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McGILLIS Family Tree
Buddy McGillis (deceased)
Son of Monroe, brother of May (see below).

m. Unknown (deceased)
    c. Howard McGillis (deceased)
        m. Unknown (deceased)
            c. Brenda McGillis
                m. Michael Grande (married 1990; died in 1990; see Grande) (deceased)
                a. Steven Holden Sr. (died 1988; see Holden) (deceased)
                    c. Steven Holden Jr. (born in 1989)
            c. Tyler McGillis( deceased)
May McGillis (deceased)
Daughter of Monroe, sister of Buddy (see above).

m. Cody Vasquez (deceased)
    c. Unknown (deceased)
        m. Rosa (deceased)
            c. George Vasquez (deceased)
            c. Maria Vasquez (deceased)
                a. Clint Buchanan
                    c. Cordero Roberts
                    Cord was raised believing he was Al Roberts' son.
                        m. Tina Clayton Lord (married 1986; divorced 1987; see Lord)
                            c. Clinton James Roberts (born 1987)
                        m. Kate Sanders (married 1987; invalid)
                        m. Tina Clayton Lord (married 1988; divorced 1990; see Lord)
                        m. Tina Clayton Lord (married 1991; divorced 1993; see Lord)
                            c. Sarah Victoria Roberts (born 1991)
                m. Albert Roberts (died in 1986) (deceased)

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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