OLTL Recaps: The week of October 21, 1996 on One Life to Live
Patrick and Marty looked for the “Irish Airs.” Maggie returned to town with more questions than answers. Max declared his love for Maggie. Carlo prevented Elliott Durbin from leaving town. Antonio had his suspicions.
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Monday, October 21, 1996

Rachel felt betrayed by Drew; just as they were kind of making peace over lunch ol' Beckie Lee (sp) came up and ruined everything by saying (I didn't listen too closely) that they were there to get money from Bo which betrayed Rachel all over and she left in tears.

Viki and Jessica had some nice scenes, with a playing and laughing Starr.

Viki's doctor, who was trying to pack to leave town in a hurry to get away from Carlo, was interrupted by a prying Dorian (I would never have been able to maintain his patience - she would have driven me to screaming and physical violence :-) ). He also left a letter for his lawyer, handwritten on a legal pad, saying what Carlo had been making him do and that if he turned up dead, Carlo was to blame; if Kevin B. was hurt, Viki was blameless and again Carlo was to blame. After he finally left the office, he went to Viki's to have a 'last' session, but Viki was busy so she put him off. Again I didn't hear this too clearly, but after he left her with a hug saying how much he cared for her, Jessica came out of the whatever-that-room-is and asked with a puzzled face "What was that all about?"

Todd went up to Viki's cabin where Blair was sitting in front of the fire looking upset. Todd and Zeus met in front of the cabin (right in front of the front door - having a normal-voice conversation - at an isolated cabin - and Blair heard nothing ?!?) discussing whether Zeus had cleared out all evidence of Todd having been there with Starr. Zeus says he is pretty sure, but after all Blair was already there when he arrived so he couldn't exactly check. Todd wasn't exactly happy with that of course; then they discussed having changed their plans to leave, Zeus ending up saying that he thought Todd was falling back in love with his wife (totally out of character for him to have said IMHO). Then Zeus left and Todd went in the cabin. Blair was surprised, and angry. Todd was prowling around looking for 'clues', and Blair gets disgusted with that (that was actually funny). Todd found the picture on the hearth of him and Starr, and starts looking paranoid like he thinks *that's* why Blair is angry; then he puts the picture in the fire. Blair keeps trying to get Todd to talk to her. Then she asks him to come with her. When the show comes back to them, they are standing in front of the cabin and Blair is talking about how she had tried to hold on to their dream for the future even when he 'died'. When they had flown over Llanview before they married (or after; I forget) he had pointed out Llantano Mountain and said he wanted to build a home there for them. So after he 'died' she bought the mountain; she didn't want anyone else living their dream. She said neither of them trusted easily, but they were good for each other and she wanted them to have a future. Then she said "Let's go home" and walks off, Todd following sort of reluctantly (and of course leaving that fire burning in the cabin!!! That stuff burns me up, pun intended!)

Tuesday, October 22, 1996
Written by Janice Beydler

Marty and Patrick work on finding the 'Irish air'. Patrick believes the clue is in Siobhan's things. It's in one of the books he gave to the Library for their book sale. Patrick calls Bo to tell him his theory.

Blair and Todd stop by Viki's to pick up Starr. Blair asks Viki if she's okay and Viki tells her that she had a weird visit from Elliot. Blair goes upstairs to get Starr leaving Todd to answer Viki's questions on how things worked out.

Todd is evasive of Viki's questions, making wisecracks. Viki asks Todd if he shared his secrets with Blair who's standing at the top of the stairs with Starr listening to the two. They see her and Blair thanks Viki for watching Starr. Outside Blair tells Todd she overheard Viki asking him about secrets. Blair tells Todd that he was gone for a long time and alot has happened to both of them. Todd tells Blair it's cold and they need to get the kid home.

Cassie and Kevin are finishing their story. Clint's after them to finish. Kevin tries for a quote from Emily DeMoro whose baby Alex was going to buy. Emily is upset and refuses to talk to Kevin. Then Kevin and Cassie argue over the verbage for their story about Kevin's interview with Emily.

Carlo stops Elliot at the airport. Carlo tells Elliot that his plans have changed and they return to Elliot's office. After Todd/Blair/Starr have left, Viki calls Elliot and leaves a message for him.

Carlo returns to Elliot's office with him. Carlo sees the packed boxes and asks Elliot what's going on. Elliot tells Carlo that he doesn't like doing this to an innocent woman like Viki. Carlo tells him that Viki's not innocent. Carlo tells Elliot that since he's suffered so much himself, the lies and humiliation he doesn't really care what Elliot thinks. Carlo warns Elliot not to psychoanalyze him either.

Marty and Patrick are at the Wild Swan, playing music. Marty and Patrick tell Mr. Keneally that Bo's on his way. They are hoping to catch Poseidon. That's good news for Mr. K. He also reminds them about the full moon and asks will he be planning a wedding soon.

Starr and Todd are bonding. Blair watches on and tells Todd that he's a good father. Todd is taken back by her praise. Todd tells Blair considering his role models, Victor Lord and Peter Manning, he never thought he would ever be told that. Blair tells Todd that she's glad she never knew her father after his experience, but Blair tells Starr she will know her daddy.

Blair goes to get Starr's favorite blanket. Todd asks Blair about Starr's favorite blanket, Blair explains it's one River had, but Starr loves it. Todd tells his daughter that he has so much to learn about her - her favorite food, how to quiet her, if she likes to be rocked or bounced. He tells her that she's changing so fast.

He promises her that he'll be there for her, he'll sacrifice himself for her, he'll never make her feel stupid, bad, or worthless. He promises never to betray her and then maybe she'll not be afraid and maybe she'll like people. Blair hears the last part and watches father and daughter some more.

Todd dozes off, but Starr's still playing beside her daddy. Blair comes over and tells Starr not to wake Daddy but Starr offers her pacifier to her daddy waking him. Todd and Blair look at each other, saying nothing, until the phone rings.

Bo thinks it's a good theory. Bo is given the news that Patrick gave the book to the Library Book Sale, but they'll get it back. Bo comments about how cute a couple Marty and Patrick are. Bo asks Patrick why didn't Siobhan tell him about the music. Patrick tells Bo that she never had a chance.

Bo warns them not to go after Carlo themselves. Bo tells them that he's going to check on his sources and tells them to be careful. After Bo leaves, Marty warns Patrick that they're in this together. She's not going to back out, get use to it. Patrick's glad that she's there.

Cassie and Kevin celebrate their forthcoming pulitzer. Clint shows Cassie the front page. Cassie's taking back about the byline giving her star credit. Emily shows up at the Banner upset over Kevin's and Cassie's story since it spoils her plans for her baby.

Cassie and Kevin tell Emily who the parents would be. Emily doesn't understand and she asks if they were only thinking about the number of newspapers they would sell. Cassie offers Andrew as someone Emily can talk to. Cassie tries to explain she knows something that Emily's going through since she has adopted herself. Emily tells them they don't understand. Cassie feels some responsibility towards Emily but Kevin tells her that they have a responsibility to the news. Besides if Emily is trying to sell her baby she obviously has problems.

Todd tells Blair about Kevin, Cassie and their exclusive on Alex. Blair tells Todd that Cassie did have a source in the mayor's office. Todd tells Blair go ahead and say it, he shouldn't have fired Cassie. Blair tells him that that's old news and they need to do something about the present. Todd's going to call his lawyer and sue Cassie for starting that story while she was with The Sun. Todd leaves the apartment telling Blair he's not going down without a fight.

Carlo ridicules Elliot and his protest about what they're doing to Viki. Carlo tells Elliot that if this plan does not go forward he doesn't care what happens to anyone including himself. Elliot realizes that Carlo is serious. Carlo wants revenge. Carlo tells him that if Elliot doesn't do this, Carlo will find another doctor to do this. Carlo tells Elliot that he'll watch from the smaller room with the help of a two way mirror.

Viki drops by to see a despondent Elliot. Viki tells Elliot that he sounded desperate on the phone. Viki comments about his office being packed. Was everything okay? Elliot tells her that he was vacating these offices and that his business trip had been cancelled. Elliot rattles on about trying to help a friend. Viki tells Elliot that she does care what happens to him. He thanks her.

Wednesday, October 23, 1996
Written by Susan Richmond

Starting Location: Max's bedroom at Serenity Springs (sort of)

*Max is in bed sleeping, when Maggie leans over him. She's dressed in some sort of slinky black dress/negligee. Max wakes up, sees her and says, "Maggie, you're back." She runs her had across his chest and kisses him. He pulls her onto the bed and kisses her again. Switch to a shot of a rosary, and then up to a shot of Maggie daydreaming. She's sitting in a pew in Andrew's church. Andrew comes in and welcomes her back from the retreat. Did she get any answers to those hard questions she went to think about?

*No, she still hasn't figure out the answers yet. Andrew's always been good at helping her in the past and she could use his help now. Why did she get involved in the scam in the first place? She tried to justify it by saying she would be getting money to help the kids, Maggie tells him, but all she ended up doing was putting Max and his kids in danger. Not to mention Maggie herself, Andrew reminds her. She did it for the thrill, the same way she used to as a kid.

*Max is in bed (at Serenity Springs, for real this time) dreaming and saying "Oh, Maggie." He wakes up suddenly, gets out of bed and quickly leaves the room.

*Maggie did enjoy every minute of the excitement of scamming Carlo. And she'd do it again, but it's wrong. She used Carlo's faith in her as a nun to deceive him. When she first came to him and told him she was going to become a nun, Andrew doubted her committment. And he was right, Maggie says. No, he wasn't, he envies her committment, it's passionate. Andrew invites her to dinner with Cassie and him tonight. Max shows up at the church and Andrew asks what he's doing there. Max tries to get information from Andrew. Did Maggie say anything about any plans for the future? Maggie walks up to them, "Why don't you ask her yourself?"

*Andrew leaves. Max welcomes Maggie back. On her retreat, she couldn't forget what happened with Carlo Hesser. Max has to tell her that Carlo can't be arrested, there's no proof that Carlo had anything to do with their kidnapping. Maggie gets very upset and starts suggesting wild plans like bugging his room or grabbing him and making him talk. She stops herself, one minute with Max and she's back to the way she was before the retreat. What's wrong with that, Max asks.

*Maggie admits to Max that the soul searching she did on her retreat did nothing to change their 'partnership'. She claims she gave up on their 'parnership' long before the retreat, no more going after Carlo Hesser. If they don't stop Carlo Hesser, who will, Max asks her. Andrew rushes in, there's a call for Maggie from her Mother Superior on his cellular phone. He hands her the phone and leaves again.

*The Mother Superior wants Maggie to go and meet her in Boston next week. She heard about Maggie's retreat and wants to know what's troubling her. What's Maggie going to say, Max asks. She has no idea.

Starting Location: Alex's hotel room

Alex is sitting on the bed reading Cassie and Kevin's article in the Banner out loud to R.J. She asks him to give her the copy of The Sun, how much worse could it be? The Sun has a large picture of Alex and Hesser with the headline, "Shopping Spree?" Alex accuses R.J. of leaking the story to the press.

*Why would R.J. want anyone looking into the baby buying story? He's the one that made the arrangement to buy the baby in the first place. R.J. would be the one to get in trouble. Alex apologizes, she was upset. R.J. suggests maybe she should resign, the voters aren't going to be happy about her embezzling. Alex calls Nora and leaves a message for her to call ASAP. There's a knock on the door, it's Hank. Alex wants him to start a libel suit against the Banner. She claims she's completely innocent.

*Alex tells Hank that the whole thing is a Buchanan plot to discredit her. Asa even pretended to be crazy so he could get a divorce. And what about "this baby buying business", Hank asks. Alex claims that the Banner took the very private matter of adoption and turned it into this horrible accusation against her. The Buchanans hate her and want to destroy her. There's a knock a the door and R.J. rushes in, telling Alex that the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia papers didn't pick up the story. He stops talking when he spots Hank. Hank says he should have known R.J. would be involved in this. Hank warns them that he's going to get to the bottom of this. And who ever it is he finds responsible is going to have to deal with him. Hank leaves. Alex hugs R.J. and says he's the only friend he has left. R.J. suggests they not see each other for a while. Hank's going to be going after him and it would be better for Alex if they weren't seen together. R.J. leaves.

Starting Location: Blair's apartment

*Cassie's visiting Blair, who's sitting on the bed getting Starr dressed. She complements Cassie's article. Blair says maybe it's for the best that Todd fired Cassie. Cassie would never have gotten to write such a comprehensive story at a tabloid like The Sun, it must have taken her months to write. Blair then accuses Cassie of writing most of it while she was still working for The Sun, and if she has any family loyalty, she won't let the Banner publish the rest of it.

*Cassie reminds her the last time she listened to Blair about family loyalty, she quit the Banner. And all she got in return from The Sun was a pink slip. She'll stick with the Banner. Todd wants to take Cassie to court, Blair tells her. Blair would really appreciate it if Cassie would make things easier. Well Blair may have to appease Todd to keep their marriage together, but that doesn't mean Cassie has to appease him too, she tells Blair. Cassie's story will run. Cassie leaves, telling Blair she doesn't want it to come between them.

*In the park, Kevin meets Emily. He apologizes for what their story did to her. Sometimes he only sees the story and forgets about the people behind it. (Cassie walks into the park and stops when she sees Emily and Kevin) He wants to help her. He gives her a list of shelters and agencies that can help her through her pregnancy. There's also a list of people who can help her with adoption, he called all of them already so they'll know who she is if she calls. Cassie, standing in the background smiles at how kind Kevin is being to Emily.

*Cassie steps forward and says Hi. She overheard what Kevin was saying and she would like to give Emily Andrew's number, in case she ever needs anything or would like to talk. Emily wonders if she would be able to find out what happens to the baby. Cassie tells her that Emily could make that arrangement. Kevin tells her that he was adopted by Clint and Clint "is" his father. She's doing the best possible thing to give her baby a happy future. Emily says she'll call the numbers and she thanks them for their help.

*Cassie promises she won't tell anyone that Kevin is really "just a bowl of mush." He tries to pretend he was just trying to keep a source happy, but Cassie doesn't buy it. OK, he weakened, Kevin admits, but it was Cassie fault for giving him a guilt trip about it. Cassie says they should get back to the Banner. Kevin's ready to work on Part 2 before it goes to press. If it goes to press, Cassie tells him, Todd may sue. Kevin tells her not to worry, the Banner has deep pockets. Cassie's worked hard on this, Todd can go take a flying leap, she tells Kevin.

Starting Location: the Banner City Room

*Viki's on the phone telling someone that Cassie and Kevin are working on part 2 of the story. Todd overhears her and tells her there will be no part 2. He hands her an injunction which prevents any more of the story from being printed.

*Cassie started the story and contacted the source for the story while she was working at The Sun. Therefore, the story is Todd's, he claims. Viki tells him they never did this when Cassie left to join The Sun. "Well, we've got better lawyers than you do", Todd taunts Viki. He wants Cassie's story and all her notes on his desk by 5:00 today. Viki tells him he will get the story, "Over my dead body."

*Cassie sold the proposal the Banner, they had it copyrighted and then Cassie began to write the story as a freelancer. Todd says to tell it to the judge. She will, but she's also furious at Todd for what he's doing to himself. He has so much drive and talent and he wastes it. So he lost out on a scoop, go and find another, she yells at him, and stop punishing Blair because she had an affair when she was lonely, go and win her back. Does he have any other passion in life besides revenge??

*Viki tells Todd to move on with his life. The way he does things has worked for him just fine, he tells Viki. And Todd is still as unhappy as ever. Aren't Blair and the baby worth the risk of letting go? Todd's back on top now and God help anyone who tries to take what's mine, Todd warns Viki. Blair arrives and wants to know what's going on. Viki shows her the injunction and asks her to talk sense into Todd.

*Blair tells Viki she's on Todd's side, it's their story and they want it back. Viki will not let The Sun tell the Banner what it can and can't print. Viki has an appointment with a lawyer, they can show themselves out, she says, walking away. Todd thanks Blair for backing him up. The injunction bought them time, but they still need a story for tomorrow. Blair has an idea, a story "straight from the horse's mouth."

*Todd and Blair visit Asa at his house. Asa welcomes Todd back by saying he always thought Todd was too mean to kill. Blair suggests that they write a story about Asa pretending to be a "demented moron" and it taking months for people to notice. Asa mentions that Alex should have gone to Blair for advice on faking a pregnancy, she's an expert at it. Todd tells them enough with the 'pleasantries', he came to do Asa a favor. He wants Asa to tell him the whole story about Carlo and Alex's wedding and The Sun will print it and humiliate Carlo.

*Viki, Kevin and Cassie walk into the Banner city room. Viki tells them that the lawyer is talking to the judge. Viki asks, Cassie didn't write one word of the story down when she was working for The Sun, did she? No, Cassie answers. "Well, The Sun can't copyright your brain." Cassie asks why Todd is doing this. Viki thinks that deep down it is a matter of principle with Todd. Kevin thinks that Todd and principles don't go together. The injunction will be lifted tomorrow. Kevin bets that that is all Todd wanted, time to pull the story out from underneath the Banner. Who can he possibly come up with in one day, Viki wonders. (Cut to Asa's house) Asa is telling Todd and Blair the story of Carlo and Alex's wedding and his ripping Alex's dress off. The story will be in a special edition tomorrow of The Sun.

Thursday, October 24, 1996
Written by Donna


Max and Maggie discuss Maggie's call from the Mother Superior--why did Maggie feel she needed a retreat? Maggie has to sort out her commitment to the church and her vows. Max admits he's in love with Maggie.

Max tells Hank about Carlo and the counterfeit money. Hank calls Bo in; why didn't Bo tell Hank the full story? Is Bo protecting Asa? There is no counterfeit money; Carlo took care of that. Never underestimate Carlo's connections. Bo admits to Hank that Antonio is working undercover for the police. Hank cautions Bo to watch his back. Andi asks Bo to re-instate her to the police force. She wants her life back. Bo will think about it.


Calo tells Antonio that with Alex's recent betrayal, he's keeping his own council. Antonio seems depressed--it's Carlotta's birthday. He wants to see her but she won't accept anything Antonio gives her because the Money comes from Carlo. Carlo gives Antonio a wad of money to buy Carlotta something splendid then lie about where the money came from.

Elliott meets with Carlo. Carlo angrily insists Elliott make the hypnosis happen. Carlo will be there watching every move. Antonio returns, overhears Carlo's anger and phones Bo to set up a meeting.

Marty/Patrick/Mr. Keneally/Maggie

Marty and Patrick search the University Book Sale for Siobhan's book, Folk Tunes of the Emerald Isle and Irish Aires. Mr. Keneally appears looking for books on true crime. He tells M/P he will look for a book by Irato the muse of love poetry for them. Patrick vows to write volumes of poems for Marty after Poseidon is behind bars.

Maggie shows up to talk to Patrick. Patrick tells her that he amd Marty are finally free to be together. Maggie says it's wrong, not to give in to their feelings like that. Patrick tells her he has to be true to himself.

The librarian informs M/P that Folk Tunes has been sold to a book dealer, someone local. P/M leave to compile a list.


Dorian has the worst luck with maids. She can't even get Simone to open the porte sil vous plait. Elliott is frantic and turns to Dorian for advice. He asks Dorian to call Cassie to get Kevin out of Llanview for a few days on any pretext. He's desperate. Dorian agrees but only if he tells her why. It's personal and dangerous. Elliott tells Dorian about the post hypnotic suggestions, Carlo wanting Viki to kill Kevin. Elliott explains everything to Dorian. He'll give Viki the suggestion while Carlo watches, then he will reverse it before Viki can go through with the suggestion. Carlo calls Elliott to come to his suite. Dorian tries to call Cassie to no avail.


At the diner Clint wishes Carlotta happy birthday and presents her with a gift certificate from Logans. He says he's not sure where they stand anymore. Jess and Andi come to the diner with presents. Andi looks awkward but Carlotta assures her Antonio doesn't come around much anymore. Cristian comes in with a girl from his college classes (decked out in leather and a nose ring). He introduces her to Jessie--the one who's still in high school. Max arrives to bring Andi home. Antonio chooses that moment to appear, but ignores Andi. Max asks Andi when she's going back to the force, when she'll get on with her life, when she'll start seeing other guys, when she'll stop following Antonio around like a sick puppy. Carlotta snubs Antonio. She won't take his gift bought with Carlo's money. Antonio tells Carlotta the present was bought with money he saved from before, he donated Carlo's $$ to the church. Carlotta asks him to come back to the diner and do honest work. He can't. Carlotta thanks Clint for his gift. He's sorry things didn't work out between them.

Friday, October 25, 1996

Cassie and Kevin are able to get back to work on their series about Alex using city funds to buy a baby when the injunction is lifted. Todd and Blair admire their cover story in The Sun about Alex's and Carlo's wedding disaster. At the Banner, the Buchanans figure out that Asa must have been the source of The Sun's story. Clint wonders how Asa could have given the scoop on the wedding to The Sun. Kevin reminds him that the Banner had the details on the story, but chose not to run it. Kevin punches Todd when Todd suggests to Andrew that Kevin and Cassie have been playing around behind his back.

Antonio meets Bo at St. James Church and tells him that Carlo has been meeting a psychiatrist, Dr. Elliot Durbin. Alex wants Nora to represent her in a libel suit against the Banner. Nora tells Alex there's no way she will represent her. Cameron/Olivia tries to convice Cord that it would be a bad idea to let Asa come back and work at Buchanan Enterprises. Carlo insists that Elliot complete Viki's hypnosis sessions while Carlo watches from behind a fake mirror.

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