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Edward Albert
Bennett Devlin

Sarah Aldrich
Courtney Kanelos

Jed Allan
Ed Grant

Renee Allman
Danielle Ashley

George Alvarez
Detective Alex Garcia

Rachel Ames
Audrey Hardy

Opal Anchel
Arianna Shapour

Joy Bisco
Casey Leong
and Marissa Leong

Vanessa Branch
Paige Smith and Rebecca Barrington

Aimee Brooks
Samantha Norris

Kimberlin Brown
Rachel Locke

Susan Brown
Gail Baldwin

Alanna Boatright
Valerie Hollander

Ian Buchanan
Joshua Temple

David Buzzotta
Brad Masters

Jeffrey Byron
Dr. Boardman

Willie C. Carpenter
Tribal Chief

Patricia Crowley
Mary Scanlon

Adrian Cuffee

Tamara Davies
Amy Harris

Michael Easton
Caleb Morley

Jonathan Floyd

Denise Galik-Furey
Rhonda Wexler

Kiko Ellsworth
Jamal Woods

Beverly Garland

Brian Gaskill
Rafe Kovich

Lisa Ann Hadley
Julie Devlin-Morris

Jennifer Hammon
Karen Wexler

Maureen Hanley

Peter Hansen
Lee Baldwin

Lynn Herring
Lucy Coe

Colton James
Neil Kanelos

Anne Jeffreys
Amanda Barrington

Judith Jones

Thorsten Kaye
Ian Thornhart

Charles Keating
James Richfield

Jon Robert Lindstrom
Kevin Collins

Sal Lopez
Emilio Garza

Caitlyn Maggio
Christina Baldwin

Eddie Matos
Ricky Garza

Alex Mendoza
Joseph Scanlon

Kelly Monaco
Olivia "Livvie" Locke
and Tess

Debbi Morgan
Ellen Burgess

Nolan North
Chris Ramsey

Ion Overman
Gabriela Garza

Miriam Parris

Jay Pickett
Francis (Frank) Xavier Scanlon

Julie Pinson
Eve Lambert

Erin Hershey Presley
Alison Barrington

Brian Presley
Jack Ramsey

Nicholas Pryor
Victor Collins

Carly Schroeder
Serena Baldwin

Jean Bruce Scott

Kin Shriner
Scott Baldwin

Rebecca Staab
Elizabeth Barrington

Gary Anthony Sturgis
Casper "Caz" Morrison

Pamela Tyson

Eddie Velez
Detective Garcia

Robert D. Vito
Neil Kanelos

Pamela Warren
Doree Sullivan

Amanda Wilmshurst
Nurse Kim

Marie Wilson
Karen Wexler

Lauren Woodland

Ramy Zada

    PRODUCTION      TEAM    

Created by
Richard Culliton
Carolyn Culliton
Wendy Riche

Executive Producer
Wendy Riche (1997-1999)
Julie Hanan Carruthers (1999-2003)

Head Writers
Scott Hamner (Co-head writer 1997-1999; Head writer 1999-2000)
Jonathan Estrin (2000)
Karen Harris (2000)
James Harmon Brown (2000-2003)
Barbara Esensten (2000-2003)

Hope Harmel Smith

Mark Teschner

Produced by
ABC Daytime Productions, Inc.

Videotaped At
ABC Television Center (Hollywood, CA)

Show Premiere
June 1, 1997

Final Show
October 3rd, 2003

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