian Thornhart) would be a formidable threat to Port Charles veterans in this year's Port Charles Online Awards, also known as the Dankies. After all, the actor earned five Dankies nominations. The threat, however, never materialized as the veterans proved that they've still got what it takes.
April 2001
It's a case of crossover mania once again for ABC as a former One Life to Live star reprises her role - but not in Llanview where you might expect.
April 2001
It's a case of crossover mania once again for ABC as a former One Life to Live star returns to the ABC lineup, but this time taking on a new role on a new soap.
April 2001
For a while, Port Charles appeared to be in critical condition. Along came the show's new 12-week story arc and the show got a much-needed boost. On April 20th, Port Charles reached a milestone; it taped its 1,000th episode.
May 2001
Not only did the show not receive any acting nominations, but Port Charles was also shut out of the soap-related technical Emmys as well. The show did earn one nomination in the Outstanding Achievement in Main Title Design.
May 2001
Though the identity of the victim is not known, Port Charles will lose on of its co-stars - and it won't even happen during a Sweeps period!
June 2001
For one reason or another, Port Charles is having a heck of a time working with the character of Joe Scanlon. Alex Mendoza - the third actor to play Joe - has been let go.
June 2001
Continuing the trend of naming its "books" after popular songs, the thirteen-week story arc will be named "Tainted Love."
July 2001
ABC has now confirmed a report that first appeared on Soap Opera Central in June: Emmy winner Charles Keating (ex-Carl Hutchins, Another World) will be joining the cast of Port Charles later this summer.
August 2001
A Port Charles spokesperson is denying reports that the show is going to be axed later this year. This is not the first time that the show has been the subject of cancellation talks.
September 2001
The latest Port Charles book has finally gotten a name. And like two of its three predecessors, the new book has been named after a decades-old pop song.
September 2001
As a result of the recent terrorist attacks against The United States, Port Charles is scrambling to edit some of its storylines.
September 2001
According to a show source, the role of Valerie will be recast. Ebonie Smith originated the role last year.
October 2001
Vampires will once again be roaming the streets of Port Charles, New York. Thanks to the magic of cable television, the show's "Tainted Love" story arc will once again be hitting the airwaves.
November 2001
For the past year, Port Charles has been experimenting with 13-week story arcs. Back in December 2000, PC debuted its first book, "Fate." The book was broken down into three different chapters "Desire," "Deception" and "Destiny."
November 2001
Charles Keating (James Richfield) will reprise his supposedly-dead role on Port Charles for the conclusion of the "Tempted" story arc.
December 2001
The rumors of Port Charles' demise continue to swirl, however, a show spokesperson insists that PC isn't going anywhere… at least not yet.
December 2001
In a move not seen since the 1960s series "Dark Shadows," PC explored the world of vampires in its "Tainted Love" story book, which debuted in June and ran through the end of August.
December 2001
ABC has given its final answering regarding the future of Port Charles on the network. As rumors of the General Hospital spinoff's demise continue to be documented in trade magazines, the network has announced that PC has been renewed for two more years.
December 2001
It's been on year since Port Charles changed gear and revolutionized the way that its storylines unfold. And in that year, the changes have sparked renewed interest in the show - and the Soap Opera Central Awards balloting clearly shows that.
December 2001
Like four of its predecessors, "Secrets," will be accompanied by a musical theme. This time Madonna does the honors with her 1994 hit "Secret," from her "Bedtime Stories" album. Madonna is by far the most prominent artist to have had their music featured in PC's storyarc format.
December 2001
As previously reported by Soap Opera Central, Port Charles will introduce a gaggle of new faces in its next book, "Secrets."
December 2001
Though he's appeared in Port Charles in the past two books, Brian Gaskill (Rafe) has only appeared on a recurring basis. With his Christmas mission completed, Gaskill's character was to have made his final appearance in the "Miracles Happen" storyarc. Now, however, comes word that viewers will be seeing more of Gaskill.
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