Port Charles Marks 1000th Episode
Posted Friday, April 27, 2001 11:12:24 AM
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For a while, Port Charles appeared to be in critical condition. Along came the show's new 12-week story arc and the show got a much-needed boost. On April 20th, Port Charles reached a milestone; it taped its 1,000th episode.

The cast gathered for a party in Los Angeles to celebrate the accomplishment. Most of the stars agreed that the new story format has made things much more enjoyable - for the viewers and the performers.

"For an actor it's great," Jon Lindstrom told TV Guide. "And we can now hold [viewer's] attention in a more intense way."

Port Charles' ratings haven't improved in recent months, but ABC remains committed to the show - at least publicly.

While 1000 episodes might not seem like a lot -- especially when fellow ABC soaps have been on the air for upwards of 30 years -- the milestone is important. Port Charles has been on the air for about 4 years. The Practice, a primetime drama series that's been on the air for about the same length of time, will broadcast its 100th episode in May.

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