HOLDEN Family Tree
Wingate Holden (deceased)

m. Patricia (deceased) (later married to Baxter Harrison; see Harrison)

    c. Steven Holden (deceased) (twin; died 1988)
        m. Gabrielle Medina (deceased) (married 1988; divorced 1988; died 2004; see Medina)
        a. Brenda McGillis (see McGillis)
            c. Steven Holden Jr. (born 1989)

    c. Max Holden
        a. Gabrielle Medina (see Medina)
            c. Alonzo Holden (deceased) (born 1987; died 2004)
        m. Gabrielle Medina (deceased) (married 1990; divorced 1991; died 2004; see Medina)
        m. Luna Moody (deceased) (married 1993; dissolved in 1995; see Moody)
            c. Francis Thomas Holden (twin; born 1995)
            c. Leslie Diana Holden (twin; born 1995)
        m. Blair Cramer (married 1999; divorced 2001; see Cramer)
        m. Roxanne Balsom (married 2002; divorced 2003)

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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