OLTL Recaps: The week of March 4, 2002 on One Life to Live
Starr told her parents about the “man on the wheel,” but they didn't believe her. Troy continued to believe that Starr would be able to help him. Asa had a change in personality. Lindsay left fake clues. Starr placed the poisonous spider in Jack's crib.
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Monday, March 4, 2002

Blair and Todd remain unconvinced that Starr is telling the truth about finding a man on the wheel. In the Funhouse, Troy counts on Starr to bring help before Lindsay returns.

Sam becomes concerned when Jen confides about Lindsay's odd behavior and the fact that she does not want anyone to know that she is in town. Cristian stops a guy from hitting on Jen and they continue to long for each other. Lindsay throws Nora when she accuses Nora and Troy of having an affair, and Lindsay insists that they set Lindsay up to confess to a crime she never committed. Nora begs to know Troy's whereabouts, but she tells Nora that Troy has vanished for good.

Asa floors Renee and Ben with the positive changes in his attitude.

Jessica and Seth look forward to their weekend away, while Natalie remains determined to have Al put a stop to the romance.

Tuesday, March 5, 2002

Nora discovers Lindsay in her house and asks her where Troy is – Sam comes in and tells Lindsay he would like to know that also. Lindsay tells Sam that Nora came between her and Troy. Nora tells Lindsay to leave that she needs to talk to Sam; Lindsay refuses to leave and tells Sam that Nora knows why her wedding didn't happen. Nora tells Sam that Troy never loved Lindsay and the wedding was a trick to get Lindsay to admit she drugged Nora causing her memory loss. Troy also wanted to clear Colin's name. Lindsay tells Nora to tell Sam the real truth about why Troy deceived her. Lindsay tells Sam that Troy is in love with Nora; Sam asks if this is true and Nora tells him that Troy said he has "feelings" about her. Lindsay tells Nora to tell Sam what happened at the cemetery (Troy and Nora kissed). Nora yells at Lindsay to tell her where Troy is, but Lindsay does not tell her. Sam again tells to Lindsay to leave. Nora tells Sam they need to follow Lindsay and find out where Troy is and Sam tells her not until she tells him what happened between her and Troy. Nora tells him that she and Troy kissed at the cemetery. Nora gives Sam all the details about how she followed Troy to the cemetery. Sam asks Nora if they kissed more than once and Nora tells Sam that Troy kissed her on New Year's Eve; that he surprised her. Sam questions Nora further about the kiss at the cemetery; if it is a returned kiss and Nora looks at him and he knows it was. Sam leaves Nora's house without another word.

Troy is still tied up and thinks about what Nora said about him not trusting Lindsay. Troy is suffering from lack of water and gets worse. Lindsay returns to Troy and throws water on his face. She tells him that she was at Nora's and that Nora does not care about him and that she might as well let him die because the tape does not matter any more. Troy does not believe Lindsay. When Troy again refuses to tell Lindsay where the tape is; he doesn't care if he dies; Lindsay leaves telling him it is not what she is going to do to him but that she will do something to Nora. Troy is in agony over this possibility.

Roxy and Alison talk about Roxy's illness and Alison tells her she cannot drink because she has go to the doctor the next day. There is a knock at the door; it is Viki coming to see Roxy about her illness. Viki comes in and tells Roxy she wants to spare Jess from having to through her illness (like she did when Viki had her personality disorders). Roxy tells Viki she needs Jess with her; that they need to get to know each other. Viki hands Roxy a fat envelope. Roxy probably thinks it is money; instead it is Jess's medical records; Viki leaves as Alison has called Roxy on her cell phone from the next room telling her to get Viki out of there.

Al and Nat talk about Al breaking up Jess and Seth; Al really does not want to do it but wants to keep Jen from knowing about the fact that he can walk. Nat keeps hounding Al until he agrees; he goes to the bar where Jess is with Seth and tells Jess he needs a ride home. When they get to the carriage house, Al begins to plant doubts in Jess's mind about Seth cheating on her when he was with Natalie. Jess tells Al she has gotten past all that. Al tells her he does not think that Seth has changed and asks her if she would know if he were lying now. Al continues to badger Jess about Seth not being true to her and that she will get hurt. Jess tells Al to mind his own business and leaves. Al is on his feet and about to try to climb the stairs when Jen comes home; she is depressed; says it is about worrying over Lindsay. Al asks if they can make cocoa and watch a movie and Jen tells him she needs to go to bed. Al is disappointed.

Seth and Jess talk about going to Philadelphia; Nat and Al overhear and Nat is not pleased; she has been trying to get Al to agree to breaking up Seth and Jessica. Nat talks to Seth about him and Jess; Seth tells her he is getting serious with Jess. Nat tells Seth she still loves him but is willing to let him go (which is not true). Jess returns from taking Al home and sees Seth and Nat talking; Jess tells Seth she needs to talk to him alone about the trip to Philadelphia. Jess tells Seth they can go to the concert but they cannot spend the night; that she has a school paper that is due. Nat overhears and is pleased; she calls Al and tells him the plan is working. Al slams down the phone.

Meanwhile Cris and Jen are about to kiss when Max walk up on them. He tells Jen he wants to talk to her and Cris. He tells them he knows what they have been doing and he wants it to stop. Max tells them that Al does not blame them for his accident and they should stop blaming themselves. Jen leaves and Max tells Cris to stay that he is not through with him. He talks to Cris about Jen and Cris tells him he will leave her alone. Max is pleased.

Wednesday, March 6, 2002

Blair and Todd are proud of the way they handled Starr by threatening to call Rae on her. They make a pact with Starr that in future, they must all tell the truth all of the time. Blair is now consumed with worry about Gabrielle and the fact that she knows about the illegal adoption of Jack. Todd informs her that the birth mother will be by later in the day to drop off Jack's medical history. In her room, Starr is busy packing for the school day and when her friend drops by to pick her up for school, Starr tells her she's sick and won't be going. She's called a cab to pick her up down the street so that she can go and rescue the wheel man. Later, Nellie drops by with the false baby records and wonders why her history has become Blair's. She realizes that Blair is the actual mother but wonders who the father might be. Blair hears this and Nellie hastily covers by pretending to be speaking about herself. She asks to see her "son." Blair runs off to a crying Jack while Nellie demands that Todd give her more money for her time. Todd hands her some bills but Nellie insists it's not enough and she wants to see her baby.

At the funhouse, Lindsay taunts Troy by threatening to do something to Nora. She wants the tape and that's the only way that Nora will be safe. Troy isn't buying it at first and doesn't believe that Lindsay will actually do anything, but Lindsay tells him she's not going to prison. She warns him that he can't protect Nora and punish her at the same time. Whatever she does to Nora will be worse than anything she did before, she promises and if Nora is missing people will just think that she's run off with Troy. He reminds her that the tape is still around and eventually someone will hear it. Again she demands to know the whereabouts of the tape and again Troy refuses to disclose the information. Lindsay finally leaves after threatening Nora once again. During this time, Starr has arrived and has overheard everything but is hiding until she sees Lindsay leave. She dashes out and promises to have Troy freed. Starr admits that her parents don't believe her story about him and other people, like the chief of police, won't either. He suggests that maybe she can call Nora then but her parents have taken her cell phone as well so she's alone in this. She has food and drink for him though. Troy will help back her up if she can manage to get him free. She remembers the sledge-hammer type tool that some workers left behind at home. She's brought it in her back-pack.

When Nora's attempts to reach Sam are futile, she stops by his house to try to talk to him. She admits that things got out of hand with Troy but she was happy and excited when he told her he would make Lindsay pay for what she had done. She also admits that it can't be justified but she was also ashamed and scared that she would lose Sam which is why she never told him anything. She is adamant that it all ended with the kiss at the cemetery and she only loves Sam and wants his forgiveness. She's only convinced that something has happened to Troy, that's why she's so concerned, she pleads. He wouldn't have just left. Sam is also sure that something is up, but not for the same reasons, he retorts. Nora agrees that she has feelings for Troy but they are not the same feelings that she has for Sam. Sam orders Nora to pack up her things and leave her house keys. Troy deserves whatever Lindsay did to him, he spits out.

At the hospital, Ben tells Roxanne that her hypoglycemia is worse than they first thought but Roxy makes light of it. She announces that she will not take any medication or eat special food because she just can't afford it. Jess offers her help though Roxy claims that she doesn't want it, that she should be the one to look after Jess. Besides, she's not in any pain, she says. Ben calls Jess aside and suggests that Roxanne is just looking for money and that Jess should take it easy. Maybe she should just give her money for the prescriptions and then see how it goes, he proposes. Furthermore he says, Roxanne reeks of alcohol and she's not supposed to be drinking. Jess stands up for Roxy and insists she will help her out as much as she can. Jess writes a check for Roxanne and orders her to stop drinking. She will take care of her as long as Roxanne takes care of herself too. Roxy wants to prove that she can be a good mother. She leaves without her prescriptions and Jess chases after her to make sure she has them.

Lindsay arrives at Troy's loft where she types a fake email to Nora from Troy, stating that he is in Paris where Lindsay left him. He blames Colin for everything and exonerates Lindsay. He also says that Lindsay called off the wedding and he is heading back to Africa, unable to face her.

Back at home, Roxanne picks out horses so that her bookie can place her bets. Allison doesn't think she should spend all of her money in one place. Don't worry, Roxanne reassures her, she's playing the lottery too. She wants to celebrate and tries to get Allison to share a bottle of champagne but Allison attempts to tell her that she is really sick and shouldn't be drinking. Allison inquires about the money, thinking it's 50,100? Roxanne keeps telling her more and Allison is excited. She finally spills-it's $1,000. Allison is furious; she was thinking millions but Roxanne tries to calm her down. She'll get more money after Jess sees the medicine. Allison storms off and soon after there's a knock at the door. Thinking it's Allison again, Roxy answers with the bottle in her hand. It's Jess who is not happy to see the bottle and mentions that Ben told her not to drink. "No one tells me what to do," Roxanne replies.

Nora returns home and gets a beeping on her PDA. She pulls it out of her handbag and begins to read "Troy's" email message.

As Lindsay is leaving Troy's place, Sam arrives. He wants the truth from her.

Starr begins to bang on the handcuffs with the hammer. On the first try, she hits Troy and he screams in anguish. Starr turns the tool around and begins to pry the handcuffs with the handle. A spider slowly begins to climb near her hand.

Thursday, March 7, 2002

Natalie approaches Al at the Break Bar for a report on the Seth-Jessica break up. Al tells Natalie that it will take a miracle to break up those two. Meanwhile, Seth freaks out when he receives a large credit card bill. Natalie overhears and comes up with a plan to frame Seth for stealing from the bar. She tells Al that he can even convince Max to not press charges against Seth when he's caught. Al refuses, but Natalie persuades him by bringing up what will happen if she tells Jen about his ability to walk. She says that it will all work out if he does exactly what she tells him to do. Max overhears this and asks what going on. Natalie speaks with Max alone and convinces him that she is only giving Al friendly female advice about Jen. Max tries to get Natalie to talk to Al about the therapist. Natalie tells Max that it's not her place. Max gives up but still acts suspicious of Natalie.

Jessica arrives at Roxy's to find her drinking and smoking. Jessica discovers that Roxy took the $1000 for her medicine that she gave her and used it on lottery tickets and horse racing bets. Jessica tries to tell her that she is worried about her and cares for her. Roxy replies that Jessica just wants to try to change her and that will never happen. She will do what ever she wants and no one will tell her what to do. Jessica reminds her that this is the only money that she will get. Roxy retorts that Jessica turned out to be a real drag. Jessica storms out while Roxy looks regretful over her deceit.

Nellie tells Blair and Todd that she wants to see the baby. She threatens that she has spoken with a lawyer and the adoption is not final and that she still has several months to decide. She reminds them that the adoption was not legal and she could still take her baby back. Todd escorts Nellie out, who only demands for more money. She tells Todd that she has been researching on this gig and wants to get paid more for her act. He hands her a wad of cash telling her that if she comes back, it will be her burial expenses. When Todd comes back in, he tells Blair that everything is settled because Nellie only wanted more money for drugs. Blair realizes that Nellie might have been doing drugs while she was pregnant with Jack and wants to have him rushed to the doctor. Todd assures her that if anything were wrong, it would have been on the medical records. However, Blair worries that Nellie could have falsified the hospital records. Todd replies, "Oh come on, do you know how hard it is to falsify medical records?!" (lol)

Sam asks Lindsay about Troy's whereabouts. He tells her that he knows about Troy's plan and that she would have done something to pay him back for it. Lindsay says that she was too hurt to do anything and that Troy and Nora are the guilty ones. Sam doesn't believe her and continues to ask where Troy is. She tells him that Troy left town. Sam inquires about the handcuffs that Troy was packing when he say him. Lindsay tells him that he knows she's not kinky in bed and that it was probably designed for some sort of torture Troy had in mind. Their conversation is interrupted by an urgent call from Blair. Blair tells Sam that she needs to meet him. Before he leaves, he tells Lindsay that they will finish this conversation later. Once Sam has left, Lindsay contacts R.J. and tells him that something really bad happened and she needs to meet him.

At the Fun House, Troy spots the poisonous spider on Starr's arm. He instructs her to stay calm and slowly coax the spider into a glass container. Once the spider is contained, he tells her to write down Nora's name and phone number. He tells Starr to call Nora and tell her: Ramali at the Gallery. Starr leaves for home with the spider but the note falls out onto the floor of he Fun House.

Sam rushes to meet Blair at her house. Blair tells Sam that she didn't want to meet him here because Todd would kill her if he knew she was talking to Sam. Sam guesses that this is about the adoption and that it was probably illegal. Blair agrees. Sam tells her that if this information comes out, the baby can be sent to a foster home or back to the birth mother. However, if the mother is unfit to be a parent, the child would stay with Blair. Starr arrives home with the excuse that school was let out early. She tries to grab the phone to call Nora but Blair reminds her that she is grounded and sends her up to her room. Upstairs, Starr tells Todd that Sam is downstairs talking to Blair and Todd leaves. Starr dumps her backpack into the crib to find the sheet of paper with Nora's number. While she searches, the lid of the jar with the spider comes loose. The spider escapes and crawls among the baby toys near Jack.

Lindsay meets with R.J. and tells him about Troy's plot and her confession tape. She tells R.J. that he is going to help her find it. He refuses, but Lindsay threatens that she will go to the police and tell them that he was involved in Nora's memory loss. R.J. finally agrees and Lindsay gives him a list of places to search. Lindsay leaves by telling R.J. "happy hunting."

Allison shows up at Roxy's to find out what happened between her and Jessica. When Roxy explained what happened, Allison tells her that Roxy needs to call Jessica immediately and apologize. Allison tells Roxy that she can do whatever she wants with the money, but Jessica can't know. Roxy says that she can do whatever she likes and blows her off. Allison roughly grabs Roxy and tells her that no one double-crosses her and Roxy doesn't want to see her get nasty.

At the Break Bar, Jessica shows up and tells Natalie that she needs her help. Meanwhile, Al eyes Seth counting the bar's money.

Lindsay arrives at the Fun House, completely missing the sheet of paper that Starr left on the ground. She continues to interrogate Troy about the tape. However Troy tells her that she had better not done anything to Nora. She tells him that she hasn't done anything, at the moment, but she has little patience left. Suddenly, Troy breaks down and tells Lindsay that she has won and that he will give her the tape.

Friday, March 8, 2002

Lindsay sends Nora an email from Troy that he has gone to Africa and apologizes for being wrong about Lindsay. Troy tells Lindsay that Nora will never believe the email. So Lindsay makes a farewell recording from Troy to Nora. She calls Nora and leaves the recording on the answering machine. Lindsay gloats on how she has just left a message of Troy's sad goodbye for Nora. Lindsay threatens Troy's life if someone finds the incriminating tape before she does. Meanwhile, Nora is listening to the message from Troy. Nora rewinds the tape and wonders if there's a clue in the message, is Troy trying to tell her something.

At Break Bar, Max and Seth count the cash for last night. Natalie and Al plot to set-up Seth. After Max leaves, Natalie tells Al to get the plan rolling. Al asks Natalie to distract Seth, while he sets off the fire alarm. After the alarm stops, Seth leaves to make sure everything is okay.

Natalie and Jess discuss the connection to Roxanne. Jess asks Natalie for advice on how to help Roxanne. Natalie tells Jess not to trust Roxanne, she will only hurt her.

Nora tells Hank about Troy's email. Nora said that the email was a lie and that she believes Lindsay sent it. Hank's says that maybe Troy just doesn't want her to find him.

Blair continues to explain her and Todd's dilemma with Jack's birth mother threatening to sue for custody. Sam offers to represent them in a custody battle case. Blair tells Sam that Todd does not want to go to court.

Starr puts the deadly spider in Jack's crib. Todd walks in and removes the spider, Starr tells him the spider was her friend and it was poisonous. Todd kills the spider as Starr screams in horror. Sam and Blair run in to find Starr upset. After Todd explains what happens everyone says thank goodness Jack is okay. Todd and Blair take Jack to the doctor while Sam stays and watches Starr.

Roxanne apologizes to Jessica for upsetting her. She tells Jessica the things she really needs she can't give her. Roxanne says she would get a waitress job if she had money to fix her car, do her hair and buy some clothes etc... Jessica offers Roxanne $10,000.00 if she changes her whole life, stops drinking, smoking and gambling.

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