Jason Tam
Jason Tam makes an OLTL premiere
Posted Wednesday, September 29, 2010 10:39:04 PM
Jason Tam will reprise the role of Markko Rivera later this month. Tam, who joined OLTL in 2007, last appeared on the show in April.
Jason Tam (Markko Rivera) debuted on One Life to Live four years ago, but that doesn't mean that he can't still be involved in a premiere on the ABC soap.

How is that possible?

Tam will return to One Life to Live later this month when his alter ego visits Llanview for the premiere of David Vickers' movie, Vicker Man.

Tam joined the cast of One Life to Live in May 2007. He exited briefly in 2010 to participate in the Public Theatre's Shakespeare Lab in New York, but upon his return Tam was written off the canvas for good. The actor last appeared on-screen in April, when Markko returned to help facilitate actress Brittany Underwood's (Langston Hughes) exit from the show.

Unfortunately, Langston will not be accompanying Markko on the trip. Underwood was reportedly unavailable to return to OLTL.

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