OLTL Recaps: The week of October 29, 2001 on One Life to Live
David continued to blackmail Todd. Natalie embarrassed Jessica. Hank divulged that R.J. was Keri's father. Matthew's treatment was a success. Max and Gabrielle were shocked to find a “dead” Asa; Bo accused the couple of plotting Asa's murder.
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Monday, October 29, 2001

Todd prevented David from spilling the truth to Blair by agreeing to pay him off. However, Todd stipulated that David must take the baby, and he eventually accepted Todd's terms. Blair came close to discovering the baby when she thanked a departing David for his concern, but Todd distracted her, allowing David the opportunity to make a final getaway with the infant.

Max argued with Asa, and Gabrielle feared that Max would reveal her admission to him. Later, Gabrielle pleaded her case to Max for getting Asa out of the way. At the hospital, Nora and Sam watched over Matthew as Troy began treatments, and Matthew asked Nora and Sam if they would return to living together as a family when he got out of the hospital.

Lindsay blasted Troy, and Nora came to his defense. Later, Lindsay observed Nora with Sam, and a light bulb went off when she saw Troy having a jealous reaction to Nora and Sam. Al came upon an upset Jen at the quarry, and Jen revealed that she broke up with Cristian.

Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Asa accused Gabrielle of getting cold feet, just because she had slept with Max. Asa then told her that he was going to move onto Plan B and take care of Max himself. Gabrielle told Max of Asa's new plan, and that she was afraid that Asa was planning to kill Max instead. Max assured Gabrielle that he would take care of Asa's medicine cabinet. Later, Gabrielle and Max discover Asa lying lifelessly on the ground.

At school, Natalie asked Keri to call her Natalie Buchanan, hurting Jessica and angering Seth. Jessica ran out of the classroom, after Natalie told her to tell her that she wasn't lying, that they were switched at birth. Seth pulled Natalie aside and asked her why she had to hurt Jessica, why couldn't she just hash out a financial settlement agreement with the Buchanan's, and leave. But Natalie countered that Llanview was the only place that she could be someone. Seth told her she was on her own from that point on.

Nora and Sam contemplated their relationship, and their future as they remained at Matthew's bedside. Lindsay attempted to mend fences with Troy and tried to ascertain his feelings for Nora. Troy denied any romantic attachments, but Lindsay remained convinced that he possessed feelings for Nora.

Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Starr welcomes Todd and Blair home with a sign for Blair and the baby. She's thrilled to see her parents and shows them all the presents she's charged with her new platinum card. She knew they'd be together and that they loved each other since her dad was upset that he couldn't find her mom. Blair tells her that Todd "saved the day." Starr wants to know where the baby is and as Blair begins to cry, her parents explain that her brother was born too early and he died. Starr starts to blame herself but Todd reassures her that it's not her fault and in fact it's his if she wants to blame someone, since her mom ran away thinking he would take the baby from her like he did Starr. They tell her that they're back together and they agree that the baby is happy in heaven.

When the doorbell rings, Jen opens it to find that a bouquet of yellow roses have been left. She's disappointed to learn they're from Al and not Cris. He appears and apologizes for making her feel rotten while she apologizes for feeling as she does. He tries to convince her to believe whatever Cris told her and that she's just too good for him. Jen is feeling sorry for herself as Al tries to console her. She wants to blame herself for what happened. He assures her there will be a line of guys waiting to date her, himself included.

Nora and Sam watch over a sleeping Matthew. As they look at each other lovingly a nurse enters the room to remove the IV. In Troy's office, Lindsay recalls injecting Nora with the memory erasing drug while Troy is on the phone. When he's off the phone she states that it was Colin who injected the drug because he was afraid of losing Nora. Troy doesn't believe her and will have to ask Nora himself; just then she walks in to find out what is happening with her son. Lindsay claims that she had been asking Troy if she could be of help to Nora while Matthew is in the hospital which totally confuses Nora but she recovers and suggests that Lindsay become a candystriper. She wants to know if Matthew's treatment has been successful and she and the doctor dash off. After checking the awakened boy and the test results, Troy pronounces Matthew cured. Sam and Nora are ecstatic and thank the doctor profusely as Lindsay looks on from outside the room. Sam goes off with Matthew to sign out while Nora stays behind to try to find out what Lindsay was really doing. Troy tells her that Lindsay wants to be friends. He asks if Lindsay was really the one to inject the drug to destroy Nora's memories but she wants no parts of that discussion, especially on such a happy day.

Gabrielle tries to awaken a fallen Asa but there's no pulse and he's not breathing. Max is quite calm as she becomes worked up and he prohibits her from calling 911. Gabrielle believes her husband has had a massive coronary while Max merely thinks he's faking. He had a Plan B, Gabrielle informs him, but it didn't involve dying. After laughing and prodding Asa, Max decides to feel for the pulse himself. "Oh my" is all he can say.

Blair wonders if it's right not to tell Todd the truth about the baby while in the other room Starr asks her dad if they can have another baby. He tries to explain that it's a little more difficult then getting a new puppy like her friend. He's just glad not to have to see Max around, he says. Starr is surprised at that and lets on that she has information. After they finally agree on $12,500 they shake on the deal. Todd waits for her to spill what she knows.

Lindsay arrives as Al leaves and though he tries to dissuade her from going in to see Jen, she tells him she's expected. She sees the flowers and card and smiles but when Jen sees her she orders her out of the house and tells her again that she's dead to her. Lindsay claims she wanted to tell her the good news about Matthew but Jen can see right through her. Lindsay wants to know how it's her fault that Cris left her.

The EMTs pronounce time of death. Gabrielle has a need to find Asa's bottle of pills and both she and Max remember picking up the bottle. She searches the body as Antonio and Hank stroll in. Hank is there as a family friend he tells her, and he will notify Bo. The coroner arrives to examine the body and sign the death certificate. Gabrielle explains how Asa had to take his pills and how she kept after him but he may have missed one. She doesn't know where the pills are, she tells them, and she and Max were in the other room when they heard Asa fall. Max goes off to Asa's bedroom to search further but is followed by Antonio who later locates the pill bottle himself. Hank advises the widow that they must check for foul play. Max asks Gabrielle if the police suspect anything. Al returns home and after learning what happened, asks his mother what she did.

David Vickers plays with Baby Manning, telling him to say hello to the nice lady. A jeweled hand holds out a rattle to the baby.

Thursday, November 1, 2001

Bo learned that his father was dead. After Al revealed Max and Gabrielle's relationship, Bo asked them if they were having an affair. However, when Max offered his condolences, Bo quickly silenced him. Jen and Lindsay argued, and Lindsay stepped over the line, causing a crushed Jen to run off. A guilty Lindsay answered the phone, hoping it was Jen, and she accepted a modeling offer on Jen's behalf. Jen fled to the quarry, where she ran into a devastated Al. Blair interrupted Starr just in time to prevent her from spilling the truth about the baby. Todd almost saw Addie's collage, which contained the truth about the baby. Hank tried to have a conversation with R.J. about Keri, but R.J. didn't give him the chance. Later, Hank confided in Nora about Keri, and he admitted that he must bring himself to tell Keri that R.J. was her father. Meanwhile, R.J. spotted Keri in Break Bar and sat down with her.

Thursday, November 2, 2001

Gabrielle and Max responded differently to Bo's question regarding the nature of their relationship, prompting Bo to bring them to the police station for questioning. Bo suggested that both Gabrielle and Max possessed a motive for killing Asa. Renee found Bo with Asa in the morgue, and Bo promised a distraught Renee that he would uncover the truth. Gabrielle asked Max if he intended to reveal the truth.

Starr prevented Todd from studying Addie's collage too closely, and she managed to keep Blair's secret. Blair learned that Todd had been in contact with David Vickers, and Blair almost found out about Todd's secret, but Todd managed to divert her attention with an important romantic gesture.

Al and Jen, both equally upset, ran into one another in the quarry. Al told Jen that Asa died, and Jen told Al that she cared about him. Al then kissed Jen.

Nora arranged a blind date for Keri and Antonio, unaware of their history.

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