Terrorist Attacks Prompt PC Story Changes
Posted Saturday, September 22, 2001 11:28:23 AM
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As a result of the recent terrorist attacks against The United States, Port Charles is scrambling to edit some of its storylines.

While the show's current book title, Tempted, conjures up imagines of possible infidelity, there was to be a side story that focused on terrorism.

Viewers may recall that in a previous story arc, Ian and Eve were presumed dead when a car bomb exploded. That incident was to have been revisited in Tempted, but the network decided that the issue was no longer appropriate. According to an ABC spokesperson, the entire side story will be edited out of the show.

Soap Opera Central has been able to learn a little bit about what was to have happened. According to sources, there was going to be evidence that pointed to Ian having caused the explosion.

While this side story will no longer be seen on the show, it is unclear exactly what will fill the airtime originally held by the plot. ABC declined to comment on whether a new side story would be introduced or if the run time of the show's other plots would be increased to fill the void.

Port Charles' sister soap, General Hospital, has also been forced to rework some of its story, but apparently not to the same degree. It is rumored that Port Charles had to edit, re-shoot or scrap approximately 100 scenes related to the explosion storyline.

This is not the first time that a daytime program has opted to rewrite a storyline based upon current events. All My Children scrapped a storyline involving a bomb shortly after the Oklahoma City bombings several years ago.


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