Thorsten Kaye-O'ed in Dankies
Posted Friday, February 16, 2001 1:54:00 PM
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It was expected that newcomer Thorsten Kaye (Ian Thornhart) would be a formidable threat to Port Charles veterans in this year's Port Charles Online Awards, also known as the Dankies. After all, the actor earned five Dankies nominations. The threat, however, never materialized as the veterans proved that they've still got what it takes.

Kaye's first nomination came in the Outstanding Leading Actor category. Though Kaye ran a very close second, Jon Lindstrom (Kevin Collins) was named the winner with 45% of the total vote falling in his favor.

An equally close battle was waged for the top female acting award. Lynn Herring (Lucy Coe) placed just ahead of Julie Pinson (Eve Lambert Collins).

Newcomer Kiko Ellsworth (Jamal Woods) took the honor of Outstanding Supporting Actor. Some viewers may remember that there was some criticism of the Port Charles executives over Ellsworth's appearance in the show's opening credits. Each main performer is shown in the opening along with their character's name. Ellsworth's character is the only one whose name appears in lowercase letters and a smaller type size.

Ellsworth's on-screen love interest, Erin Hershey (Alison Barrington), picked up an award of her own. Hershey was named Outstanding Supporting Actress. Kelly Monaco (Livvie Reese) placed second, Marie Wilson (Karen Wexler Cates) was third and Sarah Aldrich (Courtney Kanelos) finished fourth. None of the four nominees in this category earned less than 18% of the vote.

Thorsten Kaye did pick up a pair of awards. The first came for Outstanding Newcomer, beating out Hershey, Ellswoth and Monaco in a battle that was a virtual rout. Kaye picked up 60% of the vote compared to his nearest competitor's 15%. Kaye was also named the Most Attractive Male Performer on Port Charles.

Julie Pinson gathered 50% of the total vote to win the title of Most Attractive Female Performer.

A pair of recently departed performers picked up honors as well. Lisa Ann Hadley (Julie Devlin) was named Most Missed Performer while Sarah Aldrich's character, Courtney Kanelos, picked up the less-than-desirable distinction of Least Favorite Character. Both actresses had been nominated elsewhere in this year's Dankies. Hadley placed third in the Leading Actress field while Aldrich landed fourth in the Supporting Actress category.

In the Outstanding Overall Performer category, each of the nominees in the Outstanding Leading Actor and Actress and Outstanding Supporting Actor and Actress categories were placed in a single category. Voters were then asked to pick one of those performers that turned in the best overall performance in the past twelve months.

The contest for top performer was rather close --- more so than in any other soap's Dankies. Lynn Herring, Thorsten Kaye and Jon Lindstrom finished within less than twenty votes of one another. With the final vote cast, Herring came out on top, Lindstrom finished second and Kaye took third.


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