Lee Gantry

Actor History

Ray Fulmer (November 18, 1968 to December 13, 1971)


Was killed, during a fight with Dr. Joe Werner, in December 13, 1971, by falling out of an attic window at the Rawlings Farm


Rich widower

Resides At

At time of death lived with his wife, Dr. Sara McIntyre at the Rawlings Farm

Marital Status

Married (Dr. Sara McIntyre) (at time of death) (sometime in 1969)

Past Marriages

Alice Rawlings (deceased)





Flings & Affairs


Crimes Committed

Murdered his first wife, Alice Rawlings for her money [Prior to November 18, 1968]

Stole money from his second wife, Dr. Sara McIntyre [January 6, 1969 - December 10, 1971]

With his housekeeper, Miss Mildred Foss, gaslighted Sara to think she was going insane [March 21, 1969 - October 31, 1970]

Wrote things in Sara's appointment book that caused her to miss appointments and not give her patients the correct treatment or any treatment at all [1969 - 1970]

Let Sara take the rap at Cedars for screwing up her appointments and hurting her clients (Sara was brought up on charges by the hospital review board on this and nearly lost her job) [early 1970]

Allowed Sara to accidentally shoot and kill Miss Mildred Foss [summer 1970]

Led the Springfield Police Department's Lt. Pete Stassen and Lt. Wally Campbell to believe that Dr. Joe Werner was trying to harm Sara [Fall 1970]

Tried to kill Sara and was planning to make it look like a suicide [December 1970 - December 10, 1971]

Tried to kill Sara and Joe by pushing them through the attic window at the Rawlings Farm. [December 10, 1971]

Brief Character History

In 1969, Cedars psychologist, Sara McIntyre treated Lee Gantry, a malaria patient who was suffering from hallucinations. A widow, Lee had been married to Alice Rawlings, who had grown up with Meta Bauer. Alice's wealthy family had a rambling farm near Springfield which Meta had visited as a child. After a sojourn in England, to recover from malaria, Lee was now living at Rawlings Farm. A charming and erudite man, Lee made Sara laugh and brought out her long-dormant spontaneity. However, there was nothing impulsive about the way he lifted the money out of Sara's purse -- or the way he killed his first wife, Alice. Lee's former housekeeper, Miss Mildred Foss, knew how Alice Rawlings Gantry had met her untimely end, and she blackmailed Lee into rehiring her. It wasn't long before Sara's friends were shocked to hear that she'd married the enigmatic Lee. In England, a suspicious Joe Werner investigated his romantic rival. When Joe talked to neighbors of Joe and Alice's, in England, he discovered that Lee had fired Mildred Foss when he lived there. Back in Springfield, a sequence of events straight out of the classic film "Gaslight" ensued. In an effort to drive Sara crazy, Lee and Mildred made strange noises in the attic. Lee and Mildred didn't stop there and ended up dragging some of Sara's patients and friends into their scheme. Tyler Meade, led by Mildred to believe that Sara might hurt her, wandered around the farm a few of times, scaring Sara!

A little later, Lee and Mildred doctored Sara's appointment book and wrote strange notes in it. This would prevent Sara from picking up on how depressed one of her patients was and that patient—Margie Wexler—ended up killing herself. Sara was brought up on charges by the Cedars Hospital review board, for the events leading up to Margie's suicide, and was temporarily suspended at Cedars. Now isolated with Lee and Mildred, one night when Sara was alone during a thunderstorm, she heard one of those noises in the attic. Frightened, she took a gun and went upstairs, where she spotted a shadowy figure and took a shot at it. The figure fell, and when Sara moved in closer, she saw the lifeless body of Mildred Foss! Fortunately for Sara, the D.A.'s office ruled the death an accident and dismissed all charges while she was also exonerated by the Cedars hospital review board. However, Lee was still determined to ice his wealthy wife, and plotted to make Sara's death look like a suicide. Meanwhile, Joe returned to Springfield, and working with Mike and the Springfield P.D., he poked holes in many of Lee's stories. Finally, Joe told a disbelieving Sara that Lee married her for her money. While searching for evidence against her Bluebeard husband, Sara remembered Meta telling her of the games she'd played with Alice at thefarm when they were children. Meta recalled seeing a loose brick in the chimney, and Sara went up into the attic to check it out. Behind the brick, she found Alice Rawlings' diary! At that moment, Lee arrived and tried to murder Sara. Luckily, Joe showed up in the nick of time and saved the life of the woman he'd grown to love. Joe and Lee got into a violent fight that ended when Lee fell out of the attic window to his death.

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