OLTL Recaps: The week of November 18, 1996 on One Life to Live
Carlo knocked Andy unconscious. In the midst of their party, Blair learned some devastating news about Todd. Bo was shot. Carlo was killed. Patrick and Marty learned that Mr. Keneally was involved with the “Men of 21.”
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Monday, November 18, 1996

We open at the Wild Swan ...
Marty is telling Keneally her photographic memory is kicking in and she is starting to remember some of the data from the disc ("numbers and everything") found in the Book of Irish Airs before the power went out (thanks to Grant, Carlo's goon). Patrick comes in; Keneally says he's going to brew up a pot of his famous tea, but instead eavesdrops outside the door, and hears Patrick say (about the disk) "This is the thing that will link Carlo Hesser to the Men of 21. We've got to keep trying."

At Antonio's Apartment
Andy enters calling out for Antonio and find Carlo standing there. She challenges him on wht he's doing inside the apartment. Carlo tells her that he was given permission and there on personal business and that Antonio works for him and asks her what she is doing in the apartment. Andy pulls out her gun, points and says she's at the scene of a crime - "breaking and entering." Carlo takes out a set of keys he tells her Antonio gave him, and that he was invited and told to wait for him. Andy says she is going to take Carlo down to the station, "I think we'll let Commissioner Buchanan sort out this one." Carlo agrees to go with her to the police station voluntarily. As he approaches her, he pushes her aside, causing her to be knocked unconscious. He actually looks as though he has a quick conscience attack though and actually doesn't just leave her there. Carlo checks her over, takes her gun and says aloud "The murder weapon ..." and leaves her there out cold.

Hesser Headquarters
Antonio is standing at Carlo's computer trying to break a password to access a file. He ejects a disk when R.J. enters: "Making yourself at home, Vega?" R.J. is sniping away at Antonio and makes a crack that "punks and thugs always revert to form." He asks what Antonio is doing with Carlo's disk. Antonio explains to R.J. that he took the disk because Carlo left it there carelessly and he wants to make sure it doesn't end up in the wrong hands, and that he can tell Carlo that. R.J. suggests that they both tell Carlo.

Back at the Barge ...
Blair tells Todd she feels he has been very shut off since his return, but assures him he can tell her anything, and this would be the perfect time since they are putting their cards on the table and finally "coming back from the dead" as a couple. She begs and tries to coax Todd into telling her his big secret, saying he'll feel better. Todd warns her she may not feel better after she hears the secret.
Todd talks to Blair about when he was in Ireland recovering, and how he felt and wanting to make a fresh start. They then argue about the big untold secret that Todd is holding back on. Blair goes on to talk about Carlo stealing their baby, etc., and says that .".. we're still here. Todd, compared to that, what chance does your secret have?" Todd: "You mean to tell me that there's nothing I could tell you ..." Blair: "No, because I know you love me."
And leave it to Dorian to barge in and ruin the moment. She tells T&B that their guests are piling up and are "wondering if the party is supposed to run on auto-pilot."

Back at the Wild Swan ...
Marty is talking out loud, trying to work through some of the "photographic memories", rattling numbers while Keneally is still outside listening nervously. Patrick says the numbers sound like a bank statement, and that that would be as good as a signed confession of Carlo giving $$$ to the Men of 21. He tells Marty to keep thinking, close your eyes, relax. She says "Oh my God, I see something ... I DO!" And Keneally bursts in and interrupts the flow of electrical energy racing through her synaptic gaps ... Back at the barge ... The party is now in full swing. Enter Viki and Kevin, who are announced by an English guy in a Mozartian white wig. Kevin makes a cracks about the party being a farce, and they establish that Kevin is there covering the story for the Banner. As the guests arrive, Cassie/Andrew; Kelly/Joe/Drew, Cameron/Cord; Dorian (alone); they are announced and each makes cracks about the party and Kelly and Joe scheme to get Drew and Rachel together. Cameron of course, makes a weak attempt to get out of the party for fear of being seen by Joey and Kelly. Maggie cuts in on Andrew and Cassie as they cuddle together and tells them she is leaving to go to the Philippines tonight at Midnight. Cassie leaves abruptly and leaves Maggie and Andrew to talk. Nora sees Bo and gets champagne and goes to the top of the landing to see Bo, kisses him but says "I thought I was kissing my husband, instead all I got was a mouth full of police commissioner." Bo is on the job waiting for Carlo to enter, to make his move, and says "Hesser never rests, so how can I?" He says he wants to rattle Carlo and buy time while Marty is jogging her memory. He says Carlo is getting desperate, that the circle is closing in on him. He talks about the near-bombing at the Palace Hotel at the beginning of this year, says that he is a chump, that Carlo won then, and that he will win again unless Marty remembers, until Antonio gets proof, or until Carlo screws up. Nora says that if Carlo screwed up, he wouldn't be the Carlo that "we know ... and loathe." They agree that the more desperate Carlo gets, the more dangerous he becomes. Hank goes to talk to Viki, and tells her "something is about to catch fire real soon", and Kevin and Cassie descend like vultures wanting a quote about Elliot's death, but don't get anything juicy. Cut to Dorian and Cameron at the bar, trying to look like they aren't talking to one another. Dorian dryly remarks "It's a good thing I'm not paying you by the hour - The Destruction of Buchanan Enterprises was supposed to be a film, not a miniseries." SOUND THE TRUMPETS - Enter the long awaited hosts of the party - Todd and Blair, who receive a very sparse applause from their guests. Todd says to the room "Well, it looks like I should have put out $2,000 a head, it might have bought me some applause." Blair cuts in, saying that their guests have generously raised over $100,000 for charity, and they still receive little applause. The couple descends the staircase onto the main floor, where Blair shouts "Come on everyone, this is a party! Let's dance!" We then pan to the top of the staircase, where Carlo is lurking ... At the Wild Swan ...
Patrick says Marty is tired and should rest, and calls Bo. Keneally assures Patrick that Marty will be safe with him, and Marty says she'll rest while Patrick runs back to her place to get the garment bags for the party, saying "How could I be any safer than with Mr. Keneally?" Patrick says not to let anyone in, and Keneally jokes saying he won't let anyone out. In the hall, Keneally meets Grant, who asks if Marty is starting to remember anything? Keneally says not to worry because he's making her a pot of "special" tea ...

Sorry, folks I lost the last fifteen minutes of this, but from a very shoddy memory, the only thing that really stands out is that Cameron/Olivia finally met Joe and Kelly and explained that she uses her middle name (Olivia) for personal stuff and Cameron for business - not too exciting. Kelly and Joe discuss Camerolivia; of course, Cord looked a bit skeptical even while she's trying to charm him. Bo kept an eye out for Carlo to make his next move. Marty waited at the Wild Swan for Patrick while she rested in Keneally's care. Of course, Blair is beaming, happier than she has ever been ... until tomorrow, that is ...

Tuesday, November 19, 1996

The Party

Dorian recounts what took place at the Waterside Inn, lamenting the fact that Cassie has turned to Viki and turned against her. It's not Blair but Todd who she has just told. Todd tells Dorian that all Dorian wanted was a front row seat to see Viki kill Kevin. Todd asks for more details telling her that confession is good for the soul.

Dorian tells Todd that all she did was out of love for her daughter. But then again what does Todd know about love. Todd doesn't even love himself according to Blair. Dorian tells Todd that he doesn't even love nor deserves Blair. And when Blair realizes it, it'll be a dark day for him. Todd agrees with Dorian.

R.J. and Carlo watch the crowd, poking fun at many of them. R.J. shares his findings with Carlo about the passports. They wonder where Antonio is since he'll be the patsy in Carlo's murder. R.J. tells Carlo that he caught Antonio with a diskette that Carlo had left in his computer. Carlo tells him there wasn't anything important on it.

Andrew asks Maggie if she's told Max that she's leaving for the Philippines tonight. Max joins them and Andrew leaves the two of them. Max demands to know when Maggie was going to tell him; why is she running away?

Cassie and Kevin comment that Carlo smiling is not good. Kevin offers to take Viki home if Carlo's being there is bothering her, Viki declines his offer. Cassie, Kevin and Viki talk about all the people that came.

Blair asks if everyone is enjoying themselves. Blair recounts to the crowd what has happened to her over the past year. Losing Todd first then Starr, then getting both of them back. Blair tells everyone that Todd had planned every little detail except one.

Blair has no words of her own to tell Todd how she feels but rather a song. Blair sings 'Today' and the camera goes back and forth between Blair and Todd throughout her song.

Patrick, Marty

Mr. K tries to get Marty to have some of his 'magic' tea, but Marty keeps talking about what she remembers. Mr. K gets impatient with her telling her she needs to take a rest. Patrick busts in the room with their clothes. Marty shows him what she has remembered so far. They take off for the party.

Mr. K talks to Grant and tells him that he'll have to take care of Marty at the party. Grant may have fried the diskette but Marty has the memory of an elephant. Mr. K gives Grant a silver case that will help him (G) make sure that this is Marty's last dance.

Antonio, Andy, Carlotta

Antonio tells Andy to hold on until help arrives. Antonio screams for help. Andy comes to briefly, telling Antonio that Carlo is responsible. Antonio swears revenge on Carlo. Carlotta drops by, having seen the lights on from the street.


After Blair finishes her song, Carlo leads the applause. Todd comes down the stairway, taking the mike from Blair's hands and takes her to the dance floor where the band plays "My funny little valentine." Others join them on the dance floor.

Cameron asks Cord if her secret life bothers him. Cord replies that he's intrigued. Cameron asks Cord to dance, he asks her who would he be dancing with and she replies whoever makes him happy.

Kevin watches the crowd and Viki asks him if there's anything wrong. Kevin tells her that he's just thinking about women and their choices in men, eg. Blair with Todd. Nora and Bo are dancing and Nora comments that she didn't like spiders until she read Charlotte's Web then goes on to say that maybe Blair could bring out Todd's human side.

Carlo tells R.J. that he didn't appreciate being singled out when Blair implied he (C) had something to do with Starr's kidnapping. R.J. tells Carlo that he's just the mastermind for all that's bad in Llanview. R.J. distracts Todd with a ruse of buying some ads while Blair is given a note to go to the stateroom.

Carlo is at the stateroom. Blair fears that Carlo has done something to Todd. Carlo assures her that he hasn't. Carlo hands Blair the passports confiscated from Todd's jacket. Carlo points out the date the passports were issued. Todd comes in and asks Carlo what is he doing there. Carlo leaves telling Todd that Blair has some questions for him.

Blair asks Todd about the passports. Todd tells her that he can explain them, that that was what he was trying to tell her earlier. Blair is devastated that Todd kidnapped Starr. Todd tells her that he didn't kidnap Starr since she's his daughter and tries to explain.

Todd tells Blair that when he was recovering the only thing that kept him going was thinking of her. When he came home he found her with Patrick rolling around on the floor like he was never there. Blair concludes that since he knew all along about her involvement with Patrick that his distance and kidnapping Starr was his way of punishing her.

Blair realizes that Todd was the one who set her and Patrick up at the Wild Swan. Todd pleads with Blair to understand from his point of view. Blair doesn't want Todd to come near her.

Patrick, Marty, Bo, Grant

Patrick and Marty show up at the party. Grant shows up getting into position for the kill. They tell Bo Marty has remembered. Bo wants to take Marty back to the police station where she can write down more and be protected. They head dockside to wait for the police escort. Grant follows them.

After awhile, Bo calls to find out why the delay and they have to send another car when the first car responded to an accident. A little bit later, Bo decides that they should return to the ship. Grant takes aim and shoots.


Carlo stops by Viki to have a few words but Kevin jumps in threatening to kill Carlo. Clint and Cord join the group showing their support for Kevin or offering to kill Carlo if Kevin doesn't.

Asa is with Renee. Renee asks him if he's carrying a gun, and Asa responds sarcastically that maybe he's just glad to see her. Renee's concerned about Asa having a gun.

Alex shows up on the arm of her attorney paid for by The Sun. Cassie would love to get a quote. Cassie and Andrew are coming down the stairway when they run into Dorian who wants to talk to Cassie. Cassie brushes her off. Cameron comes up and tells Dorian they may have a problem.

Cassie and Andrew watch Alex and her lawyer some more. Andrew tells Cassie that she can stay for her quote and he'll get home to take care of River.

Alex approaches Carlo with her lawyer. Alex tries to reason with Carlo but instead Carlo hands her lawyer annulment papers.

Maggie, Max, Antonio, Andy, Carlotta

Maggie contends that she's not running away, she's happy with the choice she's made with her life. Those children in the Philippines need her. Max disagrees when he gets the call from Carlotta who tells him that Andy's at the hospital.

Max and Maggie go to the hospital. Carlotta tells Max that Antonio found Andy but he doesn't know why she was at his apartment in the first place. Andy will be okay according to Larry. When Andy gets done with her cat scan and comes down in a wheelchair still drowsy, Andy tells Antonio again that Carlo was responsible.

Wednesday, November 20, 1996

Today's show opens with Anotnio bending over an unconscious Andi. He calls to her to try to wake her up. He is panicked regarding her condition. Andi finally stirs and he asks her who did this to her. She barely groans out Carlo's name and falls back into unconsciousness again. Antonio screams for help. Somehow we find Mrs. Vega there trying to help her and they call the paramedics. Andi is rushed to the hospital.

Meanwhile, at the party, Carlo (with R.J.) makes fun of Hank, Bo and LVPD regarding their efforts to find something that will send him away for a long time. R.J. tells Carlo about the disk he caught Antonio with. Carlo tells him the disk contains nothing important. R.J. then produces passports he lifted from the Manning residence. Carlo is overjoyed at the thought of what havoc he can wreak with it.

Blair gets on center stage and tells all the guests how much hell her family (Todd/Blair/Starr) have been put through in the last year with Todd dying and Starr getting kidnapped and how she's gained all she thought was lost back and how happy they are. She then dedicates a song to her dearly beloved, Todd. A beautiful love song that moves Todd extremely and his eyes are moist with tears. As she finishes the song, she receives an applause. Todd walks on stage, takes her into his arms and opens the dance floor with her. Other couples join in the serenade. What a seemingly beautiful scene, but, Carolo is planning havoc. He tells R.J., that this is the night for Carlo's "justice."

While this is going on, Maggi tells Max she was going to call him from the airport going to the Phillipines. He says she's running out of town again and avoiding facing him. They argue back and forth about Maggie's choices and their feelings. Then Carlotta calls Max on his cell phone about Andi being in the emergency room at the hospital. He rushes out of the party.

At the hospital, Dr. Wolek tells the family that Andi is alert and is asking for Antonio. It looks like she will be fine, but, he is concerned at the length of time she was unconscious with a blow to the head so he'd like for her to go througha catscan. Andi returns, her results are o.k. Antonio talks to her and he asks about the incident and what Carlo did.

While all this is going on, Marty is at the Wildswan trying to recall the informationon the (now destroyed) disk they obtained from the Irish Airs book. As she remembers, Keneally tries to get her to drink his tea concoction. Marty excitedly says she remembers everything and Keneally tells her to stop straining her brain and drink her tea and rest. Patrick arrives and after Marty confirms to him that she remembers, tells her they have to go to the party and tell Bo. They leave as Keneally looks on in frozen horror.

Keneally then tells Grant (who has now arrived) that there was nothing he could do to stop Patrick and Marty from leaving. He tells Grant he must stop Marty at all costs so what she knows doesn't bring them all down including Carlo and the Men of 21. He tells Grant "You have the remains of a brain, use it. You don't want to find out what we do to people who continually fail in their mission. Make sure you have the last dance with her." He gives Grant a steel briefcase and tells him to use the contents.

At the party, R.J. tells Todd he needs to talk to him. He needs a full page ad in the Sun. As they leave to discuss "business", Blair gets a note from a waiter and she leaves too. As she leaves, the arrival of "Her Honor, the Mayor of Llanview is announced with a guest" - an extremely famous high powered attorney. As she swirls down the stairs, she makes a beeline straight for Hesser whom she introduces to the attorney as her husband. Carlo corrects her - ex-husband. Carlo them informs the attorney that he read his book and if he wouldn't mind, reading his little note to Ms. Alex Olanoff he would be most appreciative - you see this are his annulment papers from Alex and with that, Carlo walks away. You can imagine the shock on Alex's face - and her lawyer.

In the meantime, Blair arrives at the Mannings private room on the barge and calls out to Todd. As she calls out to him, guess who she sees in the mirror - Carlo. As she challenges him on being in the room uninvited, he hands her the passports and calls it the truth about the kidnapping of her daughter. The crime for which he has been crucified on for the last few weeks. He further tells Blair "Perhaps after you look at this, you will reverse my conviction, the truth will set you free." He then asks her to pay attention to the dates on the passports. Todd walks in on them and Carlo tells him he's done with Blair, "but your wife has questions for you." Todd swallows hard. Carlo is satisfied that he has gotten his "justice" on the Mannings.

Blair asks Todd if it's true. Todd tries to explain about what he went through in Ireland not having a memory and the only he remembered then was Blair's face. He then got to Llanview and the day he arrives, finds her "going at it with Patrick like he was never in her life." To say Blair was shocked furious that Todd could try to punish her using their daughter is an understatement. She then tells Todd never to touch her again and to leave her alone.

At the same time, Grant arrives at the party and finds a hiding place where he can get a clear view of Marty and focuses his high powered gun at her. As he gets a clear focus, Patrick covers his clear aim. Bo tells Marty and Patrick that they will need to go the Police HQ to get the information Marty has where they will have full protection from Carlo's goons. He has a squad car waiting at a secret location. As they arrive, there, the car is gone (would you believe to attend to a robbery). They call for another one. As they wait, Grant tries again to take Marty out. As he pulls the trigger, Patrick hears the sound and tells Bo. They see Grant and as they try to duck, the gun goes off. Patrick gets a hold of Grant and beats him to a pulp. Marty screams for Patrick and sees Bo on the ground bleeding. Patrick calls 911, but the phone is dead. Marty tries to stop the bleeding, but, it won't stop. She tells him to find Nora. They come back with Hank and Drew in tow.

Patrick explains everything to Hank as Nora begs Bo not to leave her. Drew covers Bo with his jacket. Finally, we hears the sirens, Patrick leans over Bo and tell him he'll take care of this one. As he strides off the dock Marty calls to him to stop. Patrick goes back to the party and loudly calls for Carlo Hesser. When he spots Carlo he goes straight for him, holding by the collar he threatens to kill him. Carlo announces to the crowd that they are all now witnesses to the threat from Mr.Thornhart. Patrick lets him know that it's not a threat, it's a promise. Carlo tells R.J. he's going out for some fresh air alone. On the deck he launches into a soliloquy saying good-bye to Llanview. He says he's had a wonderful trip with a splendid ending. "Farewell Llanview and thank you...at least until the next time." Suddenly the lights on the ship go black.

Thursday, November 21, 1996

What a turmoil today!

Blair although very upset with Todd understands some of the reasons why he reacted the way he did by kidnapping Starr. Blair's dreams have been destroyed by Carlo. She still needs to hear the explanations from Todd himself and tells Dorian that. Dorian counters by saying that Todd has no excuse for what he did - hurt or not! Just because he was hurting does not give him the right to hurt someone else. He should have talked to Blair like a grown-up. Well! Dorian is a fine one to talk. Blair feels if Todd would just walkt through the door and explain. Dorian says he would still be lying.

Back at the barge, everyone is trying to figure out who turned out the lights. Cassie thinks it's Kevin, he says he didn't. They try to investigate as well try to figure out why Blair was so upset. As Cassie goes rummages through the drawers and the rest of the stateroom, they discuss about love, husbands and wives. Kevin believes love is nothing without passion. To prove this, he takes Cassie in his arms and they kiss passionately for a while - on the bed. The lights come back on and Cassie realizes what has just happened pushes Kevin away and they leave the stateroom separately.

While these two were kissing, in the ballroom darkness, Viki starts looking for Todd and Asa. Marty looks for Patrick (who is out looking for Hesser). Hank orders the police to search the ship to find Carlo too. Viki finds Todd and asks why he stopped the party. He tells his half-sister about Carlo giving the fake passports to Blair and the truth about the kidnapping being exposed. Viki urges him to go to Blair and explain how much he loves Blair and how much she means to him and that he'll do anything to win her back. She further tells him that if he does not do all that he can and win her back, Carlo wins.

In the meantime, Kelly suspects Cameron/Olivia is behind the blackout. Hank hears a speedboat and asks Emilio to contact the coast guard. Hank then annouces to everyone that they are searching boat for a criminal and noone can leave yet. Patrick angrily accuses Hank and the LVPD of letting Carlo slip away. Hank accuses R.J. of being in on Carlo's disappearance. Todd convinces Hank later to let everyone fo home. R.J. leaves, but Hank tells him he will stay in touch. Marty tells Renee about Bo being shot and news is spread amongst the family members. Bo is rushed to ER. Dr. Wolek tells Nora to hang in there while they examine Bo. Nora, Drew, Carlotta, Andi and Maggie (who have also heard the news) all wait. Larry comes back and tells them all that Bo has lost a lot of blood. He is getting a transfusion. Larry is afraid one of his kidnesys may be involved. Nora asks if Bo will die. Larry assures her that the doctor is a fine surgeon, but, it will not be easy to save him. Rachel comes to comfort her mother as Bo is wheeled into surgery.

Andi meantime vows that Carlo will not get away with this. She calls the station and finds that Carlo is missing. What does Antonio know. She also discovers that her service revolver is missing and she must report it. Max tells Antonio to stay away from Andi. Maggie misses her flight to the Phillipines.

Meanwhile, Todd goes to try to talk to Blair with a single rose and a gold baloon. Dorian refues to let him in. He bursts the balloon and leaves.

At Llanview Hospital, Larry comes in with an update on Bo's condition. He's out of surgery and lost a kidney. The damage was substantial and he took a blow to the head. He's not yet out of the woods. Rachel embraces Drew who admits he doesn't want his father to die.

Has Carlo escaped justice one more time?

Friday, November 22, 1996

Location: The Wild Swan

Mr. Keneally is standing behind the bar. Laying on the bar are a passport and a round coin with the number 21 on it. As Marty and Patrick come in, Mr. Keneally asks them what they are doing there. Mr. Keneally hides the things on the bar, and comes around to talk to them about how Bo is doing. Bo lost a kidney and hit his head when he fell, so it's pretty serious. They tell Mr. Keneally that the police caught the man who shot Bo (Grant), but he's not talking. Patrick and Marty go upstairs to shower and change, while Mr. Keneally calls someone to ask where his plane tickets are.

Patrick and Marty, showered and changed, come back downstairs and sit down to enjoy a cup of tea. Mr. Keneally asks Marty if she had any luck decoding what she saw on the computer screen before the disk was destroyed. She's just about to answer, when Patrick interrupts and says they couldn't get anything from it. A delivery person comes in and gives Mr. Keneally a package. Why did you just lie to Mr. Keneally, Marty quietly asks Patrick. Patrick just has a feeling and he doesn't think they should talk to anyone about anything until the whole situation is over. Mr. Keneally puts his package behind the bar and answers the phone, it's a call for Patrick telling him that Carlo's dead. Mr. Keneally slowly opens a drawer and takes out a gun, hiding it from their view.

Mr. Keneally excuses himself to go down to the cellar. Marty finds it hard to believe that Carlo's really dead, and Patrick doesn't seem too happy about it. Patrick's happy, but he feels a little cheated. He wanted Carlo arrested and convicted, and then suffering in jail the way he's made everyone else suffer. At least it's over and we're finally out of danger, Marty says. Down in the cellar, Mr. Keneally is causing a leak in the gas line with a wrench. Patrick goes behind the bar to get himself a drink, but when he pulls out a glass, the "21" coin and the passport fall to the floor. Patrick picks up the coin, "Holy Mother of God", he says. He shows the coin to Marty, who at first can't believe that Mr. Keneally is part of the Men of 21. They open the passport and it has Mr. Keneally's picture in it. Mr. Keneally is standing by the curtained doorway, holding a gun.

Location: the Banner

Kevin is staring at Cassie, who is sitting at her desk. Clint enters and Kevin rushes over to find out how Bo is. He made it through the night, Clint tells them, but he's still in ICU and he's still unconscious. Kevin wants to print the story saying that Carlo is responsible for Bo's shooting. Clint has no doubt that Carlo is behind it, but the Banner won't print anything without proof to back it up. Viki asks Cassie to work on the story with Kevin, to help keep the story impersonal. Kevin and Cassie walk over to his desk, and Kevin tells Cassie that he's tried to keep his distance from her for months, and he's sorry about what happened last night. "I'm not", Cassie replies. On the other side of the room, Todd enters and tells Viki he took her advice to go and see Blair and it didn't work. "Do something, get my daughter back from them, now", he demands.

(In Viki's office) Todd explains that he went to Blair and wanted to tell her why he stole Starr and they wouldn't even let him in, they even threatened to call the cops. Viki tells him he's got to give Blair some time. "Time to get a restraining order?", Todd asks. Blair still loves him, and whether Todd will admit it or not, he loves Blair too, Viki says. (Outside, in the press room) Cassie's glad about what happened last night because everything is finally out in the open. There's are real attraction between them, and Cassie didn't want to face it, but now..... Maybe in another lifetime they could have been together, but she has a husband that she loves very much. Kevin tells her how much he wants to be with her, but Cassie tells him to stop, he's only making things worse. No matter how she feels about Kevin, she made vows to Andrew at their wedding and she intends to keep them. (In Viki's office)Todd denies that he cares for Blair and says he should have taken off with Starr when he had the chance. But Todd brought Starr back to Blair, Viki reminds him. He still loves Blair and that's why he's there talking to his "crazy" sister, to have her help him find a way to get Blair back. Todd has to find a way to let himself be happy, before it's too late.

Cassie admits that her marriage is in trouble because of Kevin. Kevin apologizes for causing any trouble. Cassie can't bear the thought of leaving Andrew, so he must never find out how Cassie feels about Kevin, about what happened in the stateroom last night. Kevin promises that Andrew will never find out from him. Cassie still wants to work with Kevin, unless he feels it's impossible for them to work together. Kevin agrees to work with her. Clint comes in to talk to Kevin, but gets a call on his cel phone. "Dead?", he asks the person on the other end. Kevin is worried, thinking that it's Bo that is dead. (Viki's office) Viki's explaining to Todd that even though Carlo was the one who told Blair about the kidnapping, Todd's the one who gave Carlo the ammunition in the first place. Kevin burst in without knocking. "Didn't your mother ever teach you to knock?", asks Viki. Kevin taps on the open door and then shares his news, Carlo's dead.

Viki rushes out to talk to Clint. Clint's not sure if Bo will be completely happy about the news when he wakes up, he wanted badly to arrest Carlo. They found the body by the boat that Todd rented (everyone turns to stare at Todd). Cassie says that Carlo always seemed so untouchable. "Well, I guess somebody just reached out and touched him", Todd jokes. Todd thought the party was a total loss, "but if Carlo Hesser died, I guess not." Hank comes in to talk to everyone, to find out if they saw or heard anything. Hank asks Todd where he was when the lights went out. "In the dark", Todd replies, refusing to answer any questions without his lawyer present. Hank confronts him with the fact that Carlo showed Blair the passports. Cassie is shocked that Todd is the one who kidnapped Starr. Todd tells her to get over it, that's the least of his crimes. Todd figures out it must have been Blair who told Hank about the passports. When Hank asks Kevin where he was when the lights went out, Kevin lies and says he was out looking for a fuse box or back-up generator, alone. Cassie later thanks Kevin for keeping her name out of it, he's quite a gentleman, she just hopes he doesn't get into trouble. He tells her not to worry, Todd is the obvious suspect. Viki, (talking to Clint on the other side of the room) says she senses that Kevin was holding something back when Hank questioned him.

Location: the Orion (Ship where the party was held)

Blair and Dorian have gone back to the boat to pick up Blair's stuff. There's a security guard protecting Starr. Blair wishes that she'd never had the ball and never found out what Todd did. As Dorian goes down to the stateroom to get Blair's things, Blair goes over to lean on the railing. She looks down and screams, Carlo is floating face-up in the river with a bullet hole in the middle of his forehead. Blair stumbles back from the rail and looks away, as Dorian rushes up on deck. Dorian spots Carlo floating. Blair asks if he fell. "Not until the bullet hit him", Dorian replies. Dorian's not going to waste any time mourning for him. She calls the police and tells them that Carlo is dead, floating in the water. Dorian tells Blair not to worry, Carlo can't hurt her any more. Blair wishes it had happened before he showed her the passports. Maybe it happened *because* Carlo showed her the passports, insinuating that Todd killed Carlo because Carlo showed them to Blair.

Blair defends Todd, Todd didn't kill Carlo, and tells Dorian not to even mention the idea to the police. Dorian hopes that Todd did kill Carlo, that he goes to the electric chair for it, because that way Blair and Starr will be safe. Hank, Andy and at least 5-6 policemen arrive on the scene. Blair explains she was coming back to pick up a few things on the boat when she looked down and noticed Carlo's body. Andy tells the other officers to rope off the crime scene, it's likely that the murder weapon's on the bottom of the river. Hank asks Blair and Dorian what the know about Carlo's death and wonders where Todd is this morning. Todd's probably at The Sun, Blair says. Andy tells Hank that they can't determine how long Carlo's body was in the water until the autopsy is done, but judging by the condition it's been at least several hours. Hank thinks back to the previous night, after Bo was shot and the lights went out, that's when Hank came back to arrest Carlo, but he was gone. Blair offers that the last time she saw Carlo was when she spoke to him in her stateroom. Andy thinks it's strange that they were alone in Blair's stateroom. Blair tries to explain by saying that Carlo was unhappy with the way he was being portrayed in The Sun and had come to talk to her about it. Hank thinks that must be the reason why Todd was mad and went after Carlo. Blair didn't even know that they had had a fight. Todd attacked Carlo and Hank had to pry Todd's hands off Carlo's neck. Blair admits that Todd was furious because Carlo showed her proof that Todd kidnapped Starr. Hank sends an officer to go find Todd, and Andy asks Blair for a copy of the guest list for the party.

As Hank comes back from the Banner (see above), 4 police officers are taking Carlo's body away in a bodybag. The tide on the river is too strong. If there is a murder weapon down there, it's unlikely they'll find it, Hank is told. The guy who shot Bo(Grant) still isn't talking. Hank thinks he heard a speed boat that night on the river when the lights were out. Maybe the killer escaped by water, or Carlo made plans to leave by water. The police are going to send some men down to the marina to check with boat owners to see if they saw anything. This case is top priority, Hank wants Carlo's killer found quickly. Hank leaves. Andy, leaning on the rail, remembers Antonio saying that he was going to make sure Carlo never hurt Andy or anyone else again.

Location: Dorain's house

Blair's playing with Starr, wondering out loud what she'll say to Starr when she grows up about why she turned Starr's daddy over to the police. Dorian wants to know when Blair will be able to look at Todd and see him for what he really is. Dorian can't believe that Blair almost lied for Todd to the police today. Dorian leaves to go upstairs. "When he holds you in his arms, Starr, does he feel like a monster to you?", Blair asks. "Me either", she says. There's a knock on the door, it's Todd. Todd is pounding on the door, asking her to open up, he knows she told the police about the passports. Blair puts Starr down in her playpen and moves over near the door. When she won't open the door, Todd busts it open. "Todd, no!", Blair yells.

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