Ty Treadway
Treadway will exit OLTL -- again
Posted Sunday, May 04, 2003 10:05:52 PM
Ty Treadway (Troy MacIver) has been let go from One Life to Live. This marks the second time that the actor has been released by the ABC soap.

Treadway made the announcement that he would be exiting One Life to Live during a taping of his Emmy nominated cable talk show, Soap Talk. The announcement is said to have irked network executives because Treadway's exit is the result of a storyline twist. With the news of his exit now public, viewers may not be as "surprised" by his exit as they would have been otherwise.

Treadway was said to have gotten to news of his impending dismissal right before he left New York City, where OLTL is taped, for Los Angeles, where Soap Talk is filmed.

One Life to Live's executive producer Frank Valentini issued the following statement in the wake of Treadway's bombshell announcement. "We love Ty. He's a great actor. His leaving One Life to Live is storyline-dictated."

Treadway's previous exit was also "storyline-dicated." In May 2001, Treadway was written out when his character, Colin MacIver (Troy's diabolical twin) was killed. Then-executive producer Gary Tomlin, an admitted fan of Treadway's work, said he'd wished that Treadway's character hadn't had to meet his maker, but admitted that it was required for the show's story to progress. In June 2001, Treadway returned as Colin's look-alike.

Treadway's final airdate was not made public by ABC, but a spokesperson states that it will be "sometime this summer."

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