Tuc Watkins
Watkins preps for another return to Llanview
Posted Sunday, January 03, 2010 10:42:16 PM
Funny man David Vickers will once again mix it up in Llanview. Tuc Watkins, who debuted as David in 1993, will return to One Live to Live later this month. The actor's most recent short-term engagement ended in November.
Don't call it a comeback, but Tuc Watkins (David Vickers) is once again headed back to Llanview. David, who has become known for popping in, causing commotion, and then popping back out, will be first air later this month.

According to SOAPnet, during his return, David will interact with members of the Buchanan family and Kimberly Andrews.

With Watkins' return comes the return of rumors that some of the actor's co-stars are unhappy with his frequent in-and-out visits. The explanation given by these anonymous sources is that the show's storylines aren't given enough time to gain traction because of the abbreviated length of Watkins' engagement.

Watkins also appears in the recurring role of attorney Bob Hunter on ABC's primetime soap, Desperate Housewives.

It is unclear how long Watkins' stint will last. The actor's last short-term return lasted about three months. Watkins last appeared on November 30, 2009. An exact first airdate has not been announced, but expect to see David sometime in mid-January.

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