Thorsten Kaye-O'ed in Dankies
Posted Friday, February 16, 2001 1:54:00 PM
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Following are the final results of this year's Dankies voting. Winners are denoted by boldface type. Due to rounding, some percentages in certain categories may not add up to 100%

Outstanding Leading Actor
Thorsten Kaye (Ian Thornhart)37 %
Jon Lindstrom (Kevin Collins)45 %
Nolan North (Chris Ramsey)5 %
Kin Shriner (Scott Baldwin)10 %

Outstanding Leading Actress.
Kimberlin Brown (Rachel Locke)9 %
Lisa Ann Hadley (Julie Devlin Morris)10 %
Lynn Herring (Lucy Coe)42 %
Julie Pinson (Eve Lambert)37 %

Supporting Actor
Kiko Ellsworth (Jamal Woods)43 %
Alex Mendoza (Joe Scanlon)3 %
Jay Pickett (Frank Scanlon)31 %
Nicholas Pryor (Victor Collins)21 %

Supporting Actress
Sarah Aldrich (Courtney Kanelos)18 %
Erin Hershey (Alison Barrington)37 %
Kelly Monaco (Livvie Reese)22 %
Marie Wilson (Karen Wexler Cates)20 %

Kiko Ellsworth (Jamal Woods)13 %
Erin Hershey (Alison Barrington)15 %
Thorsten Kaye (Ian Thornhart)60 %
Kelly Monaco (Livvie Reese)10 %

Younger Performer
Erin Hershey (Alison Barrington)36 %
Coltin James (Neil Kanelos)5 %
Kelly Monaco (Livvie Reese)25 %
Carly Schroeder (Serena Baldwin)32 %

Attractive Male
Kiko Ellsworth (Jamal Woods)17 %
Thorsten Kaye (Ian Thornhart)57 %
Jon Lindstrom (Kevin Collins)15 %
Nolan North (Chris Ramsey)9 %

Attractive Female
Erin Hershey (Alison Barrington)16 %
Lynn Herring (Lucy Coe)19 %
Julie Pinson (Eve Lambert)50 %
Marie Wilson (Karen Wexler Cates)13 %

Memorable Moment
Car Bomb: Ian's car explodes, presumably killing him and Eve.22 %
This Kiss: Ian and Eve share their first kiss.32 %
Spashdown: Hoping to end her life, Rachel jumps into icy water.13 %
Cliffhanger: A car carrying Julie and Christina flies over the edge of a cliff.30 %

Favorite Storyline
You Said It's My Child: Rachel tries to keep Kevin's role as Livvie's daughter a secret, and goes crazy doing so.24 %
Blue Dot Special: Mysterious blue dots start appearing on Port Charles residents.6 %
Baby Christina: Released from prison, Julia kidnaps her daughter, Christina, and disappears.29 %
Lock Up: After a car explosion, Ian and Eve are believed dead... but they're really being held hostage.39 %

Least Favorite Storyline
Blackmail/i>: Courtney plays anonymous informant to reveal that a Port Charles doctor was been exposed to HIV/AIDS.40 %
Blue Dot Special: Mysyerious blue dots start appearing on Port Charles residents.38 %
Baby Christina: Released from prison, Julia kidnaps her daughter, Christina, and disappears.10 %
You Said It's My Child: Rachel tries to keep Kevin's role as Livvie's daughter a secret, and goes crazy doing so.10 %

Favorite Character
Lucy Coe39 %
Kevin Collins16 %
Eve Lambert34 %
Jamal Woods9 %

Most Missed Performer
Kimberlin Brown (Rachel Locke)16 %
David Gail (ex-Joe Scanlon, #2)26 %
Lisa Ann Hadley (Julie Devlin Morris)35 %
Mitch Longley (Matt Harmon)21 %

Recurring or Special Role
Stuart Damon (Alan Quartermaine)31 %
Linda Dano (Rae Cummings)24 %
Ion Overman (Gabriela Garza)16 %
John J York (Mac Scorpio)26 %

Least Favorite Character
Courtney Kanelos53 %
Ian Thornhart4 %
Joe Scanlon20 %
Gabriela Garza20 %

Worst Moment
I Do: Kevin and Eve are married in a ceremony at the lighthouse.18 %
The Swap: David Gail is ousted as Joe Scanlon and replaced by Alex Mendoza.57 %
Kaboom!: A car bomb destroys Ians car and presumably kills both him and Eve.8 %
Bar Hopping: A drunken Eve gets on top of a bar counter and dances.16 %

Outstanding Overall Performer
Sarah Aldrich (Courtney Kanelos)1 %
Kimberlin Brown (Rachel Locke)2 %
Kiko Ellsworth (Jamal Woods)2 %
Lynn Herring (Lucy Coe)22 %
Lisa Ann Hadley (Julie Devlin Morris)3 %
Erin Hershey (Alison Barrington)3 %
Thorsten Kaye (Ian Thornhart)18 %
Jon Lindstrom (Kevin Collins)20 %
Alex Mendoza (Joe Scanlon)0 %
Kelly Monaco (Livvie Reese)0 %
Nolan North (Chris Ramsey)1 %
Jay Pickett (Frank Scanlon)0 %
Julie Pinson (Eve Lambert)14 %
Nicholas Pryor (Victor Collins)0 %
Kin Shriner (Scott Baldwin)4 %
Marie Wilson (Karen Wexler Cates)2 %


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