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November 13, 1995
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Tuesday, November 14, 1995

In the church, in 1995, Blair, beautifully dressed in a wedding gown, walked down the aisle towards Todd. Once Blair reached the altar, Addie hugged Blair, who then walked over to Dorian. Blair hugged Dorian and thanked her for everything. Andrew began the wedding ceremony.

When Andrew asked if there was just cause for Todd and Blair not to be married, Addie asked Cassie if she was sure that Blair's baby was "for real." Cassie laughed and insisted that she was sure. Andrew continued with the ceremony, and Todd and Blair exchanged their "I wills."

After Dorian told Andrew that she would be the one giving Blair away, she warned Todd to be good to Blair. Todd and Blair then declared their vows to each other. Blair turned to their guests and explained that she had wanted to be married in the presence of God and her family, and that she also wanted to trust Todd. Blair insisted that Todd would be able to trust her for the rest of their lives.

Todd then revealed that he did not want to get dragged down by his past. He said, "All I want is to be a husband, and to have the love and respect of my child." Andrew then asked for the rings. Once Todd and Blair placed the rings on each other's fingers, and Andrew pronounced them "husband and wife," Todd kissed his bride.

Blair hugged her mother, who declared that she was glad that the baby was "real this time." Addie asked that Todd make Blair happy and told Todd that "she likes to have lots of money." Todd replied, "I think I've got that covered. I'm going to shower her with gold."

Todd walked over to Viki and expressed that he was glad that she had stayed for the wedding. Viki begged Todd not to let their father's despicable sins follow him the rest of his life. Todd then softly kissed Viki on the cheek.

Viki walked over to Dorian and announced that she wanted to talk about Viki's father and the diary. However, Dorian insisted that she did not have the diary, and that she did not have the time to talk to Viki, since it was "not the time or the place." Dorian then asked Todd for a hug.

After Todd called Dorian "my aunt," they gave each other very brief hugs. During the hugs, Dorian demanded the diary from Todd, but he told her that he was busy. He said, "I will give you the diary, whenever I give you the diary, not before." Dorian then announced that she was inviting all of the guests to a dinner. However, Todd announced that he was spiriting Blair off to their own private reception. When Blair threw her bouquet, Addie caught it. Blair laughed, as Todd whisked her out of the church.

Later, Joey found Viki, who was wondering where Tina was, since Viki needed to return Tina's children to her. Dorian returned to the church after she had driven Addie to St. Ann's. Kelly saw Dorian and kissed her goodbye. Kelly left the church with Joey. Cassie hugged her mother and thanked her for "coming through for Blair."

At Alex's mayoral campaign celebration, when Alex exclaimed that she was happy to see Bo and Nora together at her party, Bo explained that it was a truce for "Your Honor." Confused, Nora's sister, Dr. Susannah Hanen, wondered how long Bo and Nora's marriage had been "on the rocks." Nora warned, "Don't ask."

When Bo questioned if Alex was delusional, Susannah determined that Alex was just nuts. Asa commented that since Alex had reinstated Bo as police commissioner, it was "like the Marines taking Iwo Jima," as Nigel walked up. Nigel regretted that there appeared to be "an unpleasant turn of events," and that the reports indicated that Alex's numbers had dipped somewhat. However, Asa was not worried. "That's good. Let the old Liz wallow in false hopes, 'cause it ain't over until the fat lady sings."

After Kelly and Joey arrived at Alex's gathering, Kelly observed that Alex had a totally fantastic aura of sexuality and power. Kelly wished that she had that kind of presence, because if she had been more experienced, she would not have gotten into "such a mess with David." Joey remarked, "Ah, don't worry about it. Some of my best friends used to be virgins."

Kelly immediately shushed Joey. When Kelly asked Joey for his help in "getting rid of it," Joey asked, "What?" Kelly blared, "It." Shocked, Joey refused and then sarcastically joked that Kelly should just remove all of her clothes right there. Joey turned Kelly down again and yelled, "In the meantime, if all you want is just to be serviced, go call my Grandpa Asa. He's got a whole stable of studs," and ran out of the room. Kelly wondered how she would get home.

Violin players serenaded Blair and Todd, as they entered the room for their own special reception. Todd insisted, "Tonight, I'm keeping you all to myself." Todd and Blair ate a scrumptious dinner in a glamorous setting. Todd lifted his champagne glass to toast Blair. "To my wife -- past, present, and future. To life." Todd and Blair clinked glasses.

Blair expressed that the day had been "so surreal" and wondered if it were really happening. Todd picked up a mirror. As Todd and Blair gazed at their reflection, Todd stated, "See, if we were dreaming, we would not show up in the mirror." Blair joked, "That's only for vampires."

Todd placed the mirror on a table, but the mirror fell on the floor and shattered. Blair cried, "Todd, that's bad luck," however, Todd replied, "We make our own luck, right?" Blair asked Todd what he had meant when he had stated that he would shower her with gold. Todd answered, "It's just a preview of what our life is to come," just as gold balloons streamed down from the ceiling. Todd and Blair danced and kissed.

Out on the docks, Patrick and Marty kissed, and Marty pondered how she could sail away and never see Patrick again. Marty then told Patrick that he would be unable to drive her away for her own safety. Patrick insisted that Marty should have "sailed off this bloody rock on that bloody boat." Marty questioned what Patrick had thought Marty would do, after he had kissed her and then had told her to "go away." Marty exclaimed, "Now I'm looking for the truth. I deserve it, and I expect you to give it to me."

Marty insisted that she wanted to know who Patrick was. Patrick revealed that he was Patrick Thornhart, and that he had taught poetry and literature in a Dublin college. Marty mused, "Well, that figures. You know your poetry, and you're very good at fiction." When Marty asked about the girlfriend, who had died, Patrick insisted that he would explain why Siobhan's death could not "be for nothing."

In his room, Patrick showed Marty a picture of Siobhan and revealed that they had both taught at the college, and that they had dated for a couple of years. Patrick explained that she had gone hiking on her own the previous summer, but that when the fall semester had started, there had been no Siobhan. Later, Patrick had received a "Dear John" letter from Siobhan that stated that she would not be returning to college to teach.

Yet, a mutual friend had called Patrick to tell him that he had seen Siobhan in Belfast with another man. Patrick had gone to Belfast and had waited for Siobhan at her hotel. She had returned just after dawn and had been unsteady on her feet. Patrick had believed that Siobhan was drunk, so he had confronted her. However, Patrick had realized that Siobhan had actually been shot twice. Patrick had then found that she had been breathing water.

Weak, Siobhan had handed Patrick a piece of paper splattered with blood and had pleaded with Patrick to give the music to Inspector Quilligan. When they had heard sirens, Siobhan had begged Patrick to get out -- "and then she died." Patrick explained that he had left, before the police had arrived in the room. Patrick had found out from Inspector Quilligan that Siobhan had been an agent with the special branch. Patrick believed that the men who had killed Siobhan had also thought that Patrick had the music. Patrick regretted that he had been the bait -- or that the music had been.

Marty hugged and comforted Patrick and told him to "get some rest." Marty and Patrick lay down in separate, single beds. Patrick wished that he understood time, and he felt that all of the months that he had spent with Siobhan had been "just a flash blink of the eye." However, Marty felt that it had seemed like months since she had been in medical school and with Dylan, when it had actually only been weeks.

Patrick then realized that it had been the same few weeks that he had known Marty, and that it seemed like he had always known Marty. Marty reminded Patrick that she would have to leave the next day. When Marty voiced that time would pass, and that she would be forgotten, Patrick proclaimed that if that were to happen, time would be his enemy.

Marty wondered, "Did time just stop just then, or did I just imagine it?" Marty got out of her bed and crawled into Patrick's. Marty and Patrick kissed. When Patrick noted, "It happened again. Maybe we can make time stop," Marty whispered, "Just for tonight." As they began to make love, Patrick asked Marty if it was okay. Marty cooed, "I'm your wife, remember? At least, for tonight."

After making love, Marty and Patrick hugged. Patrick spoke the lines of a poem and drew Marty into his arms again. Patrick led Marty to the bed, and they kissed and made love again.

"I'm looped in the loops of her hair.
I whispered I'm too young, and then I'm old enough.
Wherefore, I threw a penny to find out about my love.
Go and laugh. Go and love, young man,
If the lady be young and fair.
Brown penny, brown penny, brown penny.
I'm looped in the loops of her hair.
Oh, love is a crooked thing.
There's nobody wise enough to find out all that is in it.
For he would be thinking of love till the stars had run away
And the shadows had eaten the moon.
Ah, brown penny, brown penny, brown penny.
One cannot begin it too soon.
Brown penny, brown penny, brown penny.
One cannot begin it too soon."

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