OLTL Recaps: The week of November 5, 2001 on One Life to Live
Blair accepted Todd's marriage proposal but kept secret the true facts surrounding the baby. Todd saw visions of a little boy. Keri and Antonio went out on a “blind” date that Nora had arranged. Gabrielle saw Asa's ghost. Blair halted her wedding ceremony.
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Monday, November 5, 2001

Nora began to suspect something wasn't right between Keri and Antonio, but they quickly covered and went on their "date." Outside Nora's door, Antonio convinced Keri to come to Rodi's with him because he was sure Nora would be checking up on them. At Rodi's, things were very awkward, with both of them saying the wrong things. When Keri stepped away to talk to the dean on her cell phone, a friend of Antonio's asked him to dance with her. Keri returned and said it was fine with her, but after watching them dance for a few minutes, she picked up her things and quietly left. Antonio caught up with her out front as she was calling a cab. He explained to her that the woman was just a friend and asked her to come inside again and dance. Just then, a slow song started playing and they started dancing together outside of Rodi's. As they danced, they got closer and closer to kissing each other.

At the quarry, Jen and Al made love. Afterwards, it was clear that Al wanted to continue their new relationship. Jen seemed rather distant and even admitted that she was thinking about Cristian. She didn't want to make any plans, she told Al, she's living from moment to moment and can't think about the future.

At the police station, Renee told Bo that she had gotten the feeling from Asa that his marriage to Gabrielle was having problems. She told Bo how one day Asa showed up at the hotel looking for Gabrielle. But she hadn't stayed at the Palace Hotel and Renee didn't know where Gabrielle had spent the night. Bo promised he would find out the truth about Asa's death.

In the meantime, Max and Gabrielle were in Bo's office together. Gabrielle wanted to "get their stories straight." Max said that they should just tell the simple truth, that Asa died of a heart attack, but it was obvious they were both suspicious that the other one had caused Asa's death. Bo came in after talking to Renee and asked them some questions. Gabrielle insisted that she had been having a pleasant conversation with Asa the afternoon that he died and he had forgiven her for her affair with Max. Bo asked why Max and Gabrielle were together when they found Asa. Max claimed it was because Gabrielle was telling him that she was happy with Asa and that they couldn't be together again. After the two of them left his office, Bo ordered police to watch Asa's house and let him know if Max spent the night there.

Back at Asa's house, Gabrielle was anxious about spending the night alone there. Max assured her that Al would be home soon and it wouldn't be good for him to be seen spending the night there. After Max left, Gabrielle was extremely nervous and poured herself a brandy with shaking hands. When she looked up towards the door, she screamed and the glass of brandy went flying. The ghostly image of Asa was standing there in front of her.

After speaking to Gabrielle and Max, Bo went over to Nora's to break the news of Asa's death to her. Nora was visibly upset, she had loved Asa even though he sometimes gave her a hard time. Looking at Bo's face, Nora could tell there was something else about Asa's death Bo wasn't telling her and demanded to know what it was.

Blair noticed the wedding ring on her hand in the new family portrait at the top of the staircase and asked Todd if that was his way of asking her to marry him. Todd held out both hands and instructed Blair to pick one. When he opened his hand, he had a diamond engagement ring. Starr came down the stairs at that point and insisted that Blair not agree to marry Todd until he proposed properly. Todd got down on both knees, and after a few attempts which Starr declared were not romantic enough, finally sat down on the floor because his knees were killing him and said to Blair: "Blair, nobody likes me. And when I'm not with you I can see their point, but when I am with you, I don't really care what anybody thinks, and, well I'm willing to put up with you as long as you'll put up with me. And that goes into forever or even longer, and if that's not love, then I don't know what is. I promise you, that if you marry me you'll never regret it. Okay, that's not true, I mean you'll probably regret it just about every day of your life, but I promise you that I won't regret it. So whaddya say, we got a deal?"

Tuesday, November 6, 2001

Renee tried to get Gabrielle to admit that she killed Asa. Gabrielle insisted that Asa died of a heart attack, and an unconvinced Renee stormed off. Max arrived and saved Gabrielle from further torment by Asa's ghost, and the two confessed their need for each other.

A little boy haunted Todd and pointed out the damage that loomed ahead as a result of Todd getting rid of Blair's baby.

Viki worked hard to convince Jessica that they were meant to be mother and daughter, and Jessica began to ask questions about her biological parents. Ben shared information with Viki that he had gathered regarding Jessica's birth mother, and Ben warned her to get to Roxanne Balsom before Allison and Natalie got the chance to make more trouble. Seth continued his campaign to win back Jessica, to no avail.

Keri and Antonio got lost in budding feelings for one another, and Chad interrupted the special moment to ask Keri out. Chad reported back to R.J. that Antonio and Keri were on a date.

Wednesday, November 7, 2001

Unable to clear her mind with a run, Jess arrives home and tells Ben that while Natalie actually looked good dressed as Cinderella for Halloween, it made her feel like the ugly stepsister. Ben attempts to reassure her but she finds it difficult to accept. She remembers that Asa accepted Max too only to drop him when he later found out Max wasn't his real son. Just then, Renee drops by to share the bad news about Asa. Jess is disbelieving and rushes out but not before mentioning that she's lost another person. Renee wants Ben to explain that and he invites her to stay for tea. Natalie, who has been hiding and eavesdropping, dashes off after Jess. She finds her crying at the park but leaves her alone with her last memories of her grandfather.

Arriving at a cluttered looking house in Atlantic City, Viki double checks the address. She calls Ben and advises him that she has reached Natalie's mother's house. Ben tells her he has a bad feeling about this whole thing but she can't be swayed. She knocks on the door and is greeted by a beer swilling woman who identifies herself as Roxanne Balsom. Roxy, as she wants to be called, is full of venom for her daughter. She hasn't even seen her for 2 years, ever since Natalie stole her money. She confides that she would ditch Natalie at various places so that she could go to the casinos, but couldn't leave her at home since she tossed out her mother's liquor and cigarettes. She even reads books, she tells Viki. Viki has a daughter also, she tells the woman, but her daughter is precious to her. When she goes off to get another beer, Viki takes a cell phone call from Ben. She tells him the woman is awful and she can't tell her the truth. Ben tells her he has news too but it'll wait until she gets home. Roxy returns and has questions for Viki on how she knows Natalie. Natalie used to work for her, she starts, and Roxy immediately thinks Viki is there to retrieve something that Nat's stolen from her. Natalie pretended to befriend her daughter; in fact, Natalie is her...Viki is unable to go on.

Gabrielle "sees" Asa everywhere but Max insists that she must act normal. Nigel wants to know who's responsible for Asa's death. Bo walks in; he wants to know too. Gabby just can't believe Nigel is accusing her of murder. He tells Bo he has no concrete evidence but only his instinct along with the fact that Max and Gabrielle just seem to have something suspect going on between them. He refuses to take orders from Gabrielle and resigns. Before leaving, he asks Bo not to let the pair get away with anything. Bo tells him that the autopsy results aren't in yet and the death is still under police investigation. He finds it curious that Max spent the night though Max sulkily announces that he lives there.

Thinking about her evening with Al, Jen is not too thrilled when he shows up at her door. He wants to talk about their time together but she is pretty apathetic about it all. He wants her to be honest so she admits that though he's her best friend, she's not in love with him but with Cris. He's disappointed. On his way out, he hands her the papers he's received regarding the modeling contest she won.

Todd is still being haunted by the ghost of the son he gave away. He tries to shake it off by talking to Blair about their upcoming wedding. Sam shows up with a baby gift, going on about how excited and proud he is, until they break the news to him of the baby's death. Todd informs him of their wedding plans and asks Sam to be his best man. Sam has news too, he tells them. Asa is dead. Blair is astonished while Todd can only think back to a conversation he had with Gabrielle when he made a deal to "get" Blair and Max. He makes an excuse and runs off. Blair admits to Sam that she did not disclose the baby's true paternity to Todd because he would be too sad. Sam feels he should know before the wedding especially since the baby brought Todd, Blair and Starr closer together again.

Keri is daydreaming about Antonio when she is jolted into the present by Rae. She is happy to see her and requests again that Rae be Antonio's advisor. It's no longer the problem like before; they had a blind date and she feels differently about him now. She just wants to mind the teacher/student rule of association. Rae has more time now that John has moved away so she accepts. Antonio arrives and mentions that the dean has other ideas because of Rae's time conflicts from before but Rae goes off to convince her otherwise. Antonio is thinking maybe he shouldn't go after the promotion then but Keri doesn't want him to give up his dreams. They will just have to have the teacher/student relationship until he's through but she'll be around.

Todd gets to Asa's house where he threatens Gabrielle; if Blair is blamed in any way for Asa's death, Gabby will join Asa in hell. As he continues his threats, Max and Bo wander in to see what the commotion is. Todd takes off after extending phony condolences and runs into Natalie as he does. They berate each other momentarily but Todd doesn't stick around. She's about to knock on the door but decides against it.

Al encounters Jess at the park and they console each other over Asa's death. He has a problem with a girl , but her problems are more important for now.

Jen gets to the university where she is immediately accosted by Mollie, Shawna's friend who can't believe that Jen actually won the modeling contest. She'll probably mess it up like her relationship with Cris, she hisses. Antonio, who's just left Keri nearby, comes to her aid but Jen doesn't want it. She'll make something of herself, she says.

Keith yells at someone on the phone. He will find Cris himself and then tie up some loose ends, he says while looking at a picture of Jen.

Max and Gabrielle sweetly defend their relationships with Asa. Gabby tells Bo how happy she and her husband were and Nigel is just angry that he needs to find another job. Bo receives a phone call-the autopsy results are in.

Todd arrives back home, anxiously looking for Sam. He's ready to get married right away, he informs Blair.

Thursday, November 8, 2001

Blair and Todd found it impossible to reveal their deepest secrets to each other despite their imminent wedding, and Blair instructed Starr to keep the truth from her father.

Bo informed Gabrielle and Max that Asa died from heart failure, but questioned why they thought Asa skipped doses of his medication when the autopsy indicated otherwise. Gabrielle and Max covered as best as they could, and she contacted the coroner to order Asa's immediate cremation.

Sam surprised Nora with his suggestion that they invite Troy to dinner to thank him for saving Matthew's life. To repay Sam's gesture, Nora agreed to give up on trying to nail Lindsay. However, when Nora extended the dinner invitation to Troy, he offered to help Nora regain her memory.

Seth demanded that Natalie answer his ultimatum, and Natalie chose the riches of Llanfair over her relationship with him.

Roxanne admitted to Viki that she was less than good-mother material, and Viki decided not to tell Roxanne about the baby switch. Viki returned home, and she found a teary-eyed Natalie staring up at the mansion.

Thursday, November 9, 2001

As Keri thought about her blind date with Antonio the previous night, he called on her cell phone and invited her to lunch at his apartment. She was hesitant, but agreed when he insisted it would be strictly business, to discuss his term paper. Keri rushed to pack her things and leave the classroom, but was interrupted by Rae asking her a question about a faculty luncheon. Hank walked in and asked to speak to Keri alone, but she refused to talk to him and stormed out of the room. Rae was surprised by Keri's behavior towards Hank and he eventually confinded to Rae that Keri thinks she's his daughter.

Carlotta stopped by to pick up some papers at Antonio's apartment. She was worried about Cris, but Antonio would not tell her where he was, it was safer for Cris that way. When he was pulling out the papers, he also accidentally pulled out an old Valentine's Day card from Andy, which Carlotta picked up and read. She still can't believe the way Andy treated Antonio. Antonio told her not to worry about it, that it is all in the past and he's happier now than he's been in a long time. Carlotta left and Keri arrived for their lunch. While Antonio was out picking up their food, Keri spotted the card still laying on the counter and read the signature, Andy. Antonio returned and found Keri holding the card.

Troy informed Nora that there was a new treatment that had a 1 in 3 chance of bringing most, if not all, of her memory back. Troy was certain that Lindsay was the one who caused Nora to lose her memory and encouraged Nora to find out the truth and make Lindsay pay. Nora refused getting the treatment, it would mean reliving all those horrible memories again and she just wants to get on with her future and a life with Matthew and Sam. Troy asked if Nora and Sam were intending to get married. Nora seemed startled by the question and told him they had no plans to get married now, but it might be possible sometime in the future. Nora confirmed that Troy would be meeting her and Sam for dinner that evening. After she left, Troy called and left an urgent message for Lindsay that she should call him as soon as possible.

At the student union, Jen got upset when Jessica asked if she had seen Cristian. Cristian and I broke up, she informed Jessica. Lindsay saw the conversation and came over to yell at Jess for upseting Jen. Jess left, but Jen was not happy to see Lindsay and they argued again. Al came over to interrupt and mentioned that Jen would be leaving for New York for the modeling photo shoot. Lindsay went to take a phone call, but on her way back overheard Jen and Al discussing the fact that they had slept together the night before.

Upon her return from Atlantic City, Viki found Natalie standing on the doorstep of Llanfair crying. Viki tried to reach out to Natalie, saying that even though Jessica is her daughter and she will always love her, that Natalie is her daughter too and she would like to get to know her. Natalie was very suspicious and didn't trust the fact that Viki was being so nice to her. She got very upset when Viki told her that she'd been to Atlantic City to visit Roxanne and accused Viki of just feeling pity for her. Natalie rushed out of the room, but eavesdropped from the doorway as Jessica had to break the news to Viki that Asa was dead.

The wedding was all ready to begin, but neither Todd nor Blair seemed anxious to come downstairs, both were thinking about the secrets they were keeping. Sam attributed Todd's odd behavior to nervousness about the wedding, but Starr knew that Blair was considering telling Todd the truth about the baby. She ordered Blair not to say anything because "daddy" would get mad and there wouldn't be a wedding. They both finally made it downstairs and Andrew began the ceremony, Starr standing between her parents. When Andrew got to the part for Blair to say "I do", she backed away and said that she couldn't marry Todd.

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