Guy Armitage
Actor History
Simon Jones
March 28, 1997 to June 1997; recurring
Died in 1997
Cause of Death
Died when his yacht exploded
Former Occupation
Billionaire and owner of Armitage Enterprises
Former Residence
Marital Status at Death
Past Marriages
Eleanor Armitage (deceased)
Flings & Affairs
Crimes Committed
  • None
Brief Character History

Guy Armitage came to Llanview to reprimand his son, Ian Armitage, for screwing up a business deal. Guy ended up staying in town for a while and bought a local radio station from Asa Buchanan, right under the noses of Max Holden and Ian, who had decided to go into partnership and buy the station.

As part of his plot to get revenge on Patrick Thornhart, Todd Manning interviewed Guy and got him to make inflammatory right-wing statements to anger Patrick. This was not hard to do since Guy was a very unlikeable and bigoted man, especially regarding the Irish. Patrick is angered by the statements and gets into a public brawl with Guy at the Palace Hotel. Using this brawl as further proof against Patrick, Todd proceeds to place a bomb aboard Guy's yacht and plants evidence to implicate Patrick. Unfortunately for Guy, he unexpectedly returned to the yacht and was killed when the bomb went off. As Guy lay dying, he tried to reveal his murderer by whispering "Sun" (meaning Todd's newspaper), but it was taken to be "son" and Ian was first suspected in Guy's death until the evidence pointed to Patrick as the bomber. Eventually, Patrick was also cleared and the murder of Guy Armitage remains unsolved, at least to the Llanview police.

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