Gaskill Signs PC Contract
Posted Sunday, December 30, 2001 9:53:14 PM
Though he's appeared in Port Charles in the past two books, Brian Gaskill (Rafe) has only appeared on a recurring basis. With his Christmas mission completed, Gaskill's character was to have made his final appearance in the "Miracles Happen" storyarc. Now, however, comes word that viewers will be seeing more of Gaskill.

Gaskill has signed a contract to remain on PC through the show's "Secrets" book.

Rafe will make a deal with his boss to return to Port Charles and try to undo the damage he'd done to Jamal and Alison's relationship.

The permanent addition of Rafe to the show's cast seems to make good on executive producer Julie Hanan Carruthers' promise to make PC focus on a kinder, gentler soap [Read: no more vampires and bloodthirsty storylines].

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