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Monday, August 14, 2006

Nash stops by for his planned visit with Brennan. A distracted Jessica gives Nash grief at first but then backs off when he reminds her that he planned the visit in advance. He plays with Brennan for a minute before sensing that something is not right with Jessica. When Nash inquires as to what's wrong, Jessica reveals that she is starting to have memories about her time with Leeds after reading Tess' journal. Jessica believes that she may not be strong enough to deal with what's happening but Nash tells her that she is already dealing with it which makes her stronger than she thinks. When Nash suggests that Jessica let Tess take over to deal with things, Jessica becomes angry and throws Nash out; accusing him of trying to lure Tess out. Nash leaves but then returns telling Jessica that he is taking her to where she can get some help. Before they leave, Nash calls Antonio and tells him to meet them at the hospital where Nash has arranged for Jessica to speak with Dr. Jamison. Claudia tries to give Nash a shoulder to lean on but Nash politely sends her away.

Antonio goes to Bo and after discussing the incident at the club where he saved Claudia, he talks to Bo about getting his badge back. Antonio explains to Bo that although there is nothing that he can do to help Jessica since it is too late, he feel that he can help other children from being exploited by sexual predators. Bo reminds Antonio that the police force does not have a revolving door. Antonio acknowledges that he made a mistake by leaving the force in the first place but he is ready to get his badge back and get back into doing what he loves. Bo gives Antonio his badge back and welcomes him back to the PD. As he is leaving Bo's office, Antonio receives a call from Nash asking him to meet him and Jessica at the hospital. Antonio arrives and escorts Jessica to her appointment with Dr. Jamison as Nash looks on.

Adriana come to and finds herself tied up in her abductor's car. She begins to remember running away from Rex, getting a ride from a stranger who reveals to her right before she passes out that it was him and not Rex who was stalking her. Adriana begins to panic and tries to escape only to have her attempt thwarted by her abductor. Adriana kicks Bruce which only succeeds in making him mad. He pulls her out of the backseat and puts her in the passenger seat before making a call and leaving a message for the person on the other end for them to get back to him as soon as possible.

Rex finds Dorian and demands to know where Adriana is. Dorian asks Rex why she should tell him anything since Adriana ran away from him for a reason. Rex admits that through a misunderstanding, Adriana believed him to be the stalker and that's why she ran from him. When Dorian seems unfazed with Adriana's disappearance, Rex becomes suspicious. He accuses Dorian of setting him up and making Adriana believe that she had a stalker to keep her away from Rex. Dorian admits to nothing but Rex already knows the deal and reminds Dorian that Adriana is out there with no cell phone, money, or anything and could seriously be in trouble now. Dorian orders Rex to leave her office and to leave the Adriana's well being to her. After Rex departs Dorian calls Bruce back only to be told that the deal has changed before begin hung up on. Adriana asks Bruce who he was talking to and he tells her that she will find out soon.

Todd and Blair discuss in the hospital corridor Starr's condition and whether or not they can pretend that they are still engaged for Starr's sake. Todd doesn't believe that he can pretend to still be in love with Blair just as he doesn't believe that Blair can convince Starr that she is still in love with Todd with Spencer lurking around. Blair tells Todd that due to Starr's condition, she can't be upset and she will do whatever it takes to help her recover. They both agree that for the time being until they have the test results back, they will pretend to still be in love. When Blair makes a comment about the kiss that she and Todd just shared, Spencer walks up as if on cue.

While Todd accompanies Starr to her CT scan Spencer asks Blair to be straight with him and tell him if she is planning on leaving him for Todd. Blair does her best to convince Spencer that she loves him and is only pretending to be in love with Todd because of Starr's condition. She finally manages to convince Spencer that she loves him only to have Todd and Starr return while Spencer is caressing her hair. Todd takes Blair back into the hallway and blasts her for her display of affection with Spencer after having just said that she would keep up the charade with Todd. He accuses her of being thoughtless and selfish. With her parents in the hall arguing, Starr reveals to her friend that she is faking her amnesia.

John is worried that the picture that Blair took of a younger Spencer with the gun that may have killed his father will not be enough evidence to get a search warrant for Spencer's place. John believes that Spencer hid the gun in a safety deposit box that he got in his father's name. While discussing with John whether or not the picture Blair took of Spencer and his father with the gun is enough to get a search warrant, Natalie reveals that she is on the verge of flunking out of the forensics program. She tells John that she didn't do so well on her exams because she doesn't understand some of the material. John tries to help her by going over some of the material with her. He asks her why she didn't tell him what was going on. Natalie tells John that she wanted to handle the situation on her own. When the call comes in that a search warrant will not be issued, Natalie tries to convince John that Blair is the only one who can get the key to the deposit box and that even though it is dangerous he should ask her since Blair is determined to bring Spencer down with or without police help.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Marcie is afraid that Michael will not be happy when he finds out that she snapped pictures of Tommy's foster parents at the bar with him drinking beer and sent them to Child Protective Services to have Tommy's foster parents investigated. Lindsay doesn't think that Michael will be upset given the circumstances and agrees to lend Marcie support when she comes clean to Michael. Michael shows up and Marcie hesitantly shows him the pictures she took and tells him that she turned the foster parents in. Michael is mortified and agrees with the action Marcie took. Marcie receives a call from Ms. Dixon at CPS who informs Marcie that Tommy will be removed from the home he is in. A grateful Marcie worries about the suitability of the next set of foster parents Tommy is placed with. Michael assures Marcie that Tommy's next set of foster parents will be the best parents he could ever have since he has decided that they should be Tommy's foster parents.

Nora and R.J. are out in Angel Square working on Nora's therapy. When R.J. makes a comment about their friendship Nora asks him how things are going with Lindsay. R.J. confesses that Lindsay has been a little cool since he and Nora shared that kiss at the hospital. Nora reminds him that they both agreed that it was a friendly kiss and then wonders how Lindsay would even know that they shared a kiss. R.J. agrees and then helps Nora take a few steps in the square. When she stumbles and falls into R.J.'s arms, Lindsay walks up and accuses Nora of going after every man that she has been interested in (Sam, Bo, Troy, etc.). Nora insists that she and R.J. are only friends but Lindsay is appalled especially since this almost kiss was in public as opposed to the one they shared at the hospital. Nora asks R.J. to take her home however Lindsay insists on escorting Nora home herself. Lindsay asks R.J. to at least give her the dignity of the telling her that he is on the verge of ending their relationship before she wildly wheels Nora off.

Rex goes to Natalie with his suspicions that Dorian set him and made him look like the stalker in front of Adriana which caused her to clock him over the head with a lamp and take off. Natalie doesn't buy it but Rex is convinced that Mommie Dearest is capable of everything he is accusing her of and now Adriana could be in real trouble because of it. Natalie doesn't believe that Adriana could think Rex capable of stalking her and asks Rex what proof she had that convinced her that the man who has done everything possible was not worthy of her trust. Rex tells Natalie about the emails that Adriana discovered and how she caught him talking to the hooded guy. Natalie feels that Adriana apparently didn't need much to turn on Rex but Rex tries to convince Natalie that fear pushed Adriana to do what she did and Natalie would have thought the same thing if she were in that situation. Natalie tells Rex that there is no way she would ever believe that John would stalk her no matter what the evidence said and that Adriana's lack of faith in Rex should give him cause to be concerned. An exasperated Rex leaves the station to find Adriana on his own. Once alone he thinks about the time Adriana told him that she trusted him and is convinced that Natalie is wrong.

Right outside of Starr's room, John asks Blair to help him find the key to the safety deposit box that Spencer has in his father's name. Blair refuses to help him now that Starr is in the hospital and still having tests run. She wonders why John even believes that Spencer still has the incriminating gun. John feels that since his father gave him the gun, it will have sentimental value to Spencer. Blair agrees to help John after Starr gets the all clear from her doctors.

Meanwhile Starr is in her room telling Langston how she is faking her amnesia as a scheme to get her parents back together. Unfortunately, Spencer walks in and asks to speak with Starr alone. He asks her how she is doing and then tells her that the tests show that she is all right. He warns her that he is going to do everything possible to get to the bottom of her mysterious illness. When Blair comes back into the room, Starr asks her to keep Spencer away from her. Todd also returns and Starr questions when they will be able to go home to the penthouse as a family.

Bo enlists Renee's help with returning the photo Blair took from Spencer's desk drawer. She agrees to return the photo where it belongs but tells Bo that he needs to stay in the hall since he is not authorized to be in Spencer's apartment. While Bo is waiting for Renee outside, Spencer walks up and wonders with the newly reinstated police commissioner is doing outside his room. Renee walks out and covers by saying that Spencer's faucet sprung a leak and that she had to check it out and instructed Bo that she could not let him into Spencer's penthouse. Spencer is suspicious and wonders out loud about the leak when Renee and Bo try to leave. The maintenance man comes out of Spencer's apartment with a mop and bucket informing them that everything has been taken care of. Renee and Bo take their leave.

Nash runs into Todd at the hospital and asks him why he is there. Todd shares with him what happened to Starr and Nash tells him how he brought Jessica there to see Dr. Jamison but now Antonio is there with her. Nash tries to compare himself to Todd while trying to convince Todd that he is concerned about Jessica. Todd tells Nash that he will help Jessica just as Antonio walks in with Jessica. Antonio informs Todd that Jessica doesn't need his help since he is looking out for Jessica. Antonio goes on to get into an argument with Nash when he asks how Jessica's session with Dr. Jamison went. Jessica sends Nash away and tells Antonio that she is tired of his fighting with Nash and that it doesn't help the situation. Antonio apologizes and agrees to try harder to avoid confrontations with Nash. He also tells her how he talked with Bo about getting his badge back so he can get back to doing what he loves. Jessica tells him that she will not stand in his way and if it makes him happy then he should do it.

Bruce makes it clear to Adriana that he is not happy with her attempts to get away from him. After drugging her again, he makes a call to Dorian who wonders why he hung up on her that last time they spoke. Bruce tells her that it must have been a bad connection and goes over with her all the things he did to make it look like Rex was stalking Adriana. Dorian wonders where Adriana disappeared to but Bruce tells her that it's not his problem. He then goes on to tell Dorian that if she does not come up with some money then he will reveal to everyone that she was behind Adriana's stalking.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Jess is bummed over Antonio's wanting to return to the police force but she wants him to be happy. Having a poor night's sleep due to the baby being up further makes her grumpy as well as not wanting to be tied down in the apartment any longer. When Nash arrives to visit the baby, she agrees to accompany them to the park. He tries to pin her unhappiness on Antonio but she won't hear of it. She's afraid of raising the baby alone if something happens to Antonio she tells him. That'll never happen, he reassures her. She'd like to learn about Tess, which startles Nash. She won't turn into her, Jess insists, but she's started to have Tess' memories. Jess' confessions are important to Nash and he advises her that he'd like to remain in town for the baby.

Todd gets Evangeline home from the hospital and they are surprised when Layla greets them, followed by Vincent who walks out of the bedroom behind her. Evangeline expresses her extreme annoyance though they deny having slept together; Vincent was helping with computer problems. Vange finds it difficult to believe it's something he learned in college, though Todd assures her that it's true. Furthermore, he suggests she not be annoyed or miserable any longer, after going through what she did. She will only push Layla away besides. He asks her to attend the hospital bash with him and he even has two extra tickets, for Layla and Vincent. He knows she's seeing Cris and though she wanted to surprise him with her arrival home, she agrees to go. She thinks he wants to go with her to impress Blair and Spencer. He tells her to wear something sexy. He also mentions that Vincent might not be so bad, considering that Cris has even killed a man and he himself is evil. She apologizes to the pair. Todd mentions that he used to live in Atlantic City as Walker Flynn and asks Vincent to help him with getting information on Spencer. The speculator, as he calls himself, is reluctant but since Todd smoothed things over with Evangeline, he agrees that he owes him one.

Kelly is arrested but finds out it was bogus; Hugh ordered it because he knew she was planning on leaving town. She is angry as she had the momentum going and was actually on the way to the airport. Antonio, in Bo's office working on his return to the force, inquires about the opening in vice. He wants to hunt down more of the child pornographers around and has a lead on Norman Leeds' previous address. Though Bo warns him that he can't use the job for a personal vendetta, does some research and learns of other sex offenders living in close proximity to that address. Antonio wants to do some unofficial digging; Bo emphasizes that he wants things done by the book. He wants to protect his daughters and Jess and recover any tapes that might still be around. Hearing Kelly and Hugh arguing, Antonio offers to talk to Kelly when Hugh is unable to convince her to stay in Llanview. She explains her feelings and how everyone will know and talk about her and the baby. He tells her that because people do things they regret at times, it doesn't make them bad. He offers his help in the future. She appreciates this but acknowledges that she has to leave. When Kevin shows up and wonders what's going on, she informs her of her imminent departure. He also tries to get her to stay to no avail. Leaving the police station, Antonio spots Jess and Nash fawning over baby Bree.

Spencer purchases an engagement ring for Blair.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Todd arrived early at Evangeline's to take her to the gala. Vangie was still in her robe. A moment later Cristian showed up at her door and told Evangeline he wanted to take her to the gala. Evangeline said she would go with both men. Todd walked off to take a phone call from Starr, and Cristian expressed dismay at having to spend time with Todd. Evangeline said Todd will always be her friend. "He wants more than friendship, Evangeline," Cristian said. Evangeline said that no matter what, Todd is still in love with Blair and that he only wants to bring her to the gala to make her jealous. She also reminded Cristian that Todd is quite aware of the fact that she has a boyfriend and alluded to she and Cristian having some romantic fun after the gala.

Antonio walked up to Nash and Jessica and told Jess that his cop duties will be working on busting up the local child porn rings. "Anyone who uses kids that way should pay the price," Antonio said. He took a call and said he had to leave. Nash told Jessica he was not getting rid of the vineyard, but that he also wants to stay in Llanview, close to his daughter. When Jessica went to get the car, Nash told Brennan not to worry, that Tess would come back.

Antonio questioned some old guy about a past association he had delivering envelopes for Norman Leeds. He got a bunch of names of people to whom he would deliver the packages. The guy said the envelopes contained video tapes labeled with girls' names, like "Rose, Donna, Tess."

John gave Blair a photo of the safety deposit box key and wished her luck finding it in Spencer's suite. He told her, however, that because it is an illegal search, even if they do uncover the gun it won't be admissible in court. Blair went up to the suite but Spencer was already inside. He went in for a little sugar, and Blair pushed him off. Spencer asked why she was so on edge, but Blair changed the subject. Spencer promised a very special surprise for Blair at the gala. Spencer went to fix his tie in the bathroom and Blair spotted Spencer's key ring. He came back before she could grab it. She made up several more excuses to get Spencer to leave her alone, and finally she had enough time to remove the key from the ring. As they were leaving for the gala, Spencer left Blair in the hall and went back into the suite to make a quick call to his bank to see if he could drop by right away and pick something up from his safety deposit box.

John asked Natalie to join him at the gala so that they could get Spencer's key from Blair. Natalie went to talk to Renee about the seating arrangements for the event and asked about the exits. John dropped in and Natalie set up a plan for Blair to get her the key and for them to sneak away with it without anyone noticing.

Bo questioned Dorian while Rex hurled accusations at her. Dorian said she honestly had no idea where Adriana is. She told Bo Adriana was probably just cooling off because she's so angry "about Rex's betrayal." Clint walked into Bo's office to hear Rex accusing Dorian of shooting him up with heroin the last time she tried to break up him and Adriana. Clint told Dorian if what Rex says is true that he'd never be able to look her in the eye. Later, a scared Dorian told herself that what she did is not responsible for what has happened to Adriana.

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Friday, August 18, 2006

At the police station, Roxy stopped by to see Rex. He shared that they still haven't found Adriana and that he thinks Dorian knows where her daughter is. Rex reminded his mom of the lengths Dorian has gone to to break him and Adriana up. He showed his mom some of the stalker's messages, where he called someone "painted lady." Rex concluded that the stalker is a butterfly expert.

A worried Dorian thought about Bruce.... Bruce told his hostage Adriana that she'd soon know what he wants from her and that she'd be going home soon if all goes according to his plans. He wouldn't say what those were, but didn't hesitate to chain her up. Adriana screamed for help and regretted thinking Rex was her stalker. She though back to their happy romp on the beach.... Dorian told Bruce that he can tell Adriana about their agreement because Adriana will believe her over him. Bruce revealed that he kidnapped her daughter and warned her not to call the cops. Later, Bruce rejoined his hostage. Adriana was confident that Rex would find her.

At the gala, Clint asked Viki what his ex thinks of him. They agreed that they work well together as parents. He promised that no matter what happens with him and Dorian, his and Viki's kids will be his priority. Viki asked if he thought she wants to be with him.

Also at the gala, Claudia complimented Renee's set up of the Palace dining room, as Nash looked on. Nash informed her that he's looking for a new business opportunity in town. Claudia offered to invest in it, but he wasn't so sure.... John and Natalie wondered how Blair is doing with Spencer. Nat worried that Spence is on to John.... Todd told Evangeline that he's not in love with Blair anymore. Vangie didn't really believe it. Cristian then arrived and told her that he doesn't care who she came with because she's coming home with him. Vince reminded him not to drink and to go to bed early so he'll be ready for his fight. When the guys went off to talk, Evangeline expressed her concern for Layla and Vincent's relationship.... David was surprised to see Paige there. She revealed that she interviewed for a new job. Both planned for Spencer's downfall. After, David jokingly tried to flirt with Viki, but she wouldn't play along.

Todd told Viki that he can't forgive Blair. Viki urged him to be happy he got his life back and reminded him that he's lied to Blair. She also stated that Starr got hurt because the teen was upset over her parents' problems and had acted out. Viki then shared how grateful she'd been that Ben had forgiven her for pushing him out the window.

En route to the gala, Blair tried to get Spencer's safe deposit box key, but Spencer wanted to stop at a bank to get something from his box. Blair tried to get out of going to the event, but Spence told her she has to because he had something "special" planned for her. Later, at the gala, Spencer proposed to Blair in front of everyone.

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