Vivian Wright
Actor History
Kearran Giovanni
Former neurosurgeon
Resides At
Llanview, Pennsylvania
Marital Status
Single/Never Been Married
Past Marriages
Flings & Affairs
Greg Evans (dated briefly, 2009)
Shaun Evans (dating, 2010 to Present)
Health and Vitals
Crimes Committed
  • None
Brief Character History

Dr. Vivian Wright was brought in to consult on Matthew Buchanan's medical case in June 2009 when Dr. Greg Evans was considering performing surgery on Matthew to try to restore the use of his legs following a car accident. Dr. Wright and Dr. Evans were more than just business colleagues, however, and began seeing each other soon after Greg arrived in Llanview.

Greg's brother Shaun Evans was dating Rachel Gannon, although Vivian instantly detected the sparks between Rachel and Greg. Vivian and Greg were on night shift together at the hospital when Shaun was brought into the hospital with serious gunshot wounds. Their skilled hands saved Shaun's life. Rachel soon broke up with Shaun, and Vivian encouraged Greg to pursue a relationship with Rachel even though she had first dated his brother.

In February 2010, Greg and Rachel were stunned to discover that Shaun and Vivian had begun dating after a chance meeting at a club in Philadelphia. Shaun's parents instantly accepted Vivian, irritating Rachel, who was on the outs with the Evans family for dumping Shaun to date Greg.

In August 2010, it was revealed that Vivian had changed her medical specialty from neurosurgery to obstetrics. Shaun liked the change, since it meant she didn't have to work alongside Greg, who had broken up with Rachel months earlier. Vivian was taken aback when two of her patients, twin sisters Jessica Brennan and Natalie Banks, privately revealed they were unsure who had fathered their unborn babies.

When Destiny's friend Matthew Buchanan suffered a serious head trauma in May 2011 and fell into a deep coma, Vivian detected that Destiny's concern went beyond friendship. After Destiny began exhibiting signs of pregnancy, Vivian confronted Destiny and got her to admit it. Vivian broke the news to Shaun, who was stunned because Destiny had told him that she and Matthew were just friends. Vivian explained to Destiny all of her options, and Destiny decided to get an abortion. But at the last minute, Destiny changed her mind when Matthew's mother Nora found out about the pregnancy and begged Destiny to keep the baby.

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