Archer Contract Talks Ongoing
Posted Wednesday, April 27, 2005 12:15:04 AM
There is still an air of uncertainty surrounding Melissa Archer's (Natalie Vega) future with One Life to Live. As of post time, the actress still had not signed her name to a new contract with the ABC soap.

The Dallas, Texas native made her acting television debut on One Life to Live in July 2001. Almost immediately the fledgling actress was thrust into a front burner storyline. Archer is still involved in one of the show's main storylines - a love triangle between Natalie, John and Evangeline. In fact, the love triangle has been hotly debated on's message boards for some time now.

It is because of the character's front burner status that Archer's contract talks take on such significance. A spokesperson for ABC, while declining to comment on the contract negotiations specifically, tells that the role of Natalie will be recast if Archer decides not to stick around.

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