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About the Message Boards jargon
Long-time Internet users have come up with a number of abbreviations and shorthand references so that they don't have to tyoe so many letters. Don't be confused -- check out our cheat sheet to know what's being said!
While perusing the boards, you may notice that some posters use a lot of abbreviations. While these shortcuts make messages shorter to type, some newcomers aren't familiar with the jargon --- and can be left scratching their heads. Following is a list of some of the most popular abbreviations and acronyms seen on the boards.

  AAT -- And Another thing..
  AFAIK -- As Far As I Know
  ATTN -- Attention

  BDINI -- Big Deal I'm Not Impressed
  BG -- Big Grin
  BRB -- Be right back (Used primarily in online chats)
  BTDT -- Been there, done that
  BTW -- By The Way

  CU -- See you
  CUL (
  CUL8R) -- See you later

  DGMW -- Don't get me wrong
  DGMS -- Don't get me started
  EOM -- End of Message/No Comments.

  FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions
  FF -- Fast Forward
  FWIW -- For what it's worth
  FYA -- For your amusement
  FYI -- For your information

  GAL! -- Get A Life!
  GMAB -- Give Me a Break
  GMTA! -- Great Minds Think Alike!
  GR&D -- Grinning, running, and ducking

  HHOK -- Ha ha, only kidding
  HHOS -- Ha ha, only serious
  HTD -- Have to Disagree...
  HTH -- Hope this Helps

  IAC -- In any case
  ICAM -- I Couldn't Agree More
  ICHSIB -- I Couldn't Have Said It Better
  ID -- I Disagree
  IDK -- I Don't Know
  IDTS -- I Don't Think So!
  IIRC -- If I Recall Correctly
  IMAO -- In my arrogant opinion
  IME -- In My Experience
  IMHO -- In my humble opinion
  IMNSHO -- In my not-so-humble opinion
  IMO -- In My Opinion
  IOW -- In other words
  IRL -- In Real Life
  IRT -- In Real Time
  ISC -- I Stand Corrected
  ISP -- Internet Service Provider
  ITA! -- I totally Agree!

  JAT -- Just A Thought
  JK -- Just Kidding
  JMHO -- Just My Humble Opinion
  JMO -- Just My Opinion
  JTLYK -- Just To Let You Know

  LMJA -- Let Me Just Add..
  LBAY -- Laughing Back At You
  LMAO -- Lauging My Ass Off
  LMBO -- Lauging My Butt Off
  LOL -- Lots of Laughs or Laughing Out Loud
  LOLBAY -- Laughing Out Loud Back At You

  MMHA -- My Most Humble Apologies
  MMHA2U -- My Most Humble Apologies To You

  NBIF -- No basis in fact
  NBIR -- No basis in reality
  NRN -- No response necessary

  OIC -- "Oh, I see"
  OMG -- Oh My God!
  OTOH -- On the other hand

  PMFJI -- Pardon Me For Jumping In
  PMJI -- Pardon my jumping in
  POV -- Point of view

  RL -- Real life
  ROAR! -- Just like ROLF (Laughing as loud as a lion)
  ROFL -- Rolling On the Floor Laughing or ROTFL
  ROTFLMAO) -- Rolling on the floor laughing my ass
  ROFLMHO -- Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Head Off
  ROTFLMAOPMP - Rolling On The Floor, Laughing, Peeing My Pants
  RSN -- Real soon now

  SOC -- Opera Central
  SOD -- Soap Opera Digest
  SORAS -- Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome
  STS -- Sorry to Say...

  TAF -- That's All Folks..
  TAl -- Take a Look
  TAN -- Tangent. It means that the message is going to be off-subject
  TFI -- The Fact is...
  TFM -- Thanks From Me
  TFMT -- "Thanks From Me, Too!
  TIA -- Thanks In Advance
  TIC -- Tongue in cheek
  TIC(Alt. meaning) -- The Idiot(s) in Charge
  TIG! -- This Is Great!
  TIIC -- The Idiots in Charge
  TPTB -- The Powers That Be
  TTFN -- Ta Ta for Now
  TY -- TY
  TYVM! -- Thank You Very Much!

  VWP -- Very Well Put

  WAGS! -- What A Great Story
  WP! -- Well Put!
  WTG -- Way to go

  YAAG -- You Are A Genius
  YTTM -- You Talking To Me?!


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