The Scoop on Port Charles
A sneak peek at what's ahead on Port Charles
For more than 70 years, soaps have made good use of the tagline "tune in tomorrow" to convince fans to keep coming back for the continuing saga of their favorite characters. It's worked so well that now many soap fans can't wait a full 23 hours for the action to continue. And don't get us started about the Friday cliffhangers!

That's why created The Scoop. In this section, we offer soap fans a sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on the show. The Scoop is not meant to be a replacement for tuning in every day. Instead, it's to whet your appetite and get you excited about what's coming up.

We also have a Two Scoops commentary column, where each week our columnists will share their thoughts and opinions about the previous week's show. Sometimes you may agree with what they have to say -- and other times you may wonder if you're watching the same show. Either way, we also want to hear what you have to say.

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