Terrence Mann
Caught in the crossfire!!
Posted Monday, August 14, 2000 8:30:00 AM
by soapcentral.com

Trouble is coming to Llanview and Rae's husband, Daniel Faulkner, is at the center of it. After months of tormenting Rae, leading her on a fruitless search for her daughter from Llanview to Pine Valley to Port Charles and back to Llanview again, Daniel finally made an appearance. But instead of revealing the name of Rae's real daughter, he demands one million dollars from her, money which will help him get the mob off his back. But the mob catches up to Daniel too soon, and the innocent (and not so innocent) citizens of Llanview get caught in the crossfire.

Kelly and Kevin had been trying to avoid one another since Kelly had revealed to her husband, Joey, that she was in love with Kevin. But as usual, they ended up together anyway, this time at the Crossroads Bar. But unfortunately for Kelly, this was definitely a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. When the mob finally caught up to Daniel Faulkner and shots rang out, Kelly was in the way of one of the bullets!

Kelly was rushed to Llanview Hospital and the care of Dr. Larry Wolek, who determined that her wound was very serious and would require surgery. A less seriously injured Daniel was also admitted to the hospital, as well as Max Holden, who had been grazed in the arm by a bullet. In the hospital chapel, while Kevin prayed for Kelly to make it through the surgery, he was confronted by a very angry Joey, who blamed Kevin for the fact that Kelly was even at Crossroads that night. Kevin swore that he would never intentionally put Kelly in danger, that he would rather see her together with Joey and happy than for anything to happen to her.

As Kelly's friends and family stood vigil over her, encouraging her to open her eyes and come back to them, in another part of the hospital Rae was trying to deal with a shocking revelation. According to Daniel, the daughter she has been searching for all these months isn't a daughter at all, she had a son! And even more startling, he claims that this son is someone that Rae already knows.....Max Holden!

Rae can't believe it could possibly be true and demands that Daniel produce the pages from the missing Bible to prove his story. Could Max really be Rae's child, or is this just another one of Daniel's games? Or perhaps his claim has something to do with Daniel's recent deal with Skye? Rae is determined to learn the truth, no matter what it takes.

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