OLTL Recaps: The week of May 5, 1997 on One Life to Live
Blair learned of baby Brendan's death. Kelly told Drew the truth. Viki complained about Mel. Andrew advised Cassie that their marriage was over. R.J. and Rachel made plans for Club Indigo. Mel wanted to investigate the accident.
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Monday, May 5, 1997

Viki, Clint and Jessica

Viki, still trying to clear the smell of Mel's cigarette smoke from her office with a can of air freshener, complains about Mel's bad habits to Clint. Is she going to fire Mel, Clint asks. No, he's such a wonderful writer, she won't fire him. She thinks he's going a wonderful job so far with the story of the accident and Starr's transplant. Jessica arrives to go to dinner with her mother and they invite Clint to come along.

Kelly, Drew and Téa

Kelly finally admits to Drew that she caused Blair's accident. I killed the baby, she sobs. When she calms down a bit, she admits that she's glad she told Drew. When Téa comes to the carriage house looking for Kevin, she tells Kelly she thinks the driver could be charged with vehicular manslaughter and spend a long time in jail. Drew quickly hustles Kelly away from Tá and out of the house.

Blair, Patrick, Dorian, Todd and Viki

At the hospital, Blair is hysterical over the loss of her baby. She keeps trying to gets out of bed until Dorian finally has her sedated. Patrick stops by to visit Blair and comforts her a bit by telling her about Brendan's burial and describing his angelic face. Out in the hall, Todd is telling Viki that Patrick killed the baby on purpose because the baby was getting inbetween him and Marty. A horrified Viki tries to convice Todd it isn't true, but he won't listen.

Cassie, Andrew, Téa and Kevin

Cassie tells Andrew that she and Kevin have become lovers. Andrew tells her that the marriage is over. Cassie rushes out of the rectory and races over to the carriage house, where Kevin is talking to Téa. Cassie tells Kevin that she has left Andrew before she realizes that Téa is there. Téa quickly gets the picture and leaves. Kevin hugs Cassie.

Tuesday, May 6, 1997

Todd, Alex and the parrot

While speaking with Marty, Todd got the idea that there might be trouble in Patrick's past. With the parrot's help, Todd then decided to find out what Patrick's trouble had been in order to use it for revenge against him. Todd started his investigation by planning to get in touch with Kenneally. Alex visited Todd and learned that it had been the parrot who had promised her a loan. Alex played upon the fact that she was going to be Starr's donor, and Todd made good on the deal that the parrot had made with her.

Mel, Dorian and Cassie

Mel worked on his story about the accident and met with Patrick. Mel then learned that Todd was blaming Patrick for the accident. Mel and Dorian enjoyed a playful bubble bath together. Cassie then went to Dorian's to tell her that she and Andrew had split up. Dorian was delighted by the news and Cassie was appalled when she realized that Mel had overheard her entire conversation with Dorian. Cassie then asked Mel not to mention anything to Viki or Clint and stormed out. Later, Mel asked Dorian why she and Viki hated each other so much. Dorian told Mel that it was a long story, but mentioned that she and Joey had once had an affair.

Cassie, Kevin, Drew and Asa

Cassie and Kevin shocked Drew and Kelly when they walked out of Kevin's bedroom together in the morning. Kelly told Cassie that she wouldn't say anything to Andrew, but Cassie told her that Andrew already knew. Asa and Drew met with the bank manager to get him to foreclose on several of the waterfront properties. Asa and Drew learned that Dorian owned some of the property they wanted. Asa then made a bet with Drew that he couldn't get Dorian to sell the property she owned.

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Wednesday, May 7, 1997
by Laura Simurda

In Llanview, lives continue to intersect and collide. R.J. and Drew seek new ways to prove their worth to their families. Mel gets a new chance at love and another Pulitzer Prize. Todd gives the rival paper his view on the accident. Cassie must deal with the consequences of her actions. Viki and Nora find themselves fading into the background of their children's lives as Kevin and Rachel make their own choices.

Rachel, R.J., Nora and Bo- Club Indigo and Nora's Law Office

R.J. and Rachel discuss his big plans to turn Indigo into the premier jazz club and record label. R.J. is going to invest a sizable amount of money to follow his bliss and make his dreams come true. Rachel is caught up in his enthusiasm, but her uncle wonders what happened when she broached the subject of working with him to her parents. His niece admits that Nora, Hank and Bo had a "collective cow" when she tried to discuss it. R.J. offers to sit down with Nora. He can handle a little heat.

Meanwhile, Nora is hard at work at her Law Office. Bo arrives and offers her lunch and tries to tempt her into enjoying the beautiful spring day with a walk outside. Nora is too stressed. She is going to have Tofu and a low calorie shake and she will call him, she swears, in an hour and they will spend some quality time together. As Bo leaves, R.J. drops in and asks Nora to ease up on Rachel. Nora takes the defensive, saying she does not need help raising her daughter. R.J. reminds her Rachel is an adult, but Nora expresses concerns about Club Indigo in particular and the music business in general. It was on R.J.'s watch that her daughter became hooked on drugs and those drugs were supplied by his employee, Javier. And the music business is not exactly composed of "choir boys" either. R.J. says he can protect Rachel and wonders what exactly is the statute of limitations on his past mistakes. R.J. is not interested in working with musicians who are on drugs. If they don't make music for the love of it, he won't work with them. There are enough serious respectable people out there and they are no less serious about their careers than Nora, Bo and Hank. R.J. may not have a wall full of law degrees but he knows what is criminal is that the three of them are discouraging Rachel. They are so busy condemning him, they refuse to be enlightened about his new venture. He is wasting his time with them. Rachel will do what she wants to do. He walks out and Nora covers her face with her hand and pushes things off her desk.

As Nora picks up her files from the floor, Rachel walks in and asks if there has been a tornado or an earthquake. She brings bribes-a bran muffin and a sugar free cappucino. Nora knows that this is all part of a "mop up operation." Bo shows up and informs his wife she is already running 40 minutes late on her promise. She tells him about R.J. and admits to him and her daughter that the younger Gannon brother has some good ideas and is very convincing. He has promised to protect Rachel from the unsavory aspects of the music business. Nora never thought she would say this but she thinks R.J. is legit. So Rachel will do it and her mother will hate it!

Dorian's House- Mel, Dorian, Drew

Dorian's house looks like it has been decorated by "United House Wrecking." Mel has made her house a home and home to him is a pig sty. His clothes and his research on the story he is doing on Todd and Drew are all over the floor. Smoke permeates the air and clings to the very fabric of Dorian's furnishings.What a Mess! Ugh! is the initial reaction of the perfectly groomed Dorian, but Mel is irrepressible and promises to find new digs for himself soon. Right now, he is hurried, but later he will clean it all up. He gives her a kiss and a smile and rushes off to do his story.

Drew arrives and Dorian tells him to ignore the chaos. It's the maid's day off. Drew discusses with Dorian the news from the hospital that Blair has made it through surgery and Starr is being prepared for her bone marrow transplant. Drew says that they have all been in his prayers. Dorian replies that Drew should say a prayer for the man who caused Patrick to veer off the road. She thanks him for taking care of Kelly. Her niece needs her family and Drew and she is grateful she has him. Drew hopes she will be inclined to listen to a proposal he has regarding the warehouse property she owns on the waterfront. It is currently leased to Melador. He is willing to pay top dollar for it. Dorian wonders how ever he could pay for it, then in a flash she realizes he is in cohoots with his grand-dad. She tells Drew not to take it personally, but it is no deal. Drew reminds her she has not been liquid since she paid back all that money to Asa. She wants to know what part of "no" did he not understand?? Drew has an alternative site for Melador with a lot more property and room for expansion. Just knowing Asa is interested makes Dorian all the more determined not to sell. Drew asks her to repay the favor he did her by breaking up Kelly and Joey. Dorian says that Joey did the breaking up with his Dear Jane letter. But it was Drew who stopped Kelly from going to Paris. Dorian is grateful, but not that grateful. Drew can go earn his Buchanan stripes some other way. He asks her to think it over. Dorian says this is her final decision, but Drew replies he is not giving up.

The Prodigal Wife and the Good Reverend- Cassie and Andrew

Cassie returns home for clothes. Andrew is cold and distant as she tells him she waited until River went to school because it was easier than any explanation right now. When Andrew does not reply, Cassie challenges his silence and he brusquely tells her it is preferable to any other alternative he can think of. She asks about River and what he has told her son about her not being home last night. He told THEIR son that his mother was off committing adultery and then helped him look it up in the dictionary. Cassie says that Andrew never was mean before and he counters that she never committed adultery before. He admits he didn't tell River about her affair, but he is feeling furious, profoundly betrayed, foolish and a lot of other things. He despises her pretense; he was clueless. Cassie says that the tricky part was trying to find a reason to stay and how hard it was realizing whe was more committed to the idea of marriage then...."you were to me", Andrew finishes. Cassie tries to apologize, but Andrew has done his time and he wants everything over "here, now, quickly, cleanly." Andrew asks what she wants. She asks about River. He lays the groundrules- she can see him as often as she likes, here in his home and without Kevin's presence. Cassie scrapes up the courage to ask what he really told their son about her absence? He gave him the excuse that she was at the hospital with Blair and the rest of the family, which is an excuse tht will not last forever. Now, what is Cassie going to tell him. "We could..." Cassie begins but Andrew interrupts her . It is not "we", it is her task alone. Andrew will be the one to pick up the pieces, but he will take no part in breaking their son's heart. Cassie asks for him to continue covering for her, just until tommorrow, until she knows what to say. Andrew cautions her to choose her words carefully and says if that is it, there is just one more thing. Who files for the divorce - him or her. Cassie replies she will have to think about it. She leaves to pack. Andrew sinks down into his chair while on the other side of the wall in the foyer Cassie sinks to the ground and cries.

Kevin and Viki- Viki's office

As Kevin settles into a chair in his mother's office and prepares to tell her about Cassie, Viki instinctively knows that she is not going to like what she hears. Kevin explains that Cassie and Andrew are breaking up, but that is not all, She is leaving Andrew for him. They did not intend for this to happen. They have spent a long time fighting their feelings for each other, but Cassie couldn't save her marriage. Viki pointedly asks her errant son just where Cassie is staying. He admits she is with him at the Carriage house.Viki is not happy Viki is appalled because Cassie is staying on her property. She asks if he is planning to marry Cassie. Kevin admits they did not plan this and there are a lot of things to work out yet, including the situation with River. Viki expresses her disappointment in her son's behavior. She thought she raised him better. Kevin remarks she is in no position to judge. After all, wasn't she in a similar situation with Sloan while she was still married to Clint. Viki does not think the two situations parrellel each other. She loved Sloan very much. He reminds her he loves Cassie too. Viki knows it is an exercise in futility to try to change his mind. Kevin is not asking for her blessing, but could she at least be neutral. Viki hesitantly agrees to neutrality on this personal matter, but as Publisher of the Banner she wonders how he and Cassie plan to keep their working relationship professional. Kevin assures her that they have been doing that all along. His mom does not share his optimism. Kevin professes his love for Cassie and is certain he can make her happy. He hopes eventually Viki will be happy for them too.

He leaves and meets up with Cassie. They compare notes on what reactions they got. Kevin says that Viki was not overjoyed, but she did not disown him. Cassie says she cannot process all that has happened yet. Andrew was cold and distant. Kevin replies that she couldn't expect anything else. Andrew wants her to file as soon as possible. Kevin asks wasn't that what they wanted, then looks at her tear stained face and realizes he needs to put his enthusiasm in check and try some sensitivity. He is sorry that she is upset. Cassie just didn't think it would be so difficult. Kevin pulls her closer and assures her that it will get easier each day.


Mel has scheduled an interview with Todd for his article. He tries to express his concern for Blair and Starr, but Todd says this is no social call and look for a story from someone else. Mel reminds him of all the mileage he got out of his drunken exploits on the roof of the Palace hotel and asks if maybe he could return the favor and give the Banner an exclusive. Todd challenges him to print the truth- that Patrick crashed the car deliberately. Marty was whining that night how upset she was about Blair's pregnancy and Patrick promised he would take care of it. Blaire did not have her seat belt on and there was no passenger side air bag. How convenient for Patrick! Mel replies that it is all coincidental. Todd quotes Freud, "there are no accidents in life." Mel reminds him that the policy report states that Patrick swerved to avoid an ongoing car. There were skid marks close to the scene. Todd says there is no evidence linked to the accidents. Show him the car and prove it made those skid marks. Mel asks if he is generallly paranoid or is there something in his history with Thornhart which brings it out. Todd recounts how he was doing a good deed for Marty, not his usual schtick, but no good deed goes unpunished. He went to Ireland to bring Marty back to say good bye to a dying child. Instead, he winds up taking a bullet meant for Patrick who then steals his passport, comes back to Llanview, seduces "my widow" and "gets her pregnant" to boot. All Todd knows is that the hatred is mutual. Mel probes Todd about what is Patrick's beef with him. Todd replies he should ask Thornhart. Mel says Todd's story will be a tough sell at the Banner. "Tell me" Todd answers sarcastically, "they worship at the Thornhart altar." Ok, Mel says, he understands Todd's hatred, but what does Patrick have against him. Todd replies that people hate what they fear and right now Patrick fears him.

Mel drops in at Viki's office and recounts his unusual conversation with Todd. Viki says any conversation with Todd is unusual. She knows her brother thinks Patrick is responsible for the accident. Mel inquires if Viki and Todd are part of the same gene pool. She says they are but she rarely agrees with her brother. Does Mel believe patterns of behavior are genetic? He admits he does to some degree but leans heavier toward conditioning. Viki tells him that her gene pool is a cause of concern around the Banner, but it has to do with her son, Kevin. Mel reveals he knows about Kevin and Cassie. Viki is surprised but respects Mel's right to protect his sources. She confides that she is certain her son and Cassie are making an irreversible mistake.

Thursday, May 8, 1997

Bo and Nora's house- Nora, Larry, Bo

Nora opens the door to let Larry in. She asks about her test results, Larry tells her she is definitely not pregnant. She says she wasn't sure, she's been feeling unusual lately. Larry tells her there is another reason.

Her cholesterol is off, her blood pressure, too. He tells her that stress can kill people. She says she can handle stress just fine. Larry tells her she doesn't know how to take care of herself. He gives her a whole new diet. He tells her she also needs to exercise. When Bo arrives home, she tells him about the new lifestyle changes. Bo is not very pleased about it. She bought an exercise machine, too. He asks what brought this on, and she tells him about Larry's visit. She is sad that she isn't pregnant. She says she was sure she was pregnant. Bo asks her if she wants a baby. She says she is just disappointed about not being pregnant.

Llanfair-Jessica and Viki, Clint

They are talking over breakfast and talking about Starr being sick. Jessica wants to know why life is so hard. Viki asks Jessica if anything is upsetting her. She asks Viki what the use of being a virgin is, anyway. She says she'll do it sooner or later, anyway. She says she'll never love anyone the way she loves Chris. Viki says she has earned his respect. Jessica says,"great, I have his respect, but Laine has him." Viki asks if she knows that for sure. She thinks she should ask him what is going on. She says this is all about she and Chris. Jessica says there is no she and Chris, there is just her and her virginity. She storms out of the room.

Clint arrives to talk to Viki about her speech. He also asks if she knows where Kevin is. She tells him that they are together. She tells him that Cassie has left Andrew to and is living with Kevin. She says it is like when she left him for Sloan. Clint thinks the whole thing is unprofessional. Viki tells him he has to face this as a father, not a boss, which will force him to face some things he doesn't want to see. Clint goes back to the office. Jessica comes home from school. She sees that Viki went to the bookstore. She looks in the bag and pulls out a book entitled,"sex and your teenager." She exclaims, "mother!." Viki says she thought they could read it together. Jessica thinks it's the dumbest idea she ever heard. She says these are her problems and that Viki doesn't understand anything. She goes upstairs.

Dorian's house-Dorian and Mel

Dorian and Mel are in bed, Dorian tells him what a brilliant writer he is. She says she hopes he finds who was the driver in the hit and run that hurt Blair and her baby. She also offers him a room in the waterside warehouse she owns. Mel is very interested and wants to move in.

Llanview Hospital-Blair ,Todd, Dorian, Mel

Todd and Larry are talking about Blair's health. Larry tells Todd that Blair needs microsurgery in order to avoid being paralyzed. Larry wants Todd to talk Blair into going away for the surgery. Todd goes into Blair's room and she immediately tells him she won't leave Llanview right now. She doesn't want to leave Starr. He asks what kind of wheelchair she wants. She says that isn't funny, and she doesn't want to have him trying to tell her what to do. He says she should go have the surgery tomorrow. Blair tells him that she wants to help Starr, and he says the best thing for her to do is to have the surgery and get better. Blair says that she is scared. He asks her why, she says she is scared she'll never see Starr again, and that Starr will die. Todd says that is impossible. He thinks everything will be ok. He wants her to go ASAP so she can get home soon. She says she'll go. Blair says she lost her baby, but they won't lose Starr. She says she wants Starr to stay with him at the penthouse when she is all better. Todd asks if she told her lawyer about that, Blair tells him she doesn't have one anymore, she doesn't think she'll need one. He says Dorian won't like that, and Blair says that Starr will. She thinks Starr should be with her father. Todd says "I'll take good care of her", and Blair replies," I know you will"

Dorian thinks Blair is wrong to leave Starr with Todd. She thinks he will use it against her later. Blair wants Dorian to leave it alone and not bother Todd. She says she will look into how Starr is doing, but she will do it nicely. She says Blair will be able to put her life back together when she returns. Blair says she will always be missing the part of her that she lost that night in the rain-Brendan. Dorian brings Mel by to meet Blair. They exchange pleasantries. She tells him his writing is amazing. He asks if she remembers anything about the accident. She says no. Blair asks if maybe Mel can help Dorian understand Todd. He says she does, she just has a different perspective. They leave and Todd comes back. Blair asks about Starr's donor, and Todd tells her it is Alex. He tells her she will get a transplant tomorrow. She says she is scared that something will go wrong if she leaves before the transplant and that she doesn't want to live in a world without Starr.

The Banner- Mel and Clint

Mel says he wants to investigate the accident. Clint says that's good as long as he doesn't break the law. He tells him to go ahead and do what he needs to write the story.

Friday, May 9, 1997

Cassie, Andrew, River, Drew and Kelly

At the carriage house, Cassie comes down the stairs calling Kevin's name, but Drew informs her that Kevin left very early that morning. Drew's very nice to Cassie, telling her to sit down and going to the kitchen to make her some pancakes for breakfast. Kelly, on the other hand, is openly hostile, upset that Cassie ended her marriage to Andrew. When she came to town and stayed with them, she thought Cassie and Andrew were the perfect role models. She's only trying to be happy, Cassie tries to explain, she's only human. Kelly thinks "I'm human" must be the all purpose excuse, you screw up and hurt someone really badly and excuse it all by saying "I'm human." Cassie wonders when Kelly is going over to see Blair and Kelly says she's not going to see her, she's got stuff to do. Cassie insists that she has to go see Blair, she needs her family right now. Kelly finally mellows toward Cassie a little and agrees to meet Cassie at the hospital after Cassie goes to see River.

Cassie has left and Kelly's still sitting at the table, playing with her breakfast. She's not too anxious to finish and visit Blair at the hospital, Drew comments. Kelly doesn't know how she's going to face Blair. Blair's baby died and she might be paralyzed for life because of Kelly. Accidents happen, Drew tries to comfort her. Kelly can't lie forever, she wants to tell the police, but Drew talks her out of it. Going to the police won't bring the baby back or help Blair walk. She just has to go day by day, Drew explains. This is the hardest thing I've had to do, or not do, Kelly says.

Cassie lets herself into the rectory and finds Andrew reading a book to River. River runs over to Cassie, who picks him up and hugs him. Andrew leaves to go to his office, telling River that his mommy has something to say to him. "What do you have to say to me mommy?", he asks her. River wonders if she's mad at him. She assures him she's not, she's just very sad because she'll have to stay away from him for a while. She won't be able to read to him at night or tuck him in, but she'll see him everyday and his daddy will be there for him. She knows it's kind of hard to understand, but he'll be safe there with his daddy. She sends him off to find the nanny and tell her she'd like to talk to Andrew alone. Andrew comes in, "something wrong?" he says sarcastically when he sees her crying. She asks him not to be like that and asks how they should arrange her seeing River every day. "You come, and I go", Andrew replies. Better yet, call before you come and he'll be gone before she gets there. Andrew does insist that Kevin not come to see River. He doesn't want River getting attached to Kevin when he hasn't made a permanent committment to Cassie yet. He does think Cassie should see River as much as possible though. She likes how that sounds. But not enough to come home, he says almost hopefully. She doesn't answer. They change the subject to Starr and Blair and how they are doing. Cassie leaves to go to the hospital.

Andrew is leaning back and soaking in some sunshine on the steps at Angel Square when Maggie joins him. She was looking for him, she guesses that he just saw Cassie. It was all very civilized, he tells her. Is Cassie going to ask for custody, Maggie wonders. Andrew doesn't know, he's not sure if Cassie even knows, she's very mixed up right now. When he first met Cassie he was drawn to her, mesmerized by her intelligence, her beauty, but even more by how needy she was, how troubled she was. He wanted to rescue her and make her whole. But the woman that he thought he knew down to her soul is a total stranger to him now. The only problem is that he's not ready to say goodbye.

The Diner

Linda Soto comes into the diner with her Uncle Ernesto, who is very upset because the bank is foreclosing on the building he owns. He had to take out a mortgage to cover his wife's medical expenses and then a second mortgage when the cooling system in his butcher shop broke. He's fallen a little behind on his payments and the bank has informed him they're taking the building back. Ernesto's also upset because his bank recently changed hands and all the people there that knew him for years are gone. There are new people there in their place who don't know him or care about him at all. Linda tries to tell him to calm down, but he won't listen.

Ernesto is still going on about how the new manager at the bank won't bend the rules at all. The new owner isn't even a banker he says, he made his money in oil. Antonio realizes then who the new owner is and Ernesto confirms it, it's Asa Buchanan.

Walking through Angel Square, Drew is reading Asa a list of properties that they have already acquired. At this rate, Drew tells him, Asa will own everything from there to the waterfront by the end of the summer. What about Dorian's warehouse, Asa asks. Drew hasn't had any luck yet, he admits, but he's confident he'll be able to get Dorian to sell it. Antonio joins them in the Square to confront Asa about Ernesto Soto. Never heard of him, Asa says. Antonio explains that Asa's bank is about to kick Ernesto out of the building which he has lived in for almost 25 years. Antonio asks Asa to go over to the diner and talk to Ernesto and get to know him. Asa refuses, saying there's nothing that he can do to help and suggests that Ernesto work it out with the loan officer.

Back at the diner, two men enter the diner and sit down. Ernesto turns around and sees them, "That's him", he tells Linda before going over to the men. How can they take away everything a man has worked for, he demands to know. Do I know you, the man asks. This enrages Ernesto who grabs the man by the collar and shakes him while Linda tries to get her uncle to let go. Carlotta and Linda finally reason with Ernesto and get him to let go and sit back down in his booth. The second man comes back into the diner with two police officers. Benny(the police officer that helped investigate Carlo's murder) has been there at the diner all along and assures the other officers that everything is under control. The man that Ernesto grabbed insists that he be arrested and the officers move to arrest him. Ernesto jumps up and grabs Benny's gun out of his holster and starts waving it around.

The other officers pull their guns, but Benny tries to talk to Ernesto and tells him that things won't get any worse if he trusts him and puts the gun down. Carlotta walks up to Ernesto and tries to talk to him, but Ernesto grabs her and puts the gun to her side and orders everyone out. Everyone but Benny and Linda leaves and Benny tries to get him to put the gun down again. Ernesto insists that they go too and Linda and Benny reluctantly leave Carlotta alone with Ernesto. He stops holding her, but points the gun at her and tells her to close the blinds, which she does.

Todd, Guy Armitage, Patrick and Mel

Todd and Guy Armitage are having breakfast on the terrace of the Palace Hotel. Todd informs Guy that The Sun is not for sale, but it's not The Sun that Guy wants. It's Todd that Guy wanted to meet because he's heard Todd is "agressive, ambitious, and creative."

In the Palace Hotel dining room, Mel is asking more questions about the accident. Something is bothering Mel, Patrick said that when he called 911 to report the accident, they said it had already been reported. It was raining, there were no houses around and Patrick confirms that he didn't see any other cars. Mel thinks it's a possibility that the driver of the car that ran him off the road is the one that called 911. Guy and Todd walk in from the patio. Mel obviously hates Guy, who he claims "sucks up" to Neo-Nazis "who's idea of peace is no one left to terrorize." Guy says he never cared for Mel's style of journalism. Patrick stands up and turns to face Guy saying, "but you did care for Lord Whiting's(sp?) slant on things, did you not? Only God knows how much blood was spilled because of you and that bloody demon." Guy and Todd leave, but Todd stops Guy outside the room and asks who Lord Whiting was. He was a Belfast publisher before terrorists blew him and his yacht to pieces, Guy explains.

Blair, Viki, Dorian, Kelly, Cassie, Todd and Patrick

At the hospital, Viki is visiting Blair and trying to convince her that having her surgery as soon as possible is the right thing to do. Todd is very worried about her too, although he doesn't show it like other people. Blair doesn't want to leave Starr, but Viki tells her Starr will have plenty of family around her. Actually, it's Blair that Viki's worried about since she insists that no one go with her to Philadelphia for the operation. Blair has so many people that care deeply about her, Viki reminds her. "Here's one of them now", Patrick says, entering Blair's room.

Blair apologizes to Patrick for Brendan dying, but Patrick insists that there's nothing anyone could have done to save their child. The only thing that matters now is that she and Starr get well again, Patrick says. They talk about how much they loved Brendan, even with all the trouble his existance was causing in there lives. Blair wants to see Brendan's grave and Patrick promises that she will see it soon, when she's better. In the meantime, Patrick will visit it for the both of them.

Out in the hall, Dorian sits down in the waiting room with Viki. She's just come from looking in on Starr, who looks "delicate and scared." They start talking about the situation with Kevin and Cassie. Mel seemed to know all about their relationship, so Viki assumes that Cassie must have told Dorian about it. Mel inadvertantly overheard, Dorian explains. Mel's good at inadvertantly overhears lots of things, Viki comments. Mel's terrific at a lot of things, Dorian says suggestively, much to Viki's disgust. The conversation turns to Blair. Dorian is very worried about her state of mind, she actually wants Todd to take care of Starr at the penthouse when she's ready to leave the hospital. Viki asks Dorian to please stay out of it, Todd is Starr's father and Starr needs him more than ever right now.

Blair is sleeping when Kelly and Cassie open the door to her room, but Cassie gently wakes her. She knows that both Starr and Blair are going to get through today just fine. Blair notices Kelly hanging back by the door and asks what she's doing all the way over there. Kelly comes closer to the bed and tells Blair she's looking great. "Liar", Blair teases, but a stricken look crosses Kelly's face as she thinks of the accident. The moment passes unnoticed by anyone else and Kelly promises Blair she'll come visit her when she's in rehab. Dorian comes in and insists that she's going to Philadelphia with Blair for the surgery, whether she likes it or not.

Blair finally convinces Dorian to stay in Llanview, she needs Dorian to look after her company and Dorian has her power of attorney. Philadelphia is only 30 miles away, close enough for Dorian to visit her often. The nurse comes in to kick everyone out so she can check Blair's vitals one last time. The helicopter is already there and the orderlies are on their way to move Blair. In the hall, Viki runs into Todd, who is there to see Blair before she's transferred. Viki informs Todd that Starr's transplant has just begun. Todd's upset that now, when Starr needs him the most, he can't even be in the same room with her. Viki thinks it's wonderful that Starr loves him as much as he loves Starr. There's another person that he loves too, right there(Viki points to Blair's room), why doesn't he go in to see her. There's too many people in there, Todd claims. He and Blair are on the very edge of something, they have a chance together. But Todd feels that when Blair goes away and comes back again, that chance will be gone. Viki thinks if that is the case, he should go in and talk to Blair and take the chance while he can. As Blair is being wheeled out of her room, Dorian stops them to tell Blair goodbye and good luck. Todd walks over, says hi and starts to say something, but the orderlies interrupt them and wheel Blair away

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