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The Montez family will soon be leaving Llanview
Posted Monday, April 13, 2009 12:56:55 AM
A Martinez and Camila Banus will exit One Life to Live in the upcoming weeks. Their exits will bring about the end of the Montez family's short stay in Llanview. Though there was initial excitement about their arrivals, Martinez and Banus have been with the ABC soap for less than a year.
A Martinez (Ray Montez) and Camila Banus (Lola Montez) will be written out in the weeks ahead, thus ending the Montez family's time in Llanview.

When Martinez first joined One Life to Live in September 2007, it was seen as a casting coup for the ABC soap. It was soon learned, however, that Martinez's presence was never intended to be long-term. Instead, One Life to Live execs hoped that the high caliber actor's appearance would help usher in the rest of his family.

Still, Martinez made occasional appearances in Llanview, and it had been rumored that the writers might explore a possible pairing of Ray with Robin Strasser's Dorian Lord. On her fan hotline, Strasser seemed overjoyed about working with Martinez. Now it appears that plans for a "DoRay" pairing have been dashed.

According to Internet chatter, Martinez did not want to relocate his family to New York from California.

Camila Banus, who plays Martinez's on-screen daughter, appears to be caught up in Martinez's decision to leave One Life to Live. The actress will also be exiting the show in the weeks ahead. Banus made her daytime debut in October 2008.

The other member of the Montez family, Jacqueline Hendy (Vanessa Montez) exited the show in February when her character was deported to Colombia.

An ABC spokesperson declined to comment on the reports of Martinez and Banus' impending departures.

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