Matt Walton
Matt Walton bids farewell to Llanview
Posted Sunday, October 24, 2010 10:54:52 PM
It's the end of the line for bad guy Eli Clarke. Actor Matt Walton exits One Life to Live this week, but the actor has stated that he'd love to return to the ABC soap at a later date -- if the show wants him back. Walton first aired in August 2009.
Matt Walton (Eli Clarke) makes his final appearance on One Life to Live this week when his fictional alter ego makes a dramatic exit.

Of his run as a serial killer on One Life to Live, Walton said he'd do it all over again -- even if he knows that a bad guy's run on daytime doesn't typically last that long.

"I knew it couldn't go on forever and there was no redeeming him after a certain point," Walton told Soap Opera Digest.

Walton also told the soap magazine that he's informed the show's executive to keep him in mind should they need "a bad guy down the line or need one of [Eli's] aliases to come back."

Walton already has a post-One Life to Live gig lined up. The actor will appear on The Onion Sports Network, which is slated to begin airing in January on Comedy Central. The comedy series, which is based on the satire news organization's web-based series, has been picked up for a ten-episode trial run.

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