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Monday, February 5, 2007

After falling from a ladder and bumping his head, Nash has a vision of Tess who is angry with him for falling for Jessica. Nash tries to convince Tess that his love for Jessica does not in any way diminish what he felt for her. Tess tells Nash that she wants him to be happy and could deal with him being with anyone but Jessica. She also reminds him of all the people who will be hurt by his feelings for Jessica. Nash accuses Tess of not wanting him to be happy. When he tells her that he loves her, Jessica appears and asks him if he loves her more than he loved Tess. Nash covers for his outburst and then wonders why Jessica has come to visit. She reveals to him that she went down to the station to tell Antonio about their kiss but took it as a sign that she shouldn't when Antonio got called out on an investigation. They agree to keep their kiss in the steam room their little secret.

Evangeline is hot under the collar when she shares her news with Cris that Nora does not want Evangeline to be seen with Cris while the arson's are being investigated. After sharing her feelings that Nora shouldn't be able to tell her who she can and cannot be seen with, Cris surprises her when he tells her that he agree with Nora. Cris tries to convince Evangeline that it wouldn't be good for their relationship if they continue to see each other under these circumstances. Evangeline disagrees with Cris saying that she wants everyone to know that she believes in Cris' innocence. Cris tells her that she can say that now because she is still collecting a paycheck. Evangeline angrily storms out of Cris' loft.

When Cole and Starr get caught in the park together, Blair goes off on Marty. She demands that Marty keep her son away from Starr and tells Starr to stay away from Cole. Blair screams at Marty for getting Spencer off which lead to the death of her unborn son and the demise of her relationship with Todd. Blair reveals that she turned down Todd's proposal and that she and the children will now be staying at Dorian's. Starr and Cole leave the park with Starr heading to Dorian's with Langston. While Langston is marveling at Dorian's huge place and servants, Starr is angry with her mother for making the decision to not marry her father. Back in the park, Blair blames Marty for bringing bad things to her and Todd every time their paths cross. Marty defends herself but it falls on deaf ears as Blair issues another warning about Cole staying away from her daughter. When Marty and Cole return home, Marty tells Cole that they will both find the happiness they deserve as long as they stay far away from the Manning's.

As John prepares to answer Bo's question about whether John killed Spencer, Natalie tries to jump in with an alibi for John. John comes clean with Bo and tells him that he was at the hospital the night Spencer was killed but he swears to him that he did not kill Spencer. A disbelieving Natalie storms out of Bo's office when it appears that Bo is going to allow John on the investigative team. Bo wonders why Natalie is so convinced that John killed Spencer and John tells him that it's her problem. Bo decides to allow John on the case as part of the team and not the lead since Bo has decided to take the lead for now. Bo advised John to get plenty of rest since they are going to be putting in long hours. He also advises John to go home and try to resolve things with Natalie.

After John leaves, Evangeline visits Bo and tries to get information regarding the arson investigation. When Bo wonders what Evangeline really wants to know, Evangeline confesses that she wants to know if they have another suspect since Nora has said that she should not be seen with Cris while the evidence is pointing to him. Bo also agrees with Nora's suggestion but they conversation is interrupted by a phone call letting him know that a suspect has been arrested in the arson investigation. Evangeline is stunned when Cris is lead into the station in handcuffs.