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Barbara Niven
January 2003
It's been several months since Josh Griffith and Michael Malone returned to One Life to Live as head writer and creative consultant, respectively. It appears that they are now preparing to put their vision for One Life to Live in full throttle.
Andrea Evans
February 2003
Former One Life to Live star Andrea Evans (Rebecca Hotchkiss) will again step outside her role on NBC's Passions, this time starring this spring in two episodes of the nationally syndicated radio series, The Twilight Zone.
Robin Strasser
February 2003
The new is now official. soapcentral.com has confirmed that Robin Strasser (Dorian Lord) will be returning to One Life to Live in the very near future.
Roger Howarth
February 2003
Proving that Internet speculation isn't always wrong, a One Life to Live spokesperson has confirmed that Roger Howarth (Todd Manning) will be exiting the show later this year.
Roger Howarth
April 2003
In a shocking casting coup for As The World Turns, the show's Emmy winning executive producer Christopher Goutman has revealed that Roger Howarth (ex-Todd Manning, One Life to Live) will be joining the show.
Roger Howarth
May 2003
Roger Howarth (ex-Todd Manning, One Life to Live) has already been confirmed as a new cast member of CBS's As The World Turns -- but exactly who he'll play is only now coming the light.
Sherri Saum
May 2003
Though the official word from ABC is that she is still under contract, rumors persist that actress Sherri Saum (Keri Reynolds) will be leaving One Life to Live later this year.
Ty Treadway
June 2003
Ty Treadway (Troy MacIver) has been let go from One Life to Live. This marks the second time that the actor has been released by the ABC soap.
Gina Tognoni
June 2003
One Life to Live has finalized its decision to bring Kelly Cramer back to the show's canvas. However, the show has ultimately decided to recast the role rather than bring back the fan-favorite actress who had become known for the part.
Roger Howarth
June 2003
After weeks and weeks of denial and "no comment" statements by show executives, As The World Turns has officially confirmed that Roger Howarth (ex-Todd Manning, One Life to Live) is joining the cast in the role of Paul Ryan.
Nathaniel Marston
July 2003
In a surprising casting decision, Nathaniel Marston (Al Holden) has been released from One Life to Live.
Michael Easton
July 2003
Though unconfirmed by ABC, soapcentral.com has learned that Michael Easton (Caleb Morley, Port Charles) will be joining the cast of One Life to Live upon the conclusion of the now-cancelled Port Charles.
Sherri Saum
August 2003
Though a network spokesperson refused to confirm the actress' exit, soapcentral.com has learned that Sherri Saum (Keri Reynolds) will be leaving One Life to Live later this year.
James DePaiva
August 2003
James DePaiva (Max Holden) has confirmed that he has been let go by One Life to Live. In fact, the long-time Llanview fixture has already taped his final scenes.
David Fumero
September 2003
David Fumero (Cristian Vega) will be departing One Life to Live in October - and this time he's really leaving.
James DePaiva
September 2003
One Life to Live is reportedly tinkering with a storyline that was to have had both James DePaiva (Max Holden) and Nathaniel Marston (Al Holden) checking out of Llanview.
Hillary B. Smith
October 2003
With the recent wave of high-profile exits from One Life to Live some online fans have gotten a little overzealous with their predictions of who might be the next to leave. It's not Hillary B. Smith (Nora Buchanan)
Ty Treadway
October 2003
Ty Treadway (ex-Colin MacIver, ex-Troy MacIver) will return to One Life to Live in November.
Heather Tom
October 2003
In a casting coup for One Life to Live, the show has landed Heather Tom (ex-Victoria Newman, The Young and the Restless) to play the contract role of Kelly Cramer.
Matthew Ashford
November 2003
Veteran daytime actor Matthew Ashford (ex-Jack Deveraux, Days of our Lives) will join the cast of One Life to Live next month in the recurring role of Dr. Stephen Haver.
November 2003
Beginning November 17th, ABC will once again feature a series of crossovers to help bolster its daytime lineup. The crossovers will take place on All My Children and One Life to Live.
Bruce Michael Hall
December 2003
After less than a year with One Life to Live, Bruce Michael Hall (Joey Buchanan) has been let go. The actor becomes the latest in a relatively long line of actors to have played the role in recent years.
Linda Dano
December 2003
The days of Linda Dano's (Gretel Rae Cummings) ABC soap hopping are just about at an end. The veteran soap opera actress will exit One Life to Live in early 2004.

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