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Allison Perkins arranged for a citywide blackout in Llanview, so that she could escape from Statesville Prison. Several others managed to escape, as well, including Mitch Laurence, Troy MacIver, and Hannah O'Connor. Mitch kidnapped Natalie and threatened her life, in an effort to force Jessica to comply with his demands. Ford was injured during an attempt to save Jessica. John shot Mitch in an effort to save Natalie. Elsewhere, Allison revealed to Viki and Clint that Jessica and Natalie were Clint's daughters. Allison explained that she had lied to Mitch to save herself when Mitch had overheard the doctor confirm that Mitch had not fathered either of Viki's twins. Tragedy struck when Allison shot Viki. Clint raced to call 9-1-1, but clutched his chest, and then collapsed next to Viki's unconscious body before he could complete the call. Meanwhile, Troy kidnapped Nora, and then took her to a secluded cabin. Lindsay Rappaport managed to make her way to Bo, and then helped him find Nora. Bo was gravely injured when Troy and Bo exchanged gunfire. Nora pleaded with Troy to save Bo's life. At LaBoulaie, Cole Thornhart revealed that he had received a letter from his father. Cole intended to join his parents in hiding, rather than return to jail. Hannah showed up on Starr's doorstep with deadly intent, but in the end, Hannah accidentally shot Cole. Cole was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.
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Robert Ford died while trying to rescue Jessica from Mitch's clutches. Natalie unloaded a gun on Mitch, ending his life. Stacy Morasco and Eddie Ford escorted Mitch to Hell. Clint and Viki asked Vimal to run another DNA test to confirm Allison Perkins' claim that Clint had fathered both Natalie and Jessica. Jessica was thrilled to learn that she was indeed Clint's daughter. Clint proposed marriage to Viki. James decided to break things off with Starr after he overheard Starr confess to Cole that she had always loved Cole. Todd took steps to make it appear that Cole had died, so that Cole could be reunited with his parents, instead of returning to jail. Starr received an opportunity of a lifetime, so she followed her dream by moving with Hope to Los Angeles to record an album. Starr was delighted when Cole showed up in Los Angeles to be with her and Hope. Shane was accepted to a prestigious art school in London. Rex and Gigi decided to move with their son to England, so they bid farewell to their loved ones in Llanview. David and Matthew returned to Llanview to welcome Bo home after Bo recovered from his gunshot wound. Destiny went into labor, and then gave birth to a baby boy. Matthew and Destiny named their newborn son after Matthew's brother, Drew. John rescued Tomas. Todd and Blair made love, but their happiness was short-lived when John arrived to arrest Todd for Victor's murder. Victor was revealed to be alive, and a prisoner of Allison Perkins. After 43 years, One Life to Live aired its final episode.
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