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Monday, October 5, 1998

Mel refused to believe Munk's claim that Dorian bought the gun from him. Mel chased Munk out into the street where he was hit by a car and was killed. Kelly admitted to Sykes what Munk had told them about Dorian. Sykes later accused Congressman Graham of setting Dorian and R.J. up in order to protect Barbara. Dorian tried to make a deal with Barbara by offering her another chance with Kevin if Barbara got her father to back off. Barbara took off when R.J. showed up and accused Dorian of setting him up. Dorian insisted that they were being framed by Graham. Mel found Dorian at the gallery and warned her that the police were after her and R.J. and the pair escaped. Dorian and R.J. wound up at Andrew's seeking refuge. At the hospital, Cassie worried about her condition, but was cheered up by a visit from Andrew and River. Kevin and Kelly arrived and told Cassie about the trouble that Dorian was in. Meanwhile, Bo was lost in a storm at sea and grew sicker. Nora finally got through to Bo via a CB radio, but the radio soon went dead. Drew appeared to Bo in his delirium and urged his father to let him go. Bo got through to Nora and told her that he didn't think he could make it back to land. In desperation, Nora told Bo that he had to get back because she was pregnant!

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Tuesday, October 6, 1998

Max's House

Max tells Blair he was so happy when he saw the story, because he knows now that she really loves him. He's got his hands all over her. Blair is clearly distracted and tells Max she's got to go because she wants to be in court early. To see your ex's triumph Max asks. No, I'm not worried about Todd, Blair answers. Max tells her he was talking about Sam. Max tells her to forget about Sam he was a temporary glitch, he, Max, is her future.

Club Indigo

Sam asks Will if there were any messages. Will tells him no and asks him where Blair is. Sam tells him he doesn't think she'll be there. Will asks him what happened and Sam tells him that he thinks maybe he was too hard on Blair. Will tells him that Blair was just doing her job and giving it her all, just like Sam does for his clients. Sam asks Will when he got to be such a good father. Will said he had a good teacher. Will tells him to go find Blair and apologize. Cristian asks Jess if she wants something to eat and Jess tells him her stomach is still upset. Just then Téa and Todd enter and everyone yells surprise.


Nora is on the radio trying to reach Bo. She is telling him to come home, she is pregnant and she needs him to be with her. She is not raising this baby alone, he's got to come home. Bo manages to pick up the radio and tells Nora he's on his way home to her. He is clearly ill.

Club Indigo

Téa explains that since Rod/Tom missed out on so many birthdays, this was kind of an "unbirthday" party for him. He is very surprised and pleased. Sam gives him a gift of a football with the word "Coach" on it with a card that reads "Let's win this one for the Boomer". Todd is clearly moved by this. Viki gives him a gift that she brought him back from China. Todd says he'll hang it on the wall of his jail cell and walks away. Viki asks Téa if they really have a chance at the trial and Téa says that as long as the jury believes Todd has DID then they may have a chance, but it won't be easy. Sam leaves the party.


Max is rubbing Blair's neck and telling her she's got to relax. What can he do to help her he asks. Just hold her she says. Max gladly does that and tells her she'll never have to be alone again.


Bo tells Nora that whatever it takes he'll come home to her then the radio goes dead. Nora hugs Asa and tells him he's coming home. Lindsay wonders to Renee about Nora being pregnant. Renee tells her to stay out of it. Lindsay tells Renee that she thinks it's wonderful, after all her children are the greatest joy of her life. Clint asks Nora when she found out she was pregnant. Before she can answer, Asa tells him to alert the Coast Guard. When Asa and Nora are alone, Asa tells her he knows she's lying.


Sam shows up at Max's looking for Blair. Max tells him she doesn't want to see him. Sam pushes his way in and tells Max he'd like to hear that from Blair. When Sam goes in he sees candles lit and the scene set for a romantic encounter. He leaves. Blair comes downstairs and asks Max who was at the door and he tells her it was someone selling magazine subscriptions.

Club Indigo

Rod/Todd is looking for something to break off his ankle bracelet with. Viki is catching up with Jess and Cris and Cris tells her that Jess hasn't been taking good care of herself while Viki was gone. Cris walks away and Viki tells Jess she's glad that she forgave Cris. Jess admitted that people make mistakes sometimes. Roseanne wonders to Will if she and Cris can ever be good friends like him and Jessica. Will says let's think about us, not Cris & Jess. Roseanne says as soon as Will goes to New York, he'll forget about her. Will promises her he'll never forget about her. Just then Téa brings out a cake and Todd makes a wish and blows out the candles. Viki tells him she hopes all his wishes come true. Rod says knowingly, they will.


Nora insists she is not lying. Asa shows her the report from the hospital. Nora is outraged that Asa would steal her mail. "What have I done", she says. She says the results could be wrong. She won't tell Bo the truth, that's what's bringing him home. Meanwhile, on the boat, Bo is clearly very ill and delirious. He collapses on the floor, but a vision of a pregnant Nora calling to him brings him around. He gets up and vows to get home. Back at Asa's, Nora wants to leave and be alone. Lindsay tries to stop her to tell her something. Nora won't listen and walks out.

Club Indigo

Will asks Jess how she is feeling. She snaps at him. She is sick of everyone asking her how she is. Will asks her about her and Cris. She tells him things are great. Good, says Will, he doesn't want what happened between them to break her and Cris up. Jess doesn't want to talk about it. Téa tells Viki she's not sure she can imagine a future with Todd and Viki tells her that she also thinks it's hard for Todd to imagine a future without her.


Max and Blair are kissing on the couch. Max stops her and says "I'm not the man you are in love with, am I?" Blair says she wants to be, but she's just not the same person anymore. Max wants to know how he can prove his love to her. He know, he says. He gives her the tape. No strings attached he tells her. It is his heart he tells her, she can do whatever she wants with it. He doesn't want her if he's holding something over her, that's why he's giving it to her.

Sam's House

Sam is pacing around his house, clearly thinking about Blair. He picks up the phone then throws it on the floor. He dumps his briefcase out on the floor.

Club Indigo

Rod tells Viki he hopes she's never disappointed in him. Viki tells him she doubts that will happen. Jess apologizes for snapping at Cris. Cris thinks she should see a doctor, Jess says no, then her mom will worry too much about her. He wonders if she's upset still about him kissing Roseanne. He would never want to hurt her. Jess tells him he would never want to hurt him either. Cris tell Jess he submitted his painting to the art school. Jess is excited, they'll celebrate tomorrow, she'll feel better then she promises him. They leave. Roseanne and Will decide to go dancing but first Roseanne wants to burn the voodoo doll. Will is proud of her. Téa and Todd are now alone. She gives him a gift, a bird sculpture, a symbol of his freedom she tells him. He worries that he'll have no more freedom. Téa assures him that he will, trust her, and she leaves the room. Todd says "oh yeah, there'll be more freedom, but no, I don't trust you." When Téa returns, Todd of course is gone and only his ankle bracelet is left.


Viki is there to pay a condolence call and they all worry about Bo and discuss how they will never stop worrying about their children. Viki asks Clint if she noticed anything different about Jess, Clint says she's probably just worried about going to New York. Clint says it's ironic that Bo is rushing back to do more worrying. Asa tries to stop him from saying anymore. Viki asks what he's talking about and he tells her Nora is pregnant.


Sam is sitting on the couch when there is a knock at the door. It is Nora, she needs him, she's really done it this time she tells him. He ushers her in and closes the door as Lindsay spies on them with a smug look on her face.

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Wednesday, October 7, 1998

Llanview Hospital

Cassie wonders where her mother is. She has not been able to track her down. Kevin believes that Dorian is innocent too and he promises he will use the Banner to find out who set her up and who really killed Drew. He just wants Cassie to focus on getting better. He vows he is there for the long haul. Viki arrives and kisses Cassie, asking how she is. She thanks God that the two of them are alright and of course, she is horrified about what happened to Drew.

In the waiting area, Kelly and Blair discuss the 'Bo Steals Stiff' headline. Blair tells her cousin she did not write it and Kelly accuses her of not taking responsibility for her actions. Blair replies that she should stop judging her. She has been hurt, her life is complicated and she is hurt Kelly thinks she is capable of doing something like this. Kelly sound bitter and cynical as she explains that she didn't think Aunt Dorian was capable of murder either.

Asa's House -Renee and Clint

Renee says that the coast guard has contacted them and they are about to rescue Bo. Clint wonders if Renee has seen Lindsay. Renee replies that Lindsay has not come home yet. "Where the devil can that woman be?" Clint says aloud.

Sam's House-Nora, Sam and Lindsay

Sam is furious about the headline Blair supposedly wrote. He tells Nora how he wanted to give Blair a chance to explain and he went over to Max's and well, Nora can draw her own picture. Nora is certainly no fan of Blair's, but right now she is the last to judge her. She is in the worst kind of trouble, the kind where she has to lie to the person she loves most in the world. In other words, she lied to Bo about being pregnant because it was the only way to convince him he had something to live for. Sam gets it that nothing can replace the child Bo lost except for another child. Perhaps Nora can make the big lie true. Weren't the test for fertility favorable to her. Nora explains that they were good for her but as far as Bo, no way, no how. She just doesn't know what to say when he comes home, how does she dash his hopes? Lindsay has been eavesdropping outside, hanging on every word. She loses her balance and trips over a potted plant, breaking off part of the terra cotta. Sam hears the sound and steps outside. He does not see Lindsay, but he does find a shard of pottery.

Llanview Hospital

Blair wants to know what Kelly knows about Dorian that she does not. Kelly gets a little loud and Blair says they should keep their voices down for Cassie's sake.

In Cassie's room, Viki is glad to see Cassie is making progress. She looks so well maybe Viki should send over a laptop from the Banner and give Cassie something to write. Kevin thinks it is a great idea and asks Viki to let Cassie help him with an assignment. Dr. Lang comes in and says that he has to take another test, but promises Cassie it will be the last one for a while. Viki and Kevin step out into the corridor. All Viki can think about is how it could have been Kevin. All the arguments they had are unimportant now. Even Todd, Kevin asks. Yes, even Todd, his mother replies. Kevin is sorry that Viki had to go on that trip with hard feelings between them and as for Todd, he is in the hands of the justice system now. His trial starts tomorrow.

Bus Station- Todd and Téa

Todd listens as a bus to San Diego is announced and hopes Delgado doesn't disappoint him. Soon Téa arrives. In Rod's voice and accent he tells her that she is so smart to find him. He is not happy to see that she has the monitor in her hands. She should have left it in the Penthouse. He has to leave Llanview. He can't lose the trial. Téa replies that he is just panicking. Rod does not want to go back. There are other ways to have a life. He has bus tickets. He asks her to come with him to San Diego. Téa reminds him she ran away with him before to Niagara Falls and it did not work then and it won't now. He is a wanted man. Rod wants to know if she called Sam like the last time. Téa says she didn't, but Rod has to trust her and Sam. Rod is not in trouble yet. Sam got him special dispensation from the police to stay out until midnight because of the party. He can get back to the Penthouse before the bells and sirens go off.

To Todd (or Rod), this is all so simple. They go to San Diego and cross over into Mexico. Paradise. Beaches, mountains, rain forests... (he has me convinced, pass me the margarita, Todd. I am headed for Margaritaville!) But sigh, Téa, although tempted, says she will go -sometime, but not now. Todd persists that he is not going back. Téa is confident that the charges will be dropped and then Todd can have his personalities integrated. All will be well. In Rod's voice, Todd asks if Téa does not like Todd. Rod wants to be the man she can love and be with all her life and then his voice changes momentarily. It is in Todd's voice that he says "Would you go with Todd? Would you run away with me?"

Llanview Hospital

Kevin asks Viki if she is ready to put her dancing shoes on for his spring wedding with Cassie. Viki is very happy for them. Kevin assures her that Cassie is his deepest and last concern. He is thankful that Viki let her know her job is waiting for her. Viki offers Kevin back his associate editor's job. Kevin is happy that he will have the resources to find the person who did this to Cassie and admits he needs the position to keep his sanity. Clint and Renee arrive and tell them that the Buchanan helicopter has been sent out to pick up Bo.

Dr. Lang asks to speak to Kevin about Cassie and Blair and Kelly go in to see their cousin. Lange explains that Dorian is not available and Cassie gave permission for him to be treated as next of kin. Dr. Lange has some results of Cassie's tests.

Sam's House

Sam shows Nora the shard of terra cotta and says it must be varmints. He asks Nora what she has decided to tell Bo. Nora wants to know if the truth is so good then why does it seem so hard to tell it. Sam says they are straight shooters both. Nora replies that is either their curse or their saving grace. Bo is not ready to hear this just yet. Sam tells her to get a grip- Bo is coming home to HER, baby or no baby. Nora says she loves Bo so much and Sam offers to drive her home.

Bus Station

Téa catches the difference in Rod's voice and wonders for a moment if Todd is out. Todd lies and says no, but he feels like a new person. He takes her hand and puts it to his face. "See the scar is familiar. It is the face of the man who hurt you that you see. Could you trust my Face"? Téa begins to cry. "I wanted to trust Todd, but trust is a two way street. Todd wouldn't allow me to love him. I am standing now with a man I could have a life with. But you are not who I though Todd was. You are gentle, you teach me about opera". "Buono, Todd replies,"We can be free, Téa (now he is using Todd's voice again)Come with Me!". They kiss passionately. Téa vows that she will do the right thing and work on his defense with Sam for the future they both want. She cautions him to show up before midnight before the alarm goes off at the police station. They kiss again, a little lighter. She leaves and Todd listens to the all aboard announcement for the bus to San Diego. What will Todd choose- Freedom or TÉA.

Llanview Hospital

Blair talks about Cassie's future wedding, but then realizes from the fish eyes Kelly is giving her that it is the wrong subject for her twice engaged, twice bereaved cousin. She apologizes. Cassie asks about Sam, but Blair says there is not much chance of her marrying him. Kelly tells Cassie it is due to the headline in the Sun. Blair ridiculed Bo. Blair tries to say it is not her fault. Kelly replies that is like saying World War II was not Hitler's fault. As far as Kelly is concerned, Blair should go back to Max because they deserve each other

Meanwhile, Kevin has gotten the bad news that Cassie is paralyzed. Her legs will not move. He tells Dr. Lange's prognosis to Clint and Viki. Viki comforts Kevin with a hug. Lang says that this condition will not respond to surgery. Kevin worries about how to tell Cassie. She has been through so much. He wants her to rest a little. Clint informs Lang he wants a second opinion. Lang is willing to consult with anyone but he would be remiss not to caution them they shouldn't get their hopes up.

Asa's House

Renee notices the scratches on LIndsay's arm and asks how she got them. Lindsay replies on some rose bushes on the terrace. Renee is not deceived. There are no roses on the terrace. Where has she been? Clint has been looking for her.

Nora and Bo's House

Nora tells Sam it is best if he is not there when Bo returns. Just then, Bo stumbles through the door, unshaven, shaky and with a graveyard cough. Nora feels his head and says he has a fever. He looks like Hell. Bo says that he did not wait to be rescued. He came home on his own power. He thanks Sam for keeping an eye on Nora. Sam says that Bo is one lucky guy and leaves. Bo wants to hear all about the baby and when she first knew. He wants all the details. Nora replies that he has to get out of all those wet clothes. He looks like he is about to faint.

Asa's House

Lindsay tells Renee she was out looking for Nora and she found Nora getting the comfort Lindsay could not provide for her. Nora went straight to Sam. Isn't that troubling to Renee? After all she has both of them, or at least she has Renee. Telling Bo she was pregnant when she wasn't, isn't that the kind of thing she should confide to a female. She is sure Sam is more than a friend to Nora. Renee asks what difference does that make to Lindsay? Sam's ex replies that this is a fertility problem and Nora goes to Sam. Renee has heard enough. Obviously, Lindsay's vanity can't take the fact that Sam cares about Nora. Well, Lindsay has made a pledge to a new husband and if she is not careful she will lose him. Renee only cares as far as it will hurt Clint. Lindsay notes that the gloves have come off. Renee arches her eyebrow in her knowing ex madame way and informs Lindsay that she has been around the block a time or two. Lindsay replies so has she and she knows what Renee says behind her back. Renee gives her fair warning not to try to put one over on her or Asa or they will not stand by while she makes a fool of Clint. Lindsay says understood and walks away in a huff.

Llanview Hospital

Blair leaves Cassie's room and heads for the elevator. Sam is inside when the doors open. He has stopped by for medical files on Todd. He asks about Cassie and Blair answers that her cousin is as well as can be expected. He admits he is angry about the headline. She tried to call him, Blair says. He admits his phone was off the hook. Blair decides that they have nothing to discuss and marches out of the elevator at its next stop.

The Bus Station

Todd stares at the tickets and then looks up to see a happy young couple kissing and heading toward the awaiting bus with great expectations. He has a pensive look on his face.

Bo and Nora

Bo tells Nora he caught a cold in the storm but he is fine. Nora scolds him not to do this again. His losses are her losses, too. Bo says that is what he was afraid of. He didn't want to bring her down with him. He describes Drew and how he came to say good bye. Bo scattered his ashes in the water and Drew was gone like a shooting star. Drew could have decided to not come back to Llanview. He had such a short life because he did come back. But Bo learned an important lesson from this. He wants to be with this baby every second and give him all he did not give Drew. Bo is coughing so badly, he is bent over.

Asa's House

Clint asks Lindsay what happened to her hand and she lies more plausibly this time. She tangled with a rose in the East Garden. She had cut some for the bedside table.

Sam's House

Sam arrives home and Téa arrives. She tells him the whole story about Todd ripping off the monitor and deciding to head for California. He is about to rush out for the bus station. Téa says wait, she trusts Todd to show up on his own. Sam admits his faith in human nature is shaky tonight. It is midnight. The phone rings and Sam is right that it is the police looking for Todd. The bell rings and Téa opens it. Sam tells the police that Todd is with him right now going over his case. Does he want to hear his voice. "Buona notte, this is Rod". Sam takes the phone back and tells the officer that it was an oversight on his part and he will have Todd back home by one.

Llanview Hospital

Viki asks Kevin what she can do. Kevin says to go home before the jet lag ambushes her. He tells his mother he will tell Cassie tomorrow. for now he has to put on a happy face.

Kevin walks in on Cassie telling Kelly that they all need to love and be loved back. Kevin started to recite Elizabeth Barrett Browning's "How do I love thee, let me count the ways" She adds a few lines. Kevin says he is rusty and stalls several times trying to recite the words. Suddenly Cassie begins to understand that something is wrong. Lang has told him something. She is not going to walk again is she? Kevin hugs her tightly.

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Thursday, October 8, 1998

Disclaimer: Yesterday I was home with a sick child who had me so stressed that (horror of horrors) I taped the CBS soaps instead of ABC. Well fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, I happened to watch the show as well. So all of that means that today's recap will not be constructed from the careful notes and review of a video tape but rather the helter skelter, semi-Alzheimers, sleep deprived memory of Tyler's mom. It's gonna be a bumpy ride, the scenes may not necessarily be in sequence but the content is valid. Here goes: BTW, even if I submitted a blank page you all wouldn't have missed a thing.

Hospital (Cassie, Kevin & Kelly)

Cassie and Kev have a really touching scene in which they discuss Cassie's paralysis. Cass offers to give Kev his ring back because in her words, she's not the woman he asked to marry him. Not only can she not have kids but she can not walk either. Kev tells her he didn't fall in love with her because she could walk and he asks her does she love David any less because he has Lou Gehrigs. A tearful Cass reflects on this and Kev pledges his love and really seems to be making an effort to make things right again. I have to give Kev his props even though I don't like him, it really was a sweet scene. Kelly stops by to visit and she and Cass discuss and disagree about Dorian's involvement with the shooting. Cass tells Kelly that she doesn't believe her mother hired R.J. to kill Kevin.

Rectory (Andrew, Mel, Dorian, & R.J.)

Mel stops by the rectory wearing a disguise (to elude reporters and police). He tells Dorian that he is going to make some contacts to get she and R.J. out of town. A skeptical R.J. tells Mel that he doesn't trust him. Mel tells them his theory that Graham and Sykes are in cahoots and covering up something big. Until he's able to break the story, he wants Dorian and R.J. out of town. Dorian says she's not leaving until she sees Cassie. Mel tells her that the hospital is teeming with police. Andrew comes up with an idea to sneak her in.

Hospital (Nora, Larry, Bo, Hank & Sam)

Nora paces around the lobby outside of Bo's room. Sam stops by and lends an always available shoulder. Then (my God! could it be?),no it can't be, Dr. Larry Wolek come out of Bo's room. Does he like only treat the Lords and Buch's? Anyway, he comes out and tells Nora that Bo has a severe case of pneumonia, he's on anti-biotics and he's fighting. He's in and out but when he's in, all he talks about is the baby. Nora get a guilt stricken look upon her face when Larry mentions the baby (that isn't). Nora goes in to see Bo and tells him how much she loves him. He goes on about how he made it back through the hurricane because he wanted to take care of she and the baby. Nora tears up (guilt again). Bo mistakes the tears of guilt for hormones of pregnancy. Nora tries to tell him how while he was gone she would have done anything to get him home. "Anything" was the was the build up to the fake pregnancy story confession. However, before she could confess, Hank walked in and I'm still trying to figure out why because he may have uttered all of 2 insignificant lines. He and Bo are supposed to be buds right? You'd think he'd stick around a while and have a bit more to say. Nevertheless, he left and Nora started her confession all over again. This time she got it all out but Bo was out and didn't hear any of it.

Courtroom (Sam & Will)

Sam practices his opening statement for the jury. Will comes in and encourages him. They discuss Todd and what a wonderful dad Sam is. Will tells Sam that he knows if he ever screwed up (Jessie and the condemless hay roll) he knows that Sam would always be there for him.

Hospital (Dorian, Andrew, Mel, Kevin, Kelly and David)

Cassie sends Kev off to buy her a book from the gift shop. While he's gone, Andrew wheels David into the lobby, a nurse stands nearby and Andrew says to David "I hope it's not serious". After he says this, David keels over. Andrew calls for the nurse and tells her to get a doctor. When the nurse leaves, Andrew motions for Mel and Dorian. The dynamic duo, in hospital gear enter Cassie's room. Cass is surprised and happy to see her mom. Dorian explains that she had nothing to do with the shooting and confesses that she only hired R.J. to follow Kevin to see if he was still cheating. Cassie believes her. Mel tells Cassie of his plan to get Dorian and R.J. out of town while he investigates what Sykes and Graham are hiding. Dorian is hesitant to leave, if Cassie wants her to stay in town she will, no matter what Sykes does. Cassie doesn't tell her mother that she is paralyzed and convinces Dorian to leave town. As they are sneaking out, Barbara spots Dorian getting onto the elevator. With an evil smile on her face, she shouts to the policeman and points to Dorian, but it's too late to catch her.

Hospital (Sykes & BB)

Sykes tells BB to confess while he can still help her. She tells him she has no idea of what he's talking about. He reminds her about the gun and her history of retaliating against men who don't love her back. She tells her that Joey loves her just the way she is (a nut) unlike him (Sykes) who cut and run as soon as he found out she had a few problems. He tells her that he did love her and he still cares and wants to help her. He tries to appeal to her by telling her he knows she didn't mean to hurt Cassie or kill Drew. She says sometimes people get what they deserve. He asks her did Drew deserve to die.

Rectory (Andrew, Mel, Dorian and R.J.)

Dorian is saying her goodbyes to Mel while R.J. is urging her to hurry up. He give Mel a letter to pass on to Hank and just as they are about to leave, Sykes arrive with the police. However when they burst into the room where Dorian and R.J. were, all they find is Mel sitting there typing on his computer.

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Friday, October 9, 1998

Written by: Meredeth Haley

At the courthouse, Sam and Will share a father and son moment. Will plans to come and observe his dad in action during Todd's trial. Sam leaves. Will pretends that he is a lawyer and handling his first case. As he is talking to his pretend jurors, Roseanne walks in clapping.

At the Diner, Carlotta tries to comfort Téa. Téa is concerned about Todd with the trial being this afternoon. The family is also waiting to hear from the scholarship board from New York. Viki and Jessie arrive to support Cristian while he is waiting for the call.

At Asa's, Max is talking to Renee. He is torn at the decision he made last night. He now has decided that he wants her back. Renee agrees to help even though she does not think that Blair is the right woman for Max. Her advice to Max is not to interfere with Blair and Sam.

At the Penthouse, Todd is practicing his many alters when Blair enters. She confronts Todd. She has the tape and she wants more than just the Sun. She wants revenge for Todd destroying what she could have had with Sam. She tells Todd that she has all of the power now.

Back at the courthouse, Will has Roseanne on the witness stand. He asks her about the men in her life. Information on an unknown man in Roseanne's past upsets her. Will apologizes. Roseanne now wants to cross-examine Will.

Back at the Penthouse, Blair tells Todd that she will get her revenge. As she is about to leave, Starr runs down the steps crying, "Mommy and Daddy, can we have a tea party."

Max visits Sam at his house. Max gloats that he has Blair now. Sam asks Max that if he is so confident in Blair's affections, then why is he here now. Max responds by telling Sam that he slept with Blair just last night, and it was as if they were never separated. He then warns Sam to stay away from what is his. Sam threatens that if Max hurts Blair he will tear out his heart.

Back at the Courthouse, Roseanne asks Will about the women of his past. He tells her that he has had a few, but that he wished that he was a virgin, for her. Smiling, Roseanne then requested details.

At the Diner, Jessie's stomach started to bother her. Hank enters and makes an anti-Todd comment to Téa. Before Téa could respond, Viki interrupted. She asked Hank to have an open mind where Todd is concerned. Hank is still convinced that Todd is faking. Viki then states her belief that R.J. is innocent. She is concerned that Kevin might have been the intended victim, and if that is the case the killer will try again. Andrew enters the group and asks about Bo and Cassie. Hank responded that Bo still has a very high fever and the hospital is not giving out much information. Andrew privately gives Hank a letter from R.J., asking him not to read it until he was alone. Jessica and Viki have a mother and daughter chat.

Back at the Penthouse, Todd and Blair are having a very uncomfortable tea party with Starr. Starr told her dad that she did not want him to ever go away again. She wanted him to promise that he would stay. Todd told Starr that he could not promise that. He might have to go away. He told her to ask her Mother to explain why he had to leave. Blair told Starr that even if Daddy had to go away for awhile, there would still be so many people that lover her. Todd asked Starr to go upstairs to get Mrs. Prickles, the doll. Blair was very angry with Todd for putting her in that situation. Todd apologized to Blair. He offered to make amends. He would try to get Sam back for her. Starr came back down the stairs and there was a knock on the door. It was Sam. Blair tried to talk to Sam. However, he told her that he could not focus on any thing other than Todd's trial.

Back at the Diner, Roseanne and Will arrived to be with Cristian. The telephone call came. Cristian gets bad news. Although it was one of the best paintings that the scholarship board had seen, it arrived too late. Cristian was advised to re-apply next year. Roseanne looks away feeling responsible.

Outside of the Penthouse, Blair meets Max. The two go to the courthouse together. Inside the Penthouse, Téa arrives. Todd comes down the stairs carrying Starr. He is not dressed in his suit. In one of his alter voices, he cries that he needs to talk to Blair. He can't go to trial today.

To find out what happens next, watch Monday's "One Life to Live"

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