A New Chapter in PC's Book
Posted Sunday, December 03, 2000 10:22:16 PM
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Most soap operas unveil their big storylines during the crucial Sweeps ratings periods. Though Port Charles exploded --- literally --- during last month's November Sweeps, the big changes start this month.

As previously reported, Port Charles has undergone some radical changes within the past few months. Those changes include new head writers and a bold, new storyline format.

Beginning December 1st, Port Charles abandoned its typical ongoing storyline format, the same format used by other soaps past, present and possibly future. In its place the show will debut "12-week story arcs." In essence, storylines will begin, unfold and conclude in the course of these 3-month arcs. This story arc format is one currently used by popular primetime series because the format fits better into their television season.

The 12-week story arc formats will be presented in a "book" format, with each month of the arc being served up as a chapter. The first book has been given the name "Fate," and will follow the relationships of some of Port Charles' fan-favorite characters: Eve, Kevin, Lucy and Ian. The three "chapters" for the Fate storyline will be "Desire," January's "Deception," and "Destiny" in February.

Show executives are hoping that the new format and the publicity surrounding it will help rope in new viewers. Port Charles has seen its ratings tumble and the show is currently ranked last among all active soaps. The show is also hampered by the fact that not all ABC affiliates carry the program.

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