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Monday, May 19, 2008

The Bride Wore Boxing Gloves

As Todd attempted to strike Cole, he pushed Starr, who lost her balance and tumbled down a flight of stairs. While Blair and John aided an unconscious Starr, Todd attacked Cole and accused him of hurting Starr. John came to an injured Cole's defense, and called medical assistance for both Starr and Cole. After assaulting Cole, Todd attempted to check on Starr. An irate Blair told him to stay away from Starr.

Starr and Cole were brought to a Virginia Beach hospital by ambulance. Blair, Todd, and John were all present. Starr, who was in and out of consciousness, awoke and began inquiring about Cole. A frustrated Todd scoffed. As John looked on, Blair and Todd argued. While Todd refused to accept blame for Starr's condition, Blair faulted Todd. She told him that he was the reason Starr was hospitalized, and demanded that he disappear. Minutes later, Cole appeared in the waiting area and called out for Starr. The nurse informed Blair and John that both Starr and Cole appeared to have mild concussions. Upon learning Starr was fine, Blair entered Starr's room and Todd followed. After Todd began upsetting Starr, Blair threw him out of the room. Blair convinced a distraught Starr that Cole would be fine, and promised to keep Todd away from Starr and Cole. Starr told her mother that she couldn't "do this" without Cole. Blair asked her daughter what she couldn't do without Cole. Meanwhile, John paid Cole a visit in his hospital room. John encouraged Cole to be honest with him concerning Starr's condition. After Cole refused to offer John any information, John showed Cole the pregnancy pamphlet that he had found in the boarding room. Cole admitted that Starr was pregnant, and told John that they ran away because Todd would have killed them both had he ever found out.

As Todd stood outside the room, a nurse handed a folder to a hospital staff member and stated that it contained Starr Manning's test results. Observing the test results unattended, Todd opened the folder and began reading the file. As a nurse approached, Todd handed the file to her and asked her to explain Starr's condition to him. Meanwhile inside Starr's room, the doctor told Blair that Starr's test results were normal and that she would be released soon. Curious about the doctor's findings, Starr asked Blair for a moment alone with the doctor. Relieved that Starr would be fine, Blair agreed. As Blair prepared to exit the room, the doctor stated, "Starr and her baby are going to be fine." In shock, Blair stared at Starr.

At the Buchanan mansion, a half-dressed David threatened to expose Jared's scam to the Buchanans, unless Jared provided him with a large sum of money. Hoping to persuade David to leave the mansion before Clint arrived, Jared encouraged David to get dressed and attend Adriana and Rex's wedding ceremony. David declined, and stated that his only desire was to receive a substantial settlement for his silence. David promised to leave town after receiving the money. Jared agreed to pay off David, but asked for more time. Nigel interrupted the meeting, and was surprised to learn from David that Jared promised him a substantial amount of money. Alone with Nigel, Jared informed him of David's blackmail scheme. David knew Jared wasn't a Buchanan and was aware of Jared's romantic involvement with Natalie, but had no idea that he himself was actually the true Buchanan heir. Disgusted with Jared and Natalie's lack of discretion, Nigel blamed Jared for allowing the secret to be exposed and ruining Asa's legacy. Jared told Nigel that he planned to reveal the truth to the Buchanans, and ruin David's blackmailing attempts. Nigel was skeptical that David would back off, and believed David would eventually learn that he was the long-lost Buchanan heir.

As Jared and Nigel argued, they were interrupted by Clint and Nora's arrival. Upset and surprised to find David in the mansion, Nora and Clint demanded to know why he was there. As Jared tried nervously to explain David's presence, David made it difficult. David informed Nora and Clint that Jared had asked him to stay at the mansion. Nora and Clint informed Jared that David wasn't welcome and demanded that he leave immediately. David agreed to go, but insisted that he reveal why he had come to the mansion before he left. While Nora and Clint listened intently, Jared began to panic. Before David could divulge Jared's secret, Nigel entered the room with news concerning Starr and Cole. Concerned for the kids, Clint and Nora left to call John and find out why the kids were hospitalized, leaving Jared more time to deal with David's demands. Later, Jared informed David that he needed more time to get the money. As David advised Jared to discover a way to convince Nora and Clint to allow him to stay at the mansion, Jared agreed-then suddenly hit David over the head knocking him unconscious.

At the church, Gigi stood up to speak as the priest asked if anyone had any objections to Rex and Adriana being joined in marriage. Although a pained look crossed Adriana's face, Dorian appeared delighted. Gigi became embarrassed and stated that she really had nothing to say. After the priest urged her to speak up, Gigi made up an excuse. She said that she wanted everyone to know what a great guy Rex was, and informed the guests of Rex's heroic actions in helping Shane during his asthma attack. Upset with Gigi's lack of cooperation, Dorian stood up and demanded to know why Gigi interrupted the wedding with such nonsense. Realizing his mother had more to say, Shane encouraged Gigi to say what was really on her mind. Taking Shane's advice, Gigi revealed to Rex, in front of everyone, that she was in love with him.

A nervous Rex attempted to prevent Adriana from heading down the aisle and facing off with Gigi, but couldn't. As everyone watched, Adriana berated Gigi for waiting until her wedding day to reveal her feelings for Rex. Gigi tried to apologize, but Adriana balled up her fist and punched Gigi in the face. Shane threatened to kill Adriana if she ever touched his mother again. Marcie comforted Shane, while Adriana lashed out at Gigi. Adriana informed Gigi that her scheme didn't work because the day belonged to her and Rex. Gigi apologized and ran off with Marcie following close behind. Charlie and Viki tended to Shane. Rex and Adriana excused themselves and the wedding was temporarily put on hold.

As everyone awaited the continuation of the wedding, the guests became restless. Lindsay approached Dorian and accused her of enticing Gigi to interrupt the wedding. Dorian asked Lindsay how she felt when her daughter, Jen, married Rex years ago. Lindsay was left speechless. Later, Viki informed Dorian that David was in town to congratulate Adriana on her wedding, but received a hostile response from Dorian. Dorian accused Viki of being happy that her friend Gigi tried to ruin Adriana's wedding. As Charlie stood nearby, Dorian lashed out at Viki. Dorian stated, "There may be someone in your life who isn't quite who they say they are!" A look of guilt crossed Charlie's face as he listened to Dorian rant.

In another room in the church, Gigi expressed her humiliation over revealing her feelings for Rex in front of everyone. Marcie told Gigi that she did the right thing, and asked her when she intended to tell Rex the truth about Shane. Gigi believed that she had told too many lies concerning Shane's paternity, and that it was too late to reveal the truth. Marcie begged Gigi to tell Rex the truth before he married Adriana. In a nearby room, Adriana and Rex discussed Gigi's actions. When Adriana accused Gigi of ruining the wedding, Rex appeared to defend Gigi. A frustrated Adriana asked Rex if he were in love with Gigi. Rex sadly informed Adriana that he wasn't sure of his feelings for Gigi. Adriana told Rex that she always sensed the connection he shared with Gigi. Adriana asked Rex if he still loved her. Rex stated that he did, and Adriana claimed that was all that mattered. Rex wondered if she still wanted to get married.

As Gigi returned to the chapel to take Shane home, Rex and Adriana entered. When Rex stated that he had an announcement to make, Gigi appeared hopeful. Adriana smiled as Rex announced that the wedding was still going to take place. Dorian smirked to herself. Gigi apologized but said that she had something to tell Rex before she left. As Gigi prepared to tell Rex the truth, Shane looked across the room and screamed, "Dad!" Dressed in his military uniform, Brody stood in the doorway. Shane leaped into Brody's arms, and Brody embraced the child. Gigi nearly fainted.