Former OLTL head writer suing ABC for unpaid royalties
Posted Thursday, January 09, 2014 5:31:18 PM
ABC has been hit with another lawsuit related to One Life to Live. A former head writer is claiming that the network owes him royalties from OLTL's short online life.
ABC has another One Life to Live-related lawsuit on its hands -- and this one also involves Prospect Park, albeit tangentially.

Former One Life to Live co-head writer Alison "Sam" Hall is suing ABC, claiming that he is owed more than $50,000 in royalties from One Life to Live's short online resurrection.

According to the lawsuit, Hall had an agreement with ABC that he would be paid weekly royalties of $1,000 a week "as long as the One Life to Live is broadcast." The reason for the royalties is because Hall "created and developed the storyline and numerous characters in the series" that would continue to be played out as long as the series continued.

Hall reportedly received a final payment in January 2012 when ABC aired the final episode of One Life to Live on network television. The show was revived in April 2013 by Prospect Park and broadcast online via iTunes and Hulu and also on the OWN cable network. Production of One Life to Live was suspended after 40 episodes due to an ongoing legal dispute between ABC and Prospect Park.

In addition to the royalties, Hall is also seeking legal costs, interest, and damages.

Prospect Park is not named as a defendant in Hall's complaint.

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