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Stacy Morasco
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Actor History

Presumed dead on February 16, 2010 when she fell though the ice on a frozen lake

In October 2011, it was revealed that Stacy did not die in 2010

Died on June 16, 2011, as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning [revealed on December 23,2011]

Taken off life support on June 29, 2011 [revealed on December 23, 2011]


Former Las Vegas stripper

Resides At

Anchorage, Kentucky [Aug 2011 to Present]

Formerly Rex Balsom's loft, Llanview, Pennsylvania

Formerly Schuyler Joplin's room at the Angel Square Hotel, Llanview, Pennsylvania

Formerly carriage house at Llanfair (1177 Regency Drive)

Formerly Las Vegas, Nevada

Marital Status

Single/Never Been Married

Past Marriages



    Gigi Morasco (sister; deceased)

    Shane Morasco (nephew)


    Unborn Child (miscarried; with Rex)

    Sierra Rose Morasco (daughter with Oliver; born Feb 11, 2010)

    Flings & Affairs

    Schuyler Joplin (pre-2009)

    Oliver Fish (one-night stand; Feb 2009)

    Schuyler Joplin (kissed; Apr 2009

    Rex Balsom(one-night stand, June 2009)

    Schuyler Joplin (kissed; Aug 2009)

    Oliver Fish (one-night stand; Aug 2009)

    Crimes Committed

    Theft/Breaking and entering; stole Gigi's dress and tickets to the Red Ball [Feb 2009]

    Drugged Rex Balsom and lied that he had come onto her [Mar 2009]

    Blackmailed Roxy Balsom into helping her pretend that bone marrow donated to Shane Morasco came from her [Apr 2009]

    Snuck into Llanview Country Club with Rex and ran up bill using false identity [May 2009]

    Smashed Gigi's car with a crowbar [Jul 2009]

    Drugged Schuyler in a failed attempt to sleep with him [Aug 2009]

    Stole vial of Mitch Laurence's blood from hospital to help her pass her baby as Rex's [Dece 2009]

    Health and Vitals

    Admitted to hospital after falling down flight of stairs [Jul 2009]

    Miscarried Rex's baby after getting in argument with Gigi [Aug 2009]

    Rendered comatosa after fallingWas in a comatose state from falling in a lake. [2010 - 2011]

    Had Plastic Surgery to look like her deceased sister, Gigi. [revealed in October 2011]

    Brief Character History

    Stacy was stripper in Las Vegas when she caught a glimpse of Gigi Morasco and Rex Balsom in a casino. Gigi and Rex were looking for David and Dorian in order to stop their wedding. Gigi and Rex failed in their endeavors and soon returned to Llanview. Stacy promptly quit her job and followed the lovebirds. Once in Llanview, Stacy spied on Gigi, Rex and Shane. When the opportunity presented itself, Stacy broke into the carriage house and found a ticket and sexy red dress for the Red Ball; Stacy helped herself to both and crashed the ball. To gain entrance to the ball, Stacy told the person at the door that her name was Gigi Morasco.

    When Gigi arrived home and found her dress and ticket missing, she decided to slip on a blue dress and head to the ball. When she gave her name at the door, she was denied entrance. Gigi was told that the real Gigi had already arrived with her ticket in hand. Determined to find Rex, Gigi stormed into the ball. Luckily Rex was close by and able to confirm that she was the real Gigi Morasco.

    Stacy stood nearby and watched. When Gigi spotted her, Gigi was stunned. Stacy was Gigi's younger sister. Stacy was forced to confess her little theft when Gigi recognized the dress that Stacy was wearing. Luckily, Gigi's joy at being reunited with her sister overshadowed her anger at the theft. As the two caught up, Stacy dropped the bombshell that their parents had died years earlier. Gigi was crushed because she had hoped to reconcile with them before her wedding to Rex.

    Almost from the start, Stacy seemed to covet what Gigi had, especially Rex. When Stacy couldn't immediately seduce Rex away, she turned her sights on police officer Oliver Fish whom she brought home to carriage house after the Red Ball. When the morning came, Stacy shooed Fish away before Rex and Gigi realized that he had spent the night on their living room floor with Stacy. Stacy soon forgot about Fish as she stepped up her seduction of Rex. Stacy used every opportunity available to undermine Gigi's relationship with Rex by planting doubt in Gigi's mind. She made sure Gigi saw her and Rex in compromising situations. Stacy also worked on Shane, showering him with attention and sharing stories about his mother's past that painted her in a less than flattering light.

    In March 2009, Stacy conspired to make sure Gigi Morasco had to work one night at Rodi's and arranged for Shane to sleep over at a friend's house. She then plied Rex with beers laced with drugs to make sure he would pass out, which he did. While Rex was out, Stacy admitted that she had always been in love with him since the first time she laid eyes on him. Stacy was a geeky high school freshman and Rex helped her retrieve her books when some kids shoved her down. She became smitten with him right away, and was stunned when her older sister Gigi started going out with Rex. Stacy was convinced that Rex belonged to her, since she had seen him first, and she was willing to do almost anything to make it happen. Stacy dragged a drugged-out Rex upstairs, took off his clothes and laid him in bed. She was lying on top of him just when Gigi came home, after having been in a car accident with Shane, and walked in to see her sister and boyfriend in bed together. Rex slowly came to and denied having done anything with Stacy, but Stacy lied to Gigi and said that Rex had gotten drunk and come onto her and forced himself on her. Gigi at first wasn't sure what to believe, but ultimately she sided with Rex and ordered Stacy to move out. Stacy wound up at the apartment of Schuyler Joplin, a former boyfriend from her Las Vegas days who she bumped into after coming to Llanview. Schuyler at first didn't want Stacy to move in, but she wouldn't take no for an answer and said it would only be temporary. Schuyler, a recovering drug addict, still was in love with Stacy, but she only had eyes for Rex.

    When Shane Morasco was diagnosed with leukemia, Stacy got tested along with the rest of the town. While she was getting tested, Roxy Balsom got a strange phone call and ran out. A curious Stacy followed Roxy to a private-care facility and overhead Roxy tell a seemingly comatose person that their grandson Shane was sick. Stacy quickly realized that the person in the bed was Rex's supposedly dead father. Roxy got a blood sample from the person so it could be tested as a possible match for Shane. When Stacy came face to face with the person, she was shocked by what she saw. She wrote down the patient's name so she could find out exactly why Roxy wanted to keep the truth from Rex. Stacy's hopes of being Shane's savior, and gaining favor with Rex, were dashed she learned from lab technician Kyle Lewis that she wasn't a match. But Stacy overheard Kyle tell Roxy that her friend was indeed a match. Stacy then blackmailed Roxy, saying she would expose the truth about Rex's father unless Roxy let everyone think that Stacy was the real donor. Roxy agreed, knowing that the truth about Rex's father would be devastating. Stacy went to Gigi and told her that she was a match, but that she wanted something in return - for Gigi to break up with Rex. Gigi at first balked, but reluctantly agreed after fearing that another donor wouldn't be found in time to save her son.

    Gigi arranged it so Rex walked in on her and Brody Lovett supposedly having sex, and then told Rex that she couldn't trust him anymore after finding him in bed with Stacy. Rex was stunned and pleaded with Gigi to change her mind - even proposing marriage to her - but Gigi kept up the lie to ensure her son would get his bone marrow donation. Stacy's plan seemed to work, as Rex was beyond grateful to learn that she was a match for Shane and would be donating her bone marrow. Schuyler, meanwhile, realized that Stacy was trying to win over Rex for herself. He tried to get Stacy to realize that she couldn't make Rex love her, and he admitted to Stacy that he was still in love with her. Schuyler drew Stacy in for a passionate kiss. But Stacy quickly retreated, saying things had gone bad between them before when Schuyler was on drugs and there was no guarantee that things would be any different if they got together again. But Stacy really was obsessed with Rex, and was willing to pass up a sure thing with Schuyler for a chance with Rex.

    Stacy was none too pleased when she had to have her blood drawn in order to keep up the pretense that she was the real donor. But Stacy and Roxy got Kyle Lewis to help them extract the bone marrow from the real donor, and then Roxy switched the donor's blood with Stacy's just before Michael McBain came and took the blood for Shane's transfusion. Stacy threw her bag of blood in the medical waste bin, just was Schuyler walked in. Schuyler, sensing that Stacy was up to no good, retrieved the discarded bag of blood. When Schuyler confronted Stacy with the bag of blood, she made up a lame story about the blood being a spare bag. Stacy was relieved when Rex didn't believe Schuyler's claims that Stacy wasn't Shane's real donor. After Schuyler kicked Stacy out of his apartment, she talked Rex into letting her move in with him. Rex and Stacy began to get closer, and Stacy even duped Rex into giving her $20,000 so she could pay back the money she stole from her old boss in Las Vegas. After seeing Shane perform in a community musical, Rex and Stacy snuck into the Llanview Country Club under assumed names and rang up a huge bill. When they got caught at the pool, they snuck into a bedroom at the club and began making out. Their session was interrupted by the club manager, who had them taken to the police station but agreed not to press charges as a favor to Bo. Bo chided Rex for fooling around with Stacy, when Gigi was the woman he really wanted to be with. When they were released, Stacy was hoping she and Rex would pick up where they had left off, but Rex told her he had work to do at Ultraviolet.

    Rex let Stacy teach a dance class to little girls at Ultraviolet, and after the first class, Rex showed up and told Stacy that he wanted to be with her. An ecstatic Stacy couldn't believe that her childhood fantasies were actually coming true, as she and Rex made love on the floor of the club. Afterwards, Stacy hoped to tell Gigi all about it but she ran into Schuyler instead and told him that she and Rex were now "roommates with benefits." Little did Stacy know that as she was talking to Schuyler, Gigi was telling Rex all about Stacy's plot to win Rex for herself by forcing Gigi to break up with him and pretending to be Shane's blood donor. An oblivious Stacy planned for a big night for her and Rex when a woman named Nurse Charles showed up at Rex's loft and presented Stacy with a bag of blood that came from Shane's real donor. Nurse Charles told Stacy that she should keep the blood safe, that it may come in handy if Shane ever were to need another transfusion. The nurse refused to tell Stacy who she was working for, but Stacy did as the nurse said and hid the blood out of sight from Rex, who unsuccessfully searched high and low for the blood.

    Stacy fell for Rex and Gigi's trap by going for the blood when it appeared that Shane had relapsed and needed a transfusion. When Stacy went to retrieve the bag of blood, which she had stashed in a cold-storage fur closet, Rex confronted her and told her he knew everything. Stacy refused to believe that Rex didn't love her and said she would give up the bag of blood if Rex would sleep with her, but Rex showed such disgust at the idea that Stacy eventually just gave Rex the blood and ordered him to get out. Clad only in her underwear, a bitter Stacy stole a fur coat from the storage room and headed over to the hospital, where she took a crowbar to Gigi's car and scrawled "bitch" on the hood. Gigi caught her in the act and the two got in a bitter altercation, which resulted in Stacy falling down a flight of stairs. Stacy was admitted to the hospital and was shocked when the nurse told her that she was pregnant. Stacy told Rex the news in front of a disbelieving Gigi, who was horrified to realize that Rex had lied to her about not sleeping with Stacy. Rex wanted to do right by Stacy and let her stay in his loft rent-free as he moved back in with Gigi, who warned Rex that Stacy would use the baby to drive a wedge between them.

    In August, Gigi went to Stacy and offered to give her $300 to have an abortion. After Stacy kicked her out, she doubled over in pain and called 911. When the paramedics arrived, they told a heartbroken Stacy that she had miscarried. Stacy refused to go to the hospital and instead called her friend Kim Andrews, a fellow exotic dancer in Las Vegas, who came to visit her. Stacy and Kim agreed that Stacy needed to get pregnant right away if she had any hope of fooling Rex, and they made a list of possible suitors. Stacy first attempted to get pregnant by seducing Kyle Lewis, but he told her he was gay. Then Stacy tried to make the moves on Oliver Fish, who turned her down because he was dating Layla. Finally she drugged Schuyler and was making out with him when he realized that she wasn't Gigi and said he couldn't go through with sleeping with her. She was about to admit to Rex and Gigi that she had lost the baby, but after Shane barged in and was rude to Stacy, Kim convinced her to keep quiet. Luckily, Stacy ran into Oliver at Rodi's right after he got into a bitter fight with Layla, who had just discovered that he was gay. Fish proceeded to get drunk and Stacy brought him back to Rex's loft, where the two had sex. The next morning, a horrified Fish rejected Stacy's attempt to have sex again and fled the apartment.

    After a pregnancy test came up negative, Stacy believed she was going to be found out when Rex came to take her to a doctor's appointment. But the doctor told Stacy and Kim that she was a few days pregnant, meaning she had conceived after having sex with Oliver. Stacy worried how she would convince Rex that the child was his, since she should be further along, but Kim said they would figure that out later. When Oliver learned Stacy was pregnant, he questioned whether the child was his, but Stacy assured him she was already pregnant when she had sex. When Stacy and Kim realized that Rex and Gigi were fighting over Gigi's friendship with Schuyler, they hatched a plan to break them up for good. Kim and Schuyler went on a date, which made Gigi extremely jealous, but Schuyler refused to go after Gigi when he realized he was being used by Stacy and Kim. Kim, meanwhile, confided in Stacy that she was going to go after one of the rich Buchanan men because she needed the cash if she was going to stay in town.

    Stacy began wearing a pregnancy pad to make it appear that she was further along with her pregnancy than she really was. Kim even gave her a ultrasound image of a fetus that was the right age so Stacy could pass it off as her own. Stacy gave the image to Gigi, who was distressed to realize that the baby was real. Schuyler walked in on Stacy adjusting a pregnancy pad and accused Stacy of faking her pregnancy. Kim told Schuyler that Stacy had lost Rex's baby but then got pregnant by him. Stacy then admitted that she had drugged Schuyler and said she lied when she told him that they never had sex. Schuyler was going to tell Rex that the baby wasn't his, but then Kim and Stacy convinced him that Gigi would never give him the time of day if she learned that Schuyler had slept with Stacy and gotten her pregnant. Schuyler reluctantly agreed not to tell Gigi or Rex the truth.

    Rex told Stacy that his father was the notorious Mitch Laurence and was alive, and warned her that Mitch could come after her because she was carrying his unborn grandchild. Stacy flashed back to when she first laid eyes on Rex's father at the Boutet Clinic, and later told Kim that she had information on Mitch that would come in handy some day. Stacy also managed to steal a vial of Mitch's blood and stashed it in a fake can in the refrigerator, confiding in Kim that she planned to use the blood to prove that her baby was Rex's when the time came for a paternity test. Stacy visited Mitch in the hospital and he offered her a life with Rex in exchange for her baby, which he wanted to raise as an heir who would carry on Mitch's evangelical work. Stacy considered the offer but later told Mitch that he couldn't have her baby, because she had grown too attached to it. Mitch's minion, Nurse Charles, showed up at the loft and tried to drug Stacy, but Stacy stabbed the nurse with the needle instead. Mitch showed up and told Stacy he planned to take her somewhere to await the birth of the baby, at which point he would no longer have a use for her. A terrified Stacy told Mitch that the baby wasn't Rex's, but Mitch didn't believe her. Mitch and a revived Nurse Charles were about to whisk Stacy away when Rex showed up, forcing Mitch to retreat. Rex told Stacy that he and Gigi had broken up and said he would move back into the loft to protect Stacy and the baby.

    After Schuyler walked in on Stacy adjusting a pregnancy pad, which she was wearing so it would appear she was further along with her pregnancy than she really was, he accused Stacy of faking her pregnancy. Kim told Schuyler that Stacy had lost Rex's baby but then got pregnant by him. Stacy then admitted that she had drugged Schuyler and said she lied when she told him that they never had sex. Schuyler was going to tell Rex that the baby wasn't his, but then Kim and Stacy convinced him that Gigi would never give him the time of day if she learned that Schuyler had slept with Stacy and gotten her pregnant. When Kyle Lewis walked into a hospital room and overheard Schuyler arguing with Stacy about her unborn baby being his and not Rex's, Stacy and Schuyler convinced Kyle not to say anything to Rex since he would be breaking patient-doctor confidentiality. After Rex hired Oliver to look after Stacy and her unborn baby, who were being threatened by Rex's evil father Mitch Laurence, Oliver confided in Kyle that he and Stacy had made love. Kyle told a stunned Oliver that he could be the father of Stacy's baby, since she had lost Rex's baby and gotten pregnant around the same time they had sex. Kyle and Oliver confronted Stacy and her pal Kim, but they denied that Oliver was the baby's father and stuck to the lie that Schuyler was the daddy.

    Stacy realized that she couldn't go off to have her baby early and then pass it off as Rex's, as she had planned, because she was being watched 24-7. Kim discovered there was a drug called Oxytocin that would induce labor, and she and Stacy convinced Schuyler to steal the drug from the hospital and administer it to Stacy so she could deliver the baby a month ahead of schedule. Rex and Stacy made out their wills to ensure their baby would be cared for if anything happened to them. Stacy convinced Kim to be the guardian of her baby if she died, but when Schuyler learned this he insisted that he be named as the guardian. Stacy put down his name in exchange for receiving the drug she needed to induce labor.

    Stacy faked her water breaking even earlier than she had planned after she and Rex shared a kiss and Stacy decided to jump while the iron was hot. But when she arrived at the hospital, Schuyler refused to administer the drug and destroyed it. Meanwhile, Dorian had hatched a plan to kidnap Stacy and use her as leverage so draw Mitch out of hiding long enough so Charlie Banks could kill him. Dorian convinced Stacy to leave the hospital with her, but in the parking lot Nurse Charles jumped Stacy and drove off with her. Stacy was taken to an old geological observatory on Llantano Mountain, where Mitch was waiting for her with his daughter Jessica, who was in a zombie-like trance after Mitch gave her electroshock therapy. A terrified Stacy told Mitch that her baby wasn't his grandchild, and Nurse Charles confirmed that Stacy wasn't due for another month. Mitch threw Stacy out of the observatory, and Stacy stumbled through a blizzard before collapsing in the snow. Gigi happened to find Stacy and took her to Viki's cabin, where Stacy proceeded to go into labor for real. Gigi delivered the baby, and Stacy and Gigi bonded for the first time since they were girls. When the baby girl appeared to be ill, Gigi took the baby and headed out for the main road to get to the hospital. Tired of waiting, Stacy decided to go after them and ended up falling through a sheet of ice into the freezing water. Rex jumped in to pull her out but it was too late: Stacy was gone.

    Kim went to a hospital and looked in on a mysterious patient who was eventually revealed to be Stacy. Kim's wayward brother, Cutter Wentworth, later followed Kim to the hospital and was stunned to see that the woman in the bed looked exactly like Gigi. Kim explained that the woman in the bed was Stacy, who had survived her fall into a frozen lake more than a year ago and launched a plan to win back Rex by switching places with Gigi. Stacy had plastic surgery to look exactly like Gigi and intended to switch places with Gigi on her wedding day, but fell victim to the same carbon monoxide leak that killed Gigi. Kim had rescued Stacy and took her to Kentucky, where she remained in a coma. But it was later discovered that it had been Stacy who was killed and Stacy had survived.

    In 2012, the spirits of Stacy and Eddie Ford arrived to accompany the recently deceased Mitch Laurence to hell. 

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